Best Camera for Instagram: How to level up your Insta game?

Instagram is the new thing now no doubt about that. Everyone has an Instagram now, from your dog to your cousin. Everyone wants to stand out in the game. Look their best and show the world the best version of themselves. But it’s all about pictures. What better way to do this than using the Best Camera for Instagram.

Here we have reviewed some of the best cameras in the Instagram game. Do check these cameras out, you will find something great for yourself.

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Instagram Camera choices

Best Camera for Instagram: Sony Alpha A600 Mirrorless Camera

Best Camera for Instagram

Most bloggers and well-experienced photographers take this camera as a huge favorite of theirs. The Sony Alpha a600 has features that would make your photography and videography experience a very memorable one with its outstanding features. It has changeable lenses, an in-built flash that us remarkably impressive for its size.

Perfect HD video capability with superb audio recording and a WiFi feature that allows you to send videos and images to your mobile device or even your computer with ease. I didn’t forget to mention its key and notable feature, it’s mirrorless!!!

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Best Camera for Instagram: Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Canon PowerShot SX730

The Canon PowerShot comes in a very slim and classy design that gives you that compact and ease in. carry about( think of having a camera that you are able to carry everywhere with you without stress as this camera is actually less than one pound so you really have nothing to worry about) it packs about 20.3 megapixels that enable you record videos and capture videos in high definition.

You also have the ability to post them online quickly (without having the stress of connecting the camera to your laptop via a USB cable or syncing the camera to get the pictures first before posting via phone or laptop) on Instagram especially when you have to constantly update your timeline and keep your fans and viewers up to date on regular happenings I believe this is this ideal camera for you. This camera is a bit high in price ($398.99)  but overall it is a beautiful camera in terms of features and durability you can’t and won’t be disappointed buying and using this camera.

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Best Camera for Instagram: Nikon COOLPIX A300

Another classic point and shoot digital camera from the Nikon company, the COOLPIX A300 is suitable for photographers and bloggers, on a small budget. Available for $124 we can say that among the list of cameras we are currently reviewing this camera for its price it’s very effective and has a couple of outstanding features that make it stand out among its competitors.

Features like built-in Wi-Fi, video recording and with over 20 megapixels that make yours to recorded content standout.

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Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70

The Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70 is not your average digital camera,it has a classy and sleek carrying making transportation easy, we specifically recommend this camera for people who post a lot of video content because it has a 20.3 megapixel lens for amazing photo coverage and it doesn’t just stop at that, it has a whopping (wait for this) 4k Video high definition capacity giving you that awesome video recording experience as you go. Although this camera is a little bit high on price, it’s features are however worthy of its price and its a very very good but we also guarantee that you won’t regret buying this camera.

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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera

This is another amazing mirrorless camera with beautiful features that would give you value for your money. It’s multi-functional, can take pictures and can shoot videos and had a RAW and JPEG recording modes among other outstanding features that would create flexibility and diversity when it comes to editing images. It’s powerful, multi-functional and very sleek for whatever digital content you intend to post and supply your target audience.

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As you’ve probably read on multiple blogs and websites, including ours here, quality content is a big part in growing your followers on Instagram.  Whether you’re just looking to test your skills with an affordable camera or are really willing to invest in something a little more long-term we’ve really hope that our recommendations and reviews on these portable cameras for taking Instagram content would help you make a better choice, whether you want to take videos or images.

These camera have that extra flick that most camera phones can’t offer you although we have various models of smartphones whose camera quality has greatly improved especially in this age where having a multi-functional device is everything. However mobile photography has always had its flaws in terms of quality even if the camera quality is high, it doesn’t give you that versatility that a digital camera can give based on some of its modern and new features that we can find in some of these cameras we reviewed above.

Portable cameras also come in so many options these days. You have your classic point and shoot types to the ones which produce great quality images and videos and there are mirrorless cameras which are a very very beautiful alternative to the heavier DSLRs which make your traveling with them or carrying around easy.

Conclusion: Best Camera for Instagram

I will conclude by writing that these Best camera for Instagram are the best there are in the market and are all sure to meet your needs in terms of giving you quality digital content and also value for your money. From some of them having WiFi sharing abilities to easy file sharing and top of the line resolutions I can go on and on writing about how amazing these cameras are and how they can help you tap into that proper Instagram fan base I can say confidently that having proper digital content catches the eye of your viewers and actually tells them that you know what you are doing and also you mean business.

However having a sleek and top of the line camera to go with it doesn’t totally fit, you also need to know what exactly makes these cameras so well used so you won’t end up purchasing a couple of them and just think that they are a waste of money and don’t work because when you buy and we really hope  that your camera has made our pick or the ones that I’ve written about would catch your eye and make you purchase at least one. I always recommend and stress on its featured because we all want our hustle and business to progress and I’m all up for progress!! Do stay tuned and keep following my thread as I will be reviewing a few other products, keep well. Spend wisely and always be proud of your hustle, whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Take care!!


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