Best Camera for Instagram and Youtube

Best Camera for Instagram

Instagram is probably one of the most renowned social media websites right now apart from Facebook and Twitter. Whether you like to meet new people, show off your creativity, display your art or food, there can be no better place in the world other than Instagram. Instagram is mostly about pictures and photos so if you are going to set up a business or just share the people of the world with your looks then you got to have the right tools.

The first thing that you will need is a camera and I do not mean the camera of a phone. No matter how far have mobile phone cameras have come they are still no match for DSLRs and other actual cameras. Honestly, picking a camera to buy can be a bit of an ordeal but fortunately, I am here to help you out on your journey to buy the perfect and the best camera for Instagram and so without further ado let’s start.

My Recommendations for Best Camera for Instagram

Sony α6100 Review – Best Camera for Insta Influencer

Sony α6100 Review - Best Camera for Insta Influencer

When it comes to a camera or actually even anything related to technology, Sony is no newcomer in this department. Sony has always been a great competitor to other camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon and as of now they are doing a pretty brilliant job and it would be a sin to not include a Sony camera in this list.

While other companies are busy manufacturing bulky DSLRs, Sony stepped up the game with their new series of mirrorless cameras. The camera being mirrorless is very easy to handle and quite convenient to carry around for vacations and trips switch is a pretty great thing in my opinion. Before I head on out and talk about the features of this baby, the specs on the Sony α6100 are worth noting. The Sony α6100 houses a 24.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor which does its job fantastically at clicking sharp and colorful pictures no matter where you are. Displaying all your clicked photos is the LCD touchscreen behind the camera. A fun thing to note is that the touchscreen LCD display not only reacts to your touches accurately but also it is tiltable all the way up to 180 degrees which means clicking those high and low-angle pictures has never been easier.

Speaking of the sensor, the APS-C type sensor measures 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm which is large enough o capture all those details with amazing colors and light. The camera comes in multiple different bundles and you can also buy the body only if you want. A thing that you should know is that the Sony α6100 is only compatible with Sony E-mount lenses which you can buy from shops or the internet. The camera also supports burst mode which means you can click an array of pictures just by a simple click of the shutter button. Capable of capturing all the way up to 11 frames per second with no lag at all and up to 77 shots, the camera is a beast and will make sure you never miss a moment.

From a features standpoint, the Sony α6100 has got plenty and I doubt you will ever you all of them. The  425 fast-detection auto-focus points are accurate and will get your subject to pop out in those photos. Not only that but the camera is equipped with a real-time tracking feature thanks to Sony’s AI-based subject-tracking algorithms which means you will be able to keep your subject in those pictures in steady focus no matter if they are running or moving, a great feature to have if you ever need to capture those moments in sporting events or just take a snap of your dog running around. Another feature worth noting on the Sony α6100 is the real-time AF for both animals and humans for easier focus and sharper pictures. Overall speaking, a great camera for a perfect start on Instagram with tons of features to abuse.

Key Features:

  • APS-C type Exmor CMOS sensor for excellent color reproduction and vibrant photos.
  • Capable of capturing sharp images with 24.2 megapixels.
  • Excellent ISO sensitivity range all the way up to 51200.
  • Equipped with a tiltable touchscreen LCD display.
  • Supports high-resolution 4K video recording.

Sony α7 III Review- Best For Professional Instagram Users

Sony α7 III Review- Best For Professional Instagram Users

Next up on my list of the best camera for Instagram is another product from Sony and I included this one for those who want a superior high-end product and is serious about taking some great professional level snaps. Combining outstanding speed and excellent imaging capability, the Sony α7 III might just be the perfect choice for those once-in-a-lifetime events. The Sony α7 III is also mirrorless which means the compact body is small and light enough to be carried for adventures or anywhere you want without any hassle.

A back-illuminated sensor and a superior image processing system is all you need to get the best clarity and depth in your pictures and thanks to the full-frame 35 mm Exmor R CMOS sensor measuring 35.6 mm x 23.8 mm, the Sony α7 III gives you just what you need. The Exmor sensor combined with the Bionz X image processing technology is responsible for the high-speed image processing and data readout speeds.

ISO is everything that matters when you are about to capture something in the dark or in dimly-lit conditions and thanks to the extended ISO range of 100 all the way up to 51200, reproducing accurate colors and details is a piece of cake for this beast. The camera also features area-specific noise reduction capabilities to remove those ugly grains from pictures clicked in the dark.

