The 5 Best Controllers for Rocket League in 2020

Best Controller for Rocket League

Do you ever wonder if there is any controller that can be considered the best for Rocket League? A controller that’s not only easy to use but also gives you the best gaming experience! Here we try to answer this burning question and help you choose the best controller for rocket league.

Well don’t you love playing Rocket league? It’s huge player base, diverse gameplay experience and to top it the highly competitive gaming environment, All makes really

Why choose the a controller for Rocket league?

Best Controllers for Rocket league

While the hardcore PC gamers argue on choosing the best mechanical keyboard or the lightest gaming mouse, for playing a game like Rocket league you need a controller. Players have tried using emulators with keyboards and mouse it just isnt’t the same. The game is meant to be played with a controller only. So it’s only reasonable that you

A controller brings everything that you will need in a single package. Moving around in games becomes so much easier when all the controls are just fingertips away in the palm of your hands. For console gamers who switched to PC gaming, a controller can be the best option available as you are already used to it on your XBOX or PlayStation. We will recommend you the controller that is the best for Rocket League players.

There are a few clear advantages that a controller has over a keyboard and mouse, including:

  • Portability: Gaming controllers are compact, allowing you to take it anywhere, be it the bedroom or on the couch.
  • Comfort: Controllers are shaped ergonomically to fit right into the palms of your hand, allowing for easier access to buttons and pretty much everything.
  • Customization: You can find tons of skins and stuff to customize your controller and make your gaming setup unique.

There are certain factors that you need to look for before you walk off to buy a gaming controller for playing games like Rocket League– Comfort, design, mode of connectivity (Wired or Wireless), everything matters!

In this article, we review the best controllers for rocket league players irrespective of whether you are using a console or just a PC.

My Recommendations for the Top joysticks for Rocket League

Best Controller for PC – Logitech F310

Logitech F310

Logitech has been in the business for computer peripherals and accessories for a long time and has successfully earned the trust of millions of users with their high-end top of the line products. The Logitech F310 is another such accessory that is worthy of adding to a gamer’s arsenal.

First of all, the looks may be flawed for some gamers, but the design certainly is not. The controller looks a bit like the PlayStation controller, and the button layout is similar too, but the primary button layout resembles that of an XBOX controller. Logitech followed a Symmetrical design for the F310 with the control stick aligned near the bottom. On the left side, you have the 8-way programmable 4-switch D-pad all packed on a circular disc. The design of the D-Pad leads to its high responsiveness and is great for Rocket League gamers.

The right side consists of the 4 primary action buttons with X, A, Y, and B markings just like an XBOX controller. The left and the right sticks work smoothly and have a textured finish to prevent your thumbs from slipping during intense gameplay. The ergonomic and sleek design allows players to grip it with ease and is very comfortable even after hours of gameplay.

Logitech made sure that the F310 is the only controller that you will ever need since it is compatible with a wide range of games, including the classics and the newest Triple-A titles. For us, the Logitech F310 worked flawlessly with every game we tested- Devil May Cry 5, Rocket League, Fifa 19, and PUBG.

The F310 connects to your device via a USB cable that is 1.8 m in length, which should be plenty for any environment. Setting up the F310 gaming controller is a cakewalk. All you need to do is to plug the USB cable into your PC, and you are all ready to go after the drivers are installed automatically as it utilizes the most common input standard- the XInput/DirectInput.

The controller is available in only a single color option in a black and blue color scheme, which does not look too shabby. The entire layout includes sticks, trigger buttons, shoulder buttons on either side, a 4-way D-pad, 4 programmable action buttons, and a ‘back’, ‘start’, and ‘mode’ button. Flipping the controller upside down reveals a toggle switch that can be used to switch between XInput and DirectInput, allowing you to play the new games along with the old classic ones.

Even though the Logitech F310 offers a full-on immersive gaming experience, it lacks vibration. All the buttons on the Logitech F310 are fully programmable. They can be customized per the user’s wish via the Logitech profiler software that is available for download from the internet. This allows you to even mimic the keyboard and mouse controls and use the controller for unsupported games.

The F310 is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10) and comes with a 3-year warranty, which is an added bonus for many.

Key Features:

  • Console-like button layout allowing you to enjoy a full gaming experience with the buttons right at your fingertips.
  • Ergonomic design with rubber grips provides better comfort.
  • Fully programmable buttons that can be customized using the Logitech Profiler software.
  • Toggle switch to switch between XInput and DirectInput for extensive game support.
  • 3-years warranty.

Best Controller for PS4 – ASTRO Gaming C40 TR

Best Rocket league Controller

After being in the manufacturing business of high-end gaming audio and sound solutions, Astro introduces its flagship gaming controller for console gamers with the Astro C40 TR. To be perfectly clear from the start, the C40 TR is not really a budget controller and might require you to spend a bit more than you would like to. Still, it is definitely worth the money as it is specially designed for enthusiastic PC and console gamers with loads of customizable features and interchangeable components and customization via software.

