Best Airflow PC case for every size in 2020

Best airflow pc case

If you have ever built or even read about building your own PC, you would know that cooling and proper airflow is something you cannot neglect. This is why getting the Best airflow PC case becomes so important. But there are various factors you should know about before upgrading your PC case. We discuss some of those factors below and then we reviewed our choices for the best airflow case.

Why do you need the best Airflow PC case?

After you have put together your PC with the best and the most powerful processors and GPUs, all you need is a case with unrestricted airflow and cooling capabilities to eliminate excess heat buildup in the system and keep them running for the years to come. In this article, we will review our picks for some of the Best airflow PC cases.

These are the things you should look for while buying the airflow PC case:

Form factor

The form factor or the case’s size is really important while deciding to buy an airflow case. Your motherboard’s size will decide which sized case you should get. 

 The most commonly sized cases include:

  • ATX Cases (Dual-tower and mid-tower)
  • Micro-ATX Cases
  • Mini-ITX Cases

Secondly, the size also determines the space you get in the chassis’ interior. A larger case will provide greater airflow, but a smaller one offers more portability and better heat emission.

Fan and Radiator Mounts

The number of fan mounts available in your PC case is important. The more fans and radiators you can fit, the better. A PC case with at least two fan mounts for 120 mm fans and enough space to install an AIO water cooling system is recommended.

Design and Aesthetics

When you are a gamer, the aesthetics DO matter. If you invest in the best PC Case for Airflow, make sure you consider the looks and design. Generally speaking, a PC case with a good spacious design and ventilation system drastically improves the entire computer’s cooling and airflow. Design aspects such as ventilation holes, magnetic dust filters, mesh grill panels allow unrestricted air intake and overall better cooling.

My recommendations for the best PC Case for Airflow

Best Overall ATX Airflow PC case – Fractal Design Meshify C

Best airflow PC case

In case you are trying to look for some of the best airflow cases with the robust build quality and a nice enough price tag that would fit right in your budget, then checking out the Fractal cases is probably the best thing that you can do. Fractal Design has been around the corner for quite a while with its PC cases have a lightweight design and are high in quality.

With the Fractal Design Meshify C, the company probably introduced its best ATX airflow case with tons of equipped facilities and features, including sound damping and loads of trays and space to fit your PC components with ease.

Let us discuss the design of Meshify C first. Fractal integrated all the aspects of a modern CPU airflow case into the Meshify C, including hidden drive bays, absence of a PSU shroud, side tempered glass panel to flaunt all your amazing PC components, room for radiators, and extra All-in-one coolers. The only thing missing is the RGB lights, which might be a bummer for gamers since most gamers want their case to look aesthetic with flashy lights. The case’s overall looks are nothing over the top, but it still looks stylish with its sleek design mid-tower layout and bezels in the front, and to be honest, that is quite new as we do not see them often. 

The Meshify C mid-tower chassis has a full-size front mesh panel that is angled near the corners, and this is where the case derives its name. Most of the build is out of durable steel, and the rest has ABS plastic here and there. On to the left, you can find a big tinted glass panel covering the entire side that will allow you to take a peek into the inside of your system and show off all the lighting inside. The airflow case has an all-black color scheme, and the only other color you will see is the blue color LED that lights up when you press the power button.

Unfortunately, there is no space for optical drives since most people do not use it nowadays. Nonetheless, the airflow case offers you a hard drive trays for housing a 3.5-inch drive and a 2.5-inch drive. Another plate can hold up to three 2.5-inch drives.

Finally, we come to the cooling capabilities of the Meshify C. The pack panel houses an exhaust fan that eliminates excess heat to promote cooling. The fan is height adjustable and is located at the top of the back panel above the input and output ports. The front mesh panel is hinged to the side bezel and can be popped off to reveal a full-size dust foam filter and a pre-installed 120 mm fan. There are multiple slots to install up to three 120 mm fans and on the top, and four other slots for installing 140 mm case fans for enhanced cooling performance.

