The Abyssus v2 Review – A light weight gaming mouse in your budget

I previously used to have Abyssus 2014, which felt like a great mouse, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody. But then, previously, all I care about was aiming (noob!), and it was great at that! But it had a problem, its sensor keep on spinning on me. Sometimes it detects your movements, and other times, it won’t. Even changing the mouse pads and other settings had no effect. But now they have a brand new Abyssus v2. It solves most of the problems with the previous generation mouse, which I will discuss in this Abyssus v2 review.

The Abyssus v2 has some nice improvements, and the good news is it hasn’t spun out on me yet! I’ll go through the sensor testing later. First, the cable is about 1.8 meters long, and it feels a little more flexible than the 2014 cable, which is great. These are my favorite cables, just a nice and basic smooth, flexible rubber that don’t drag and can be easily managed, especially in a bungee.

Design – Abyssus v2 Review

Let cover the design of the mouse, so you know what it looks like. It has an ambidextrous design with no buttons on the left or right sides. You can notice a slight groove on the sides for finger and thumb placement. A bit of a ledge around the bottom to assist with picking it up but no actual grooves in the buttons but some ledges on either side to prevent slipping right off the mouse. There are three small pads on the base which glide smoothly over cloth and mouse pads.

Weight – Abyssus v2 Review

The Abyssus 2014 weighs 82 grams but the new Abyssus v2 weighs 83 grams and that’s with a little bit of cable on each. So, they’re very light, and the weight distribution feels a bit more toward the back, but it’s balanced enough. You’ll note that the bottom slope is gradual, and a hump is toward the back, so this is suitable for most grip styles. It just depends on your hand size.

If you want measurements, the grip width is about 5.5 cm, and the base length is around 10 cm which is close to the two to one ratio. The height looks like 3.5 cm. A safe shape is one that allows for multiple grip styles. One that doesn’t dictate exactly where you put your fingers. This mouse has a safe shape, and I think it’s good design.

How to decide the best mouse grip for you?

Hand size guide
Source: Youtube Rocket Jump Ninja

To decide what mouse grip is best for you, you can always use a mouse grip guide such as this one. This will help you determine what grip best suits your hand. Try to aim for the green area, the red area can still work, but it’s not ideal because it is small I’d say you’d need a hand under 17.5 cm for palm grip claw grip, under 19.5 cm and fingertip above 17.5 cm if your hand is wider find a length and a width on the chart then choose the one that’s in between them. For example, if your hand is 18 cm long and ten cm wide, choose something that will fit 19 cm hands. It’s a rough estimate, so you have some freedom with it.

Buttons – Abyssus v2 Review

Moving on to the buttons, Both the left and right clicks feel light, and I haven’t had any accidental clicks. The middle button is about twice as hard to press, but it’s still fairly easy. There’s not much to distinguish the scroll steps because they aren’t too light or loud, so it’s best suited to browsing. The DPI button is out of the way as expected and a nice addition to the mouse.

Accuracy Settings – Abyssus v2 Review

Latency testing

For latency testing, although it’s not totally accurate against the Death Adder and other mice, it performs about the same, so no problem. It has good performance for the buttons overall and should be good in all game types. Now the sensor, I’m did some testing to see how it performs in a game. Jumping and moving the mouse isn’t a problem, so that’s a good start. While it hasn’t spun out on me in-game, I can actually make this spin out. I have to throw it fairly quickly, so for me, it shouldn’t be a problem. Even trying jump and move as fast as I can, it didn’t spin out where Abyssus 2014 did spin out on me in-game. It also can’t handle the tilt slam test where I hold the mouse on an angle, then slam it flat and swipe it quickly in the sniper mode.

DPI test – Abyssus v2 Review

Next, I tested out a few dpi levels. It can handle pixel by pixel and smooth movements, no problem there. When testing for acceleration and deceleration, this doesn’t appear to have any noticeable error.

Liftoff – Abyssus v2 Review

The mouse still works when raised to a height of just over one DVD and under two DVDs, which is a good level. You are meant to be able to change that in the software, but I’m not sure how it’s meant to work. For responsiveness, I can’t feel any obvious delay. I also tested the 360 movements and using the same dpi as other mice. It moves the same distance, so that’s good.

In the line test, it performs as well as the top senses, so the slight problem with this is that it can be made to spin out, but as I said, it hasn’t happened to me in the game actually happy to use it. Some of you might think that that’s a deal-breaker. But keep in mind that I used a mouse that could spin out for nine months, and it didn’t spin out on me while playing. You should only care about this if you move the mouse really quickly and constantly, and if you’re going to do that, I’m not sure you’re actually playing. Well, maybe raise your sensitivity, so I’m okay with this, but I am slightly disappointed that they didn’t put a top optical sensor. Although I’m still not actually sure what sensor it uses.

Build – Abyssus v2 Review

For build quality, it is decent, but when I tap it, I can hear something. And it becomes very obvious when shaking it the scroll wheel is a bit loose on this one which seems to be becoming more common now. I don’t know what they’ve done to change the design, and it’s not a deal-breaker, but I hope they look at it. Let me know in the comments if you get one.

The textures have been updated as the previous Abyssus had textured plastic. The v2 has textured rubber sides, which feels great to me. The main shell is the same sort of plastic, but it seems a little darker now. In the software, you can change what the buttons do, and if you want to switch it to left-handed mode, just make the right button as the left click then it will let you change the left-click to the right-click.

Conclusion – Abyssus v2 Review

You also have a range of media options. From Inter-device to macro, the macro tracks mouse clicks, and keyboard commands. In performance, you can set the DPI from 100 to 5000 in steps of 100, and you can set 4 dpi levels. In lighting, you have static, breathing, and off. When set to breathing, you can have a cycle mode, and of course, you now have three colors to choose from. Lastly, you have calibration for the Razer mouse mats, where you can also set your liftoff distance.

This is one of the lightest mouse available in the market. Personally, it’s not the best shape for a mouse, and I think it needs to be a bit longer. But still, its good, and my sniper aim are definitely on point with this. Being a small mouse and because I play well with it, it belongs in my top 20, but we’ll see how many people want this kind of mouse.

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