The Astro C40 TR is definitely a good controller for Rocket League and one of the best premium gamepads for PlayStation owners.

When it comes to the Astro C40 TR’s design aspects, the two words, ‘sleek and sturdy’ pretty much sum it up entirely. Right from the moment you pick it up with your hands, you can notice the elegant look and the weighty feel you would expect from a premium gaming accessory. The design is ergonomic and feels comfortable when held in hands and is especially great for users with larger hands. The exterior has a nice soft finish and sports an all-black color scheme with accents in reds here and there on the buttons. To make the C40 TR even easier to handle, the rear has rubber grips with a light texture while the analog sticks are made from metal, which glides as smoothly as butter.

The action buttons resemble the usual PlayStation buttons- the X, triangle, square, and circle. The controller follows a symmetrical button layout with the metal analog sticks placed next to each other.

Apart from all the standard triggers, sticks, and buttons, you can also find a pair of rear-facing inputs that are programmable and can be set to mimic any other standard button of your choice.

The rear triggers are equipped with trigger stops to facilitate quick response and faster travel and deliver a snappy feel. Other than that, the C40 also comes with a dedicated switch to change between different profiles and switching between wired and wireless modes. This feature makes the C40 quite a good joystick for Rocket League and arcade-style games.

Before you even dive into the software customization of the C40 TR, you will already be amazed by the tons of accessories, such as the different styles of analog sticks and D-pads provided within the box. Mapping the rear input buttons is like a walk in the park. All you need to do is press down a button in the back and tap the rear button that you want to assign, and then press the button that you wish it to mimic.

The controller’s front plate is entirely removable, allowing you to change the position of the analog sticks and the D-pad and even swap it out with a different style of button. You will require a screwdriver to replace the components, unlike the Xbox Elite Wireless Gamepad, whose buttons can be just popped off and replaced. Astro claims the screw-in system minimizes damage to the components due to constant replacements. You have different concave and convex D-pad options.

The C40 TR comes with a travel case that you can carry while traveling. The controller connects to the console or PC wirelessly, but you are also provided with a USB cable that is about 6.5 feet in length. The case also houses the screwdriver, wireless adapter, and the extra thumbsticks.

We used the C40 TR with a few games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fifa, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, and is undoubtedly one of the top controllers for Rocket League players.

The pad also has a 3.5 mm audio jack to instantly connect with your friends via audio chat.

Finally, we address the most awesome thing about the Astro C40 TR, loads of customization via Astro’s Configuration Software for the controller available for download on the internet.

Using the software, you can program and remap each and every button on the controller and save countless profiles with different settings, although you can only load two at a time.

You can also fine-tune the sensitivity of the sticks, buttons, and the triggers to fit your needs and even test them in real-time. The software also has an audio settings menu with volume and mic options to tweak your sound and another menu to adjust the controller’s LEDs.

At just $200, you cannot just ask for anything more. While there are other cheaper options available, the Astro C40 TR brings you one of the best controllers for rocket league with a sturdy build, durable design, and tons of features and customization options.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with both PC and PlayStation 4.
  • Comes with fully customizable and removable modules and components to fit the feel of every gamer.
  • The ASTRO C40 TR configuration software provides loads of tweaking options and allows you to save multiple sensitivity and audio profiles.
  • Works in two different modes- Wired or Wireless and comes with a USB cable, carry case, screwdriver, and different thumbsticks.
  • Premium build quality and design.

Best controller for Xbox One – Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

It has been more than a decade that Razer has been in the gaming component making industry and has been successful with most of its high-end gaming products. With the launch of one of Razer’s flagship controllers, the Wolverine Ultimate takes PC and console gaming to a whole nother level. Featuring interchangeable D-pad buttons and analog stick, multiple fully programmable buttons (except the primary triggers and the action buttons) and Razer’s own Chroma LED RGB lighting, and an affordable price tag of $160,

the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is truly a specimen and a dream come true for the gamers out there. The controller is perfect for intermediate gamers that want to play Rocket League.

Sporting a design that most would consider overbuilt is actually a boon for the console gamers. The Wolverine Ultimate is a step up from its younger brother, the Razer Wolverine tournament edition, with its added features. Not only does the controller follow a button layout similar to that of the standard XBOX Elite Wireless Controller, but the Wolverine Ultimate also comes equipped with extra customizable components and more programmable buttons behind it.

Just like an XBOX controller, it has an asymmetrical button layout with the analog sticks placed in an offset arrangement apart from each other. The D-pad sits right next to the right analog stick, and the four primary action buttons (X, A, Y, and B) sit on the right side of the controller. The top panel of the Wolverine Ultimate is lined by an LED strip with RGB lights that borders the guide button. Just below the LED lining is the menu and options button. The Razer Chroma RGB LEDs are fully programmable with the Razer Synapse software for XBOX, allowing you to add flair to your gaming setup with tons of different profiles and effects.