Key Features:

  • Removable hinged front panel with dust foam filter.
  • It has a tempered glass side panel on the side.
  • Pre-installed 120 mm fan.
  • Multiple hard drive bays for efficient storage installation.

Best WaterCooling Airflow PC case – Cooler Master H500M

Best PC case for airflow

If you are a tech enthusiast, then you have surely come across Cooler Master. Like the name suggests, Cooler Master is known for its state of the art cooling solutions to achieve a cooler and noise-free performance from your system. The H500M is one of Cooler Master’s top of the line products, and even though it is a bit pricey, it is worth it without a hint of doubt.

The entire chassis of the H500M is made out of high-quality steel and hard plastic. It features subtle aesthetic features in terms of design aspects, including a slanting panel at the top angled at 45 degrees that house the input and output ports. With its all-black finish and a weight of about 32 pounds, this airflow case can be considered pretty lightweight, considering the fact that it measures 546 x 248 x 544 mm in dimensions.

Moving on to the top, you have a large glass panel made out of tempered tinted glass that covers the fan slots for mounting up to three 120 mm fans or 140 mm fans, or instead, you can install a pair of large 200 mm fans for better airflow. The front has angled and slightly curved edges on the sides that feature a number of ventilation holes with a dual-layered metal mesh for fresh air intake. The top panel also has these holes. The top panel is made up of a large, tinted tempered glass panel, and Cooler Master also gives you the option to fit the same type of glass panel in the front instead of the default metal mesh panel. 

The slanted are on the top houses four USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone audio jacks, a single Type-C USB 3.1 port. The LED indicating hard drive activity, and the power and reset buttons are also located in this region. The front mesh panel is removable, and behind it, you can find a pair of huge 200 mm fans with RGB LED lighting. The RGB lighting functions can be manually controlled using the reset button on the slanted region on top of the airflow case.

Behind the chassis, there is a mounting slot for installing either a 120 mm or a 140 mm exhaust fan. The slotted screw allows you to fine-tune the airflow by adjusting the position of the exhaust fan. Inside the case, you have got enough space in the front and the top for installing AIO cooling systems with up to 360 mm sized radiators making it one of the best cases for water cooling.

Key Features:

  • Supports the installation of radiators up to 360 mm in size.
  • Adjustable 120 mm/140 mm rear exhaust fan.
  • Features a Type-C USB port.
  • Tinted tempered glass panels on the top and side.

Best Micro-ATX Airflow PC Case – Corsair Crystal 280X

Top PC case for airflow cooling

Let us face it, mid-tower or dual-tower cases are not always the option to go with, especially when you want something smaller that would fit right into any environment. Micro-ATX cases lie somewhere in-between that offers you enough space to fit all your PC components without wasting a bunch of space. Not only that, but micro-ATX cases can also be used as a LAN box, and they are fairly light enough to be carried from place to place.

Corsair introduces the Crystal Series 280X RGB to fix all that. This micro-ATX case combines all the things that you need- space, superior ventilation system and cooling performance, RGB lighting, and a sturdy build, but all under a hefty price tag, making it arguably the best mATX airflow case out there.

The Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB is an overall great airflow case, but the only bad thing about it is the fact that it has a much higher price when compared to its competitors, but if you have got the money, that you can undoubtedly go for it.

The body of the case is constructed out of durable steel and plastic parts, and both the interior and exterior of the chassis are colored black. Corsair fitted the case with multiple glass panels, including the top part, the left side, and even the front panel that displays the huge 120 mm Corsair fans. The panel on the side lets you take a look into the inside of your system.

Measuring 351mm x 398mm x 276mm (L x H x W) and weighing almost 7 Kgs, the case can be carried from one part of the house to the other without any hassle, and the dual-chamber layout allows you to fit up to a 240 mm sized radiator inside the system.

Both the front panel and the top panel are separated into two parts, one section is covered by steel, and the rest of the part is covered by the tempered glass panels that are elevated to improve airflow. Below the top panel, you are provided with fan mounts for installing two 120 mm or 140 mm fans, and on edge, you will find the input and output port section.

