Best cases for water cooling

7 Best Cases for Water Cooling that Money can Buy

Are you looking to build a PC of your own? You must have searched for best of RAMs and Harddrives and not to mention top-notch GPUs. But you shouldn’t forget about your PC case. A great PC case not only gives your set up a great look but also is necessary when you are packing some extra heat in your system. For that purpose, we here at The Tech DJ have put together a list of 7 Best cases for water Cooling.

Read more to find out which one suits your needs the best. Also, don’t forget to check out the editor’s choice if you are unsure about picking one yourself.

Corsair Crystal 680X RGB

Best cases for water cooling

Corsair has been providing the best computer peripherals in affordable price tags for quite some time now. The Mid-Tower Corsair Crystal 680x RGB come with a robust dual-chamber ATX smart case along with tempered glass. The CPU cabinet with a hinged panel of glass along with USB-C which gives a modern vibe and offers unprecedented convenience. The cabinet assures a cutting-edge water-cooling system which would keep the system cooled for a long time.

By the looks of it, the cabinet also supports RGB lighting module and a premium yet stylish chassis. Corsair could have incorporated a riser cable to mount the graphics card vertically. Furthermore, the front filter could be easily removed. The users can control the RGB lighting with the help of iCue software.

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One of the essential features of the gaming case, ROSEWILL ATX is that it can accommodate around 360mm water cooling radiator at the front part of the cabinet. In addition to this, the gaming cabinet also has a 260 mm radiator for facilitating liquid cooling at the top. When it comes to possessing a fully customized water-cooling cabinet, the CULLINAN MX will not disappoint the gamers at all.

It also comes with a pre-installed 120 mm conventional three cooling fans at the front panel and three other and the fourth fan is located at the rear side of the cabinet. A GPU with a minimum length of 360mm can easily be put into the gaming cabinet. The gaming cabinet is made out of tempered glass, plastic, and steel. The front panel supports a couple of USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 ports. Also, as one of the best cases for water cooling, CULLINAN MX facilitates the users to control the speed & in or out of the audio.

Thermaltake A500 ATX Gaming Mid Tower

Thermaltake A500 ATX Gaming Mid Tower

Thermaltake A500 is the sleekest mid-tower case which has been curated with precisive curved aluminum. The tempered glass panel of the CPU allows the users to get easy access to the components of the computer.

Given that Thermaltake A500 is a mid-tower gaming cabinet, it offers a significant amount of space for different cooling options. The Thermaltake A500 can accommodate either a 360mm radiator or a 420mm radiator in the front panel of the cabinet. At the top of the cabinet, Thermaltake A500 can accommodate either a 280mm or 360 mm radiator. The cabinet also has a preset 120mm radiator at the back panel. Thermaltake A500 comes with a dismantlable modular design along with three distinctive dust filters. The cabinet offers an easy installation of 2.5,” and 3.5” inch SSD or HDD.

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Best cases for water cooling

The full-tower THERMALTAKE LEVEL 20 full-tower case is among the best cases for water cooling. Like the other full tower case, Thermaltake LEVEL 20 offers a significant amount of space for expansion. The cabinet some with 11 distinctive drive bays and it also provides a space for six 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch HDD and two slots for SSD of 2.5 and 3.5 inches.

In addition to the LEVEL 20 full-tower case offers ample space for the cooling system. The front panel can sport 280 mm cooling system. The rear side of the panel toward also has two slots for 140mm and a 120mm radiator. The side panel of the tower case has a side panel of 4mm. The interior part of the LEVEL 20 feature black color where the exterior part of the cabinet has a unique space gray color.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

When it comes to curating the best gaming cabinets, Cooler Master will always be a significant winner. In addition to this, Cosmos C700P is an appropriate example of a robust gaming cabinet. Cosmos C700P looks quite stunning; moreover, it also comes in a special Black Edition. The entire cabinet is painted black in color, which gives a futuristic look.

By the looks of it, Cosmis C700P is said to be one of the best cabinets. Furthermore, it offers a wide array of flexibility, meaning the users can set up the components inside the gaming cabinet as they see fit. It also comes with an extensive management system which would allow covering several cables comprising several types. According to several peripheral experts, the Cosmos C700P is one of the best cases for water cooling cases that money can buy. Like Corsair, the cooler master comes with a robust RGB control along with a Type-C port.

Editor’s choice for the Best cases for water cooling – CORSAIR GRAPHITE 780T


What makes the GRAPHITE 780T one of the best cases for water cooling is that it comes with a couple of 360mm radiators which can be placed either at the top or on the front side. It also has a provision to incorporate radiators of smaller sizes such as 140mm and 240mm. The addition fans can be put in the bottom part of the gaming cabinet.

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Other than incorporating state-of-the-art water-cooling systems, the Graphite 780T has a couple of conventional air-cooling fans which facilitate a significant amount of airflow. The case also sports latched side panels which have been perfectly designed to access the internal components of the cabinet easily. In addition to this, there are several ports which are located at the front side of the cabinet. By the looks of it, this makes management extremely easy.

So far, Graphite 780T is regarded as the best cases for water cooling is because it sports an interesting feature. One of the significant features is the LED gauge which guides the users regarding optimal cooling and noise.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

The Enthoo Pro comes with dual fans such as 200mm and 140 mm at the back. The cabinet also has a fan hub which is located on the rear side of the motherboard tray. The case has enough space, which makes it one of the best cases for water cooling.

The users get eight distinctive expansion slots in the tower. Enthoo Pro accommodates around seven 2.5-inch SSDs and six 3.5-inch Hard Disk Drive. The cabinet also comes with cable management and dust filter tools which make maintenance of the cabinet, seamless.

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