The fun thing about the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is the fact that you will never run out of new looks as it comes with a removable directional pad and analog sticks. You can swap them out with a multitude of different thumb caps (includes a tall convex tip and a concave tip) and pads, and a few are already provided in the box. The only downside is that you only get one type of stick of each kind, so you have to use different combinations of a concave tip and a convex tip. You have two options for the directional pads- the standard D-pad that comes in a plus shape and another D-pad with four separate buttons pointing in different directions.

Another bonus feature includes an outcrop that comes attached to the controller’s bottom edge that houses the buttons for headphone and mic volume adjustments and an extra programmable button to program the triggers on the back of the controller. Near the bottom of the trapezoidal attachment is the 3.5 mm input jack for connecting your headset.

There is no shortage of buttons on the Razer Wolverine Ultimate as it holds two extra buttons than Xbox Elite Controller Series and four more than the Astro C40 TR that we reviewed previously in this article. The controller’s top panel houses the typical pair of analog triggers and bumpers that have trigger lock switches for snappy travel distance and quicker response in games, especially FPS games. The back of the gamepad holds the M3, M4, M5, and M6 triggers between the grips, and the smaller M1 and M2 triggers are placed in between the primary triggers.

The extra buttons can be programmed to mimic any other button, or you can assign them for Focus and Agile functions that will allow you to change the sensitivity during gameplay to suit your gaming style.

Out of the box, you get the main controller along with a micro USB cable that is about 10 feet in length, which should be plenty for anyone. Unfortunately, the controller connects to the console or the PC only through the USB cable and has no wireless features, which are a bit of a bummer for very intense gamers who do not like a cord hanging from their controller. Although you get lower latency with a wired connection, the addition of wireless capability would have been better considering the price of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. The cable has a quick-breakaway feature that detaches the wire if anyone trips over it or the cord gets caught to something. With all the features, the controller is undoubtedly a great choice for players on PlayStation.

The controller is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System, Xbox One, and next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X. The controller features tons of customizable options accessible to the user through the Razer Wolverine for Xbox software. Surprisingly, while most of the features can be controlled using the software, the RGB lights are customizable only using the Razer Synapse Software.

Apart from the lack of wireless connectivity, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is overall a great gamepad for the price and is one of Rocket League players’ top joysticks. We tested the controller with a few other games, too, including The Last Of Us, Gear 5, and Metro Exodus, and speaking honestly, we did not find any flaws.

Key Features:

  • Swappable D-pad and analog sticks allow you to mix and match different components to fit your playing style.
  • Razer Chroma RGB LEDs add an extra flair to your controller with different color schemes and effects.
  • Compatible with Xbox One, PC, and also the next generation Xbox Series X console.
  • Six extra triggers than a standard controller to unlock your gaming potential to the fullest.
  • Vibrating motors give gamers an immersive feel.

Best Controller for Nintendo Switch – PowerA Enhanced Wireless

PowerA Enhanced Wireless

For the gamers out there who do not own a powerful gaming PC or a console, the Nintendo Switch Pro stands out as a really great and affordable alternative option. Unfortunately, $70 for a gamepad that is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a pretty hefty price even with the HD Rumble technology and wireless connectivity considering that there are other Nintendo Switch controllers out there that perform much better and come with many features.

PowerA delivered the good news for the Nintendo owner with its Enhanced Nintendo Switch Wireless controller, which is available in the market for as cheap as $20. If you are looking for one of the best controllers for the rocket league, then this is the one.

The first thing you notice when you grab and pick up the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is how light it feels. Even with the light plastic build, the controller definitely does not feel cheap or flimsy, but it looks and feels just like the Switch Pro Controller if not better. Apart from that, it fits nicely in the hands and sits comfortably on the palms with its smooth and ergonomic design aspect. All the buttons feel durable, and they have the correct bounce and feedback.

The analog sticks are totally praiseworthy as they are much more smooth than the sticks of the original. Smoother buttons equate to faster response time and overall better gameplay experience. Moreover, suppose you are not a fan of the color scheming of the original Switch controller. In that case, the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controllers come in a variety of color options and also skins to make your gaming setup completely your own with unique looks.

The controller comes equipped with two extra buttons that are reprogrammable, and PowerA calls it the AGB or Advanced Gaming Buttons. These are optional buttons and can come quite handy during gameplay as you can map important in-game functions to these buttons. This controller by PowerA comes in two options, the wireless one and the wired one. The choice is up to you, but we recommend going with the wireless option as it also has the motion control features.

The motion controls of the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller worked quite well, and it was precise in every game we tried, especially Fortnite and Rocket League.

Unfortunately, while we were playing Rocket League, the vibration and the rumble were a bit weak. Nonetheless, considering the low price and the features it brings on the table, we can truly say that the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is arguably the best controller to pair with nitendo switch for rocket league players with a Nintendo Switch.

Key Features:

  • The Wireless version of the controller comes with motion control features.
  • Very lightweight and ergonomic design with a standard button layout.
  • Extra reprogrammable Advanced gaming buttons for next-level gaming.
  • Comes with 2-years of limited warranty.

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