Heading on to the bottom of the case, you will also find two fan mounts for installing a pair of 120 mm/ 140 mm fans. The fans are covered by a magnetic dust filter, and the base of the case has rubber feet. All the parts that have fan mounts are covered with the same magnetic dust filter to avoid dust and dirt from entering the case.

Key Feature:

  • Durable steel and plastic build.
  • Magnetic dust filters cover all the fans.
  • The top and front sides feature tempered glass panels.
  • Pre-installed 120 mm Corsair fans in the front.

Budget Alternative for mATX Airflow Case – Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L TUF

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L (1)

We have already received the Corsair Crystal 280X airflow case in this article previously, but the MasterBox Q300L TUF from Cooler Master’s Q series is also a great alternative choice from our recommendation of the best mATX airflow PC case of the micro-ATX form factorThe Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L TUF is a close relative of the Q300P, and they share the same chassis, and only a few features differentiate the two models.

Equipped with the best features, including a TUF Gaming Style design, multiple clean routing space, superior thermal performance, and an overall robust build, makes the MasterBox Q300L TUF probably the PC case for airflowthat your money can buy.

Right out of the box, you receive your beautifully constructed PC case with high-quality steel and hard plastic as the main components and an amazing glass panel on the side to show off your high-end gaming gear and hardware. Unlike most other PC cases, the Q300L does not use tempered glass and instead went with an acrylic glass panel instead.

The front of the Q300L presents a unique design that does increase the overall aesthetics of the all-black case. The pattern is printed on a magnetic dust filter that can be removed to reveal a multitude of ventilation holes to let fresh air enter the CPU case. Behind the dust filter, you are provided with mounting slots to install a pair of two fans of 120 mm or 140 mm in size.

Moving on to the back panel, you have space near the bottom to install the power supply unit for your computer, and on the top, you will also find a pre-installed 120 mm exhaust fan for eliminating excess heat.

The four PCI covers on the back are disposable, so make sure you do not remove them all at one go.

The edge of the front panel houses the input and output ports that include a pair of USB 3.0, a power indicating LED, the power button, a restart button, and the audio jacks. Unfortunately, the section does not provide you with any Type-C USB port, which is bad news for buyers palling to use the case in the future.

The top part has the same magnetic dust filter with the same pattern covering mounting slots for the installation of two 120 mm fans, and on the bottom, there is again another mount for a 120 mm fan. With loads of drive trays and space for installing up to 240 mm radiators, Cooler Master really made sure that this case can suit all the needs of a professional gamer.

Key Features:

  • Features gaming style TUF design.
  • An acrylic glass panel on the side.
  • Robust build quality.
  • Magnetic dust filters with unique designs cover the front and top panels.

Best Mini-ITX Airflow PC Case – InWin A1 Plus

InWin A1 Plus

Let us be honest, InWin might not stand out as one of the most notable companies that manufacture computer components, but with the launch of the InWin A1 Plus, the game completely changed. Hats off to the people who came up with the design concept of the compact yet beautiful and powerful piece of hardware. Combining both compatibility and a low-profile compact design, we can truly say that the InWin A1 Plus is the best mITX airflow casethat money can buy.

Instead of wasting time, let us cut to the chase. One of the best features of this case is the fact that it comes with its own pre-installed 650W Gold PSU to power the entire unit along with your computer components. This thing alone gives it an edge over its competitors. 

Wanna know more what separated this piece of technology from other cases? A top panel wireless Fast Charge Qi charger! Yes, you heard it right. Emitting 10W of power, the wireless Qi charging station on the top is enough to keep all your Qi-enabled gaming devices and mobiles all juiced up.

The case is available in two different color options, black or white. The top part of the chassis looks plain with the Win logo in the middle and the input and output port enclosed in brushed aluminum. 