Clicking pictures of moving subjects is always a hassle but not with the Sony α7 III thanks to its 4D auto-focus system that is capable of keeping everything in focus whether you are in a sports event or a concert. The camera uses 693 phase-detection autofocus points that cover up to 93 percent of the total image area and with outstanding wide coverage. Although having steady hands is a must if you are trying to be a photographer not everyone has the skills, to begin with, but thanks to the 5-axis stabilization system of the Sony α7 III, getting steadier shots has never been this easy. The stabilization system uses gyro sensors and multiple algorithms to make sure that camera shakes and hazy pictures never become one of your problems while clicking beautiful portraits or landscape shots. Just like the Sony α6100, the Sony α7 III also has eye autofocus for easier subject detection and sharper pictures.

The 7.5 cm TFT LCD touchscreen display on the device is the destination to view all your clicked pictures and even the focus is controllable via it. A great feature that I liked is the AF in focus magnifier that lets you focus on the smallest of subjects. Great battery life is always preferred on a camera especially when you are traveling long distances and the Sony α7 III surely has a great one that lets you click up to approximately 710 shots with just one battery charge. As far as video recording goes, the camera is capable of recording super-sharp videos at 4K resolution. To sum it all up, a great camera for professionals and simply the best insta camera if you have got the budget.

Key Features:

  • Features a full-size Exmor R CMOS sensor.
  • Supports a great ISO range.
  • Equipped with a 7.5 cm TFT touchscreen display.
  • Capable of recording 4K HDR videos.

Canon T6i Review – Best Budget  Camera Option

Canon T6i Review - Best Budget  Camera Option

Canon has been in this game for a long time and surely knows how to manufacture a good camera whether it belongs to the budget range or high-end one. The T series DSLR cameras are the final 35 mm manual focus cameras that Canon manufactured and to this day they are still some of the best when it comes to clicking some good pictures. No matter what anyone says, Canon is quite unbeatable when it comes to manual cameras as far as my opinion goes.

Firstly, the first thing you should know about the T6i is the fact that it houses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C type CMOS sensor that can take snaps with excellent depth and color. In the ISO department, the T6i falls a bit short due to the shorter range of ISO 100 to 12800 that can be extended all the way up to ISO 25600. Nonetheless, the camera will definitely not disappoint you in low lighting conditions as it still is capable of capturing sharp and noise-free pictures. The T6i utilizes the DIGIC 6 Image Processor which compared to newer processors still delivers. As far as video recording is concerned, the camera is only capable of recording at HD resolutions which is a bit of a bummer but we are here to take pictures not record videos.

Equipped with the Hybrid CMOS AF III system, the Canon Rebel T6i is capable of focusing on subjects quickly and with great accuracy and can maintain the focus even for live subjects that are in motion, a great feature to have if you plan to bring your camera at events like football or cricket matches or snap a picture of your pet or children. Flexibility is everything and Canon understands the needs of the consumers and hence the T6i is equipped with a vari-angle 3.0 inch ClearView capacitive LCD touchscreen with a special resin coating to eliminate glares and unnecessary reflections. The touchscreen is highly responsive and supports two-finger gestures to access a multitude of options such as zooming, touch autofocus, and touch panel operation.

The one feature that makes the Canon T6i one of the best cameras to travel with is the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC feature which really comes in handy since the feature lets you quickly export all your click pictures and videos to your iPhone or Android device or also your laptop. Thanks to the feature, remote shooting, and wireless printing also become a piece of cake. The autofocus system on the Rebel T6i is absolutely great thanks to the 19-point all cross-type AF points for precise subject tracking and easy focuses. The focusing system also supports 3 different focus area selections. The T6i as a whole is arguably the most reliable and best budget camera for Instagram that you can find.

Key Features:

  • Features 19-point AF system for easier focuses and sharper clicks.
  • Houses an APS-C sensor capable of clicking vibrant images.
  • Equipped with a vari-angle LCD touchscreen.
  • Compatible with a range of Canon DSLR lenses.

Olympus PEN E-PL1 Review – Best Portable Camera for Instagram

Olympus PEN E-PL1 Review - Best Portable Camera for Instagram

Olympus is one of the oldest brands in the camera-making business and honestly speaking most of their cameras are still pretty great and the PEN E-PL1 proves that even a budget camera can be good. As far as the design of the thing goes it is not something special but it does come in three different colors including black, white, and champagne gold.

The Olympus PEN E-PL1 is that sort of camera that anyone who travels on a daily basis will like to have such as an adventurer or an explorer. The camera might not give you the best image quality like the other cameras on the list but is a lovely companion that is portable and very easy to carry around. The camera also introduced a new dedicated movie button for instant video recording and a live guide menu that allows the user to access all the options and settings pretty easily. The camera is available in multiple different kit options with different interchangeable lenses with varying apertures. The camera is one of the best Micro Four Thirds cameras that you will find with a 4/3-inch 12.3 megapixel Live MOS image sensor capable of clicking fantastic pictures and a fast TruePic V image processor for DSLR-like color reproduction and clarity.