The case features two 120 mm Sirius Loop ASL120 fans with circular RGB-lit loops that surround both sides of the fan so that the lighting is visible from every side no matter how the fan is placed. One of the Sirius fans is located at the back panel as the exhaust fan, and the other one sits inside the case itself to maintain a great airflow. The left side has a tinted tempered glass panel to show the awesome RGB loops that display vibrant color and add a unique look to the case. The other side of the chassis has honeycomb-patterned cooling slits that let fresh air into the system.

The entire case sits on top of a transparent stand that not only emits the radiant light from the RGB loops but also has an embedded RGB strip installed in it and trust us, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Flipping the case over reveals two mounting slots for installing a pair of 120 mm fans.

Key Features:

  • Honeycomb pattern ventilation slits for superior air intake.
  • 2 x pre-installed Sirius Loop ASL120 fans with RGB loops.
  • Top panel featuring a wireless Fast Charge Qi charger.
  • Comes with a pre-installed 650W Gold PSU.

Budget Alternative mITX Airflow Case – Cooler Master H100

Cooler Master MasterCase H100

Cooler Master never stops improving with its versatile range of products for all types of computer users. Generally, the H series is a lineup of ATX cases, but Cooler Master presents an ameliorate case design with the H100 when compared to all the other mini-ITX cases that are currently available in the market. A compact design and Cooler Master’s own Fine Mesh ventilation makes the H100 truly the best.

The compact design with 312 mm x 216 mm x 301 mm dimensions allows users to turn the Cooler Master H100 into a portable gaming rig that can be carried from place to place with the built-in handles on the chassis. The case even supports a full-size ATX power supply increasing the overall flexibility of the airflow case.

Technically speaking, you do not need much airflow solutions on a case that is this compact in size, but the H100 provides just enough facilities to keep your gaming rig all cool and running. In terms of the design aspect, the case looks appealing with its sleek design and a black color scheme. The input and output ports are situated on an angled slanting portion on the top edge of the chassis, and it houses two USB 3.0 ports, two audio jacks for connecting headphones and microphones separately, and a power button placed in the center. The sides are also angled to give the chassis an intimidating look.

The front panel features Cooler Master’s fine mesh ventilation technology for unrestricted air intake and efficient cooling. Behind the mesh sits the huge 200 mm H-series signature fan that is RGB lit. The case comes with an RGB controller, and you can also use the reset button to control the lights. The interior is quite spacious, and you have the option to fit a cooling system with 120/140/240 mm sized radiators.

Key Features:

  • Compact low-profile form factor.
  • In-built handle for easier carrying.
  • 200mm H-series RGB lit fan on the front panel.
  • Front panel featuring Cooler Master’s fine mesh ventilation system.

Best Budget PC case for Airflow – Corsair Carbide 100R

Corsair CC-9011075-WW

Finally, we review probably the most budget-friendly and simplistic airflow casein this entire list.

So imagine that you have gathered all the costly high-end components that you will require to build your dream gaming PC, but unfortunately, you have run out of budget to get a good CPU case.

The Corsair Carbide 100R is the solution for it with its combination of affordability and features that should be plenty to finish building your PC, thereby making it the best budget airflow case.

From the design perspective, the Carbide 100R might not be the most appealing, but it is somewhat sexy. A plain sleek and elegant looking mid-tower chassis never looks bad, in our opinion. The black-colored rectangular box comes with enough space inside for you to fit in an AIO cooling system with 240 mm radiators.

Near the top of the removable front panel, you have a pair of USB 3.0 ports and also the audio jack for the microphone and headphone. The power button and the restart button is located just right beside it.

The left side of the chassis features a tempered glass panel that is a bit smaller than the entire left frame. The glass panel lets you take a look at the components of the computer that are placed inside it.

A total of five internal fan mounts ensures that you never have to suffer from overheating issues even when playing your most graphically demanding games. The rear panel comes with a pre-installed 120 mm fan to provide excellent airflow, and the vents near the front panel ensure direct air intake to the graphics card. This one is the best airflow case if you are on a budget.

Key Features:

  • A tempered glass panel on the side.
  • Room for installation of a 240mm sized radiator.
  • Mid-tower design.
  • Removable front panel.


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