Pre-installed with multiple filter options and then an i-enhance picture mode, the camera already has got you backed up with some cool filters and effects which in my opinion are not that bad. The camera also features in-camera image stabilization for fewer camera shakes and blurry images and also has a wide autofocus area. Pretty nifty for a budget and portable option in my opinion and probably the best camera for Instagram photos if you travel a lot.

Key Features:

  • Features a 12.3 megapixel Live MOS image sensor for sharp and clear images.
  • Equipped with an LCD monitor and a dedicated movie button.
  • Comes with a manual focus assist for easy focusing.
  • Supports in-camera image stabilization for sharper photographs.

What To Look For In The Best Insta Camera

There is no exact specification that determines whether a camera is good or not but there are definitely somethings that you can check for before you buy a camera. The first thing that I would like to say is that you should always buy a camera after you have tried it out and that is the best opinion that I can give before you fixate on an option.


Clicking pictures on your camera should always be a fun task but a camera with bad ergonomics or one that does not feel comfortable in your hands might just ruin the experience. Make sure that the camera fits nicely in your hands and you feel comfortable holding it and carrying it.

Sensor Size

Typically the larger the sensor the better results you get on most cameras but do not let only the sensor size misguide you. Even cameras with large sensors can perform poorly in low-lit conditions and as far as megapixels go, they hardly matter, and checking a camera by clicking some pictures is the best thing that you can do before you buy one.

Your Budget

Yes! Cameras can be a bit costly but it does not always mean that a costly high-end camera will give you the best images. There are many different types of cameras on the market nowadays including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, point and shoot cameras, and many more. There are options that will surely fit in your budget so make sure you do not rush and choose one that gets you bankrupt.

The Size Of Your Camera

The size of your camera might seem not important but think about this, if you travel a lot would you ever prefer a bulky and big camera over a compact and low-profile one? Yes, so make sure that you choose a camera that has the right size depending on what you need it for. Travelers and explorers should always go with a compact and portable camera instead of a larger one. On the other hand, if you only need a camera for occasions and gatherings then you are good to go.

Compatibility with lenses

Not all cameras support a range of different lenses. As for a fixed lens camera, you are stuck with the built-in lens but for DSLRs and other cameras with interchangeable lenses make sure that the camera you buy is compatible with newer or a range of lenses. It is always good to think about the future and you might just need a new lens upgrade.

Other Accessories For Instagram

While the camera is an accessory itself there are many more things that you can keep with you to make your Instagram photos even better. Here is a list of a few accessories which might just give you the edge you need.

A Tripod

If you own a camera and use Instagram then a tripod or a Gorillapod is a must-have. A tripod will save you much time while setting up your camera for the perfect viewing angle and capture things or just yourself. Owning a tripod goes a long way you can even use it for snapping some landscape photos. A tripod or Gorillapod will eliminate blurry pictures, camera shakes and the need of keeping your hands busy all the time.

Tripod for Instagram

PreviewNameCheck Price
Fotopro Flexible Tripod
JOBY Gorillapod 1K Stand
ESDDI Camera Tripod


If you are going to buy a camera for your Instagram pictures then you definitely need all the different kinds of camera lenses because the stock lenses are not that good to get you the best pictures. For models and influencers, a 50 mm lens might be the best choice for those beautiful background blurs and bokeh while travelers and wildlife photographers might need something more like a telephoto lens.

My Favourite Lens for Instagram

PreviewNameCheck Price
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED
Canon EF 75-300mm

A Ring Light

Ring lights are common nowadays with most of the Instagram models and influencers using them all the time. A well-lit setup is all you need to step up your game and click better photos or videos. If you are a Vlogger or a model then a ring light might just be the most important tool you need in your arsenal.

A Backdrop

Presentation is everything especially when people are going to look at you. If you are a model or a vlogger then getting a backdrop might solve a lot of problems like poor room decor, tainted walls, etc.

Final Verdict

While there is no such thing as the perfect camera but there is one that is perfect for you. Choosing a camera is difficult and if you have made up your mind on buying one for Instagram use I hope you find this guide useful. There are certain things you should know about before fixating on your options and I will definitely recommend learning a bit about camera functions and their mechanics. In my opinion, the best way to choose a camera is to first try it out by picking it up in your hands. Quality of images aside if the camera feels good to you and you find it comfortable to use then you should keep that as an option. In this list, I tried to put up a number of good cameras for Instagram influencers and models to use depending on what they want to use it for so you can go ahead and grab the one you like.

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