Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

The 10 Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k – Say goodbye to Heating Issues!

After the release of Intel i7 9700k, it is evident that it has gained massive popularity as a powerful gaming CPU. (Interested in a Ryzen alternative?) If you are someone that uses this CPU for gaming, you might have noticed that excess usage may cause heating issues and slows down the performance of your PC. These best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k will boost your CPU and PC performance as well.

This is where you will need the help of CPU coolers. They are designed to keep the PC cool and can help you in optimizing its performance. Here is the list of some best CPU coolers for i7 9700k in 2020, that you can use to keep your CPU at peak performance.

Our Recommendations for the Best CPU coolers for i7 9700K

Best Air Cooler for i7 9700k – Cooler Master V8 GTS

Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

Looking for a powerful Air cooler that can keep the i7 9700K CPU cool while playing your favorite games? Then, V8 GTS from Cooler Master can be the best option for you.

This comes on top of the list for lga 1151 CPU coolerThis fantastic CPU cooler comes with an aggressive look and looks really stylish and you can compliment this stylist looking Cooler with the best liquid cooling case. You will feel like enjoying a gaming CPU cooler. Talking more about it, the cooler has a vapor Chamber. It effectively spreads the heat much faster than other coolers, around 8X. To offer amazing cooling performance, it distributes the CPU heat to eight heat pipes.

On the other side, the cooler combines dual high-capacity airflow fans, a triple tower heat sinker, and well-designed LED lights. Using its control panel applications, you can adjust the speed of the fan. Go on and give it a try.

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MSI Core Frozr XL

Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k

We will never go wrong with this i7 9700k CPU cooler from MSI. Its performance is just amazing. With the advanced AirFlow Control Technology, the Frozr XL significantly maximize the cooling amount the processor receives. The technology utilizes small indentations in the aluminum pipes to send more airflow to the heat pipes, which, in turn, facilitates better cooling.

Besides, this product comes with multiple lighting effects. You can personalize the lighting effect using the application. If you are looking for the best CPU cooler for the money, then this can be a perfect option for you. This product is compatible with most of the i7 9700k motherboards.

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Best Value Cooler for i7 9700k – CRYORIG H5 Ultimate 

CRYORIG H5 Ultimate

Those who are looking for the best Budget CPU cooler can go for the H5 Ultimate. It is similar to the Universal model. But it comes with a powerful 140mm fan. While using this, you can enjoy impressive gaming temps at the default clock, and all core voltages will be at around 1.3. Even though it is priced comparatively lower, this CPU cooler does an amazing job by lowering the temperature.

This cooler is quite easy to install and user-friendly. It features a RAM tolerance height of 30 to 35 mm and 160mm. The H5 is perfect for most of the mid-tower and ATX boards.

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Best Noiseless CPU Cooler for i7 9700k – Corsair Hydro H100I V2

Corsair Hydro H100I V2

If you are planning to overclock your i7 9700K CPU and want a CPU fan to keep it cool during overclocking, then use Hydro H100I V2. The best silent cooler for i7 9700k comes with Corsair iCUE, which lets you control the performance. This is an all-new software that has made this model stand out from other CPU coolers.

The radiator size is 240 millimeters. It comes with the powerful SP120L fans that offer direct mounting. For tool-free and easy installation, the Corsair Hydro H100I V2 features a closed-loop structure and modular brackets.

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DarkFlash Shadow PWM

DarkFlash Shadow PWM

It has an advanced feature called PWM- Pulse Width Modulator. That’s why it is considered as the best CPU cooler 2020.  By utilizing this feature, it adjusts the fan speed automatically based on your current CPU temperature. This helps it to offer an adequate level of cooling that will perfectly match the heat of the i7 9700K CPU.

Talking about its fan noise, you will find it quite minimal. So, this can also be the best option if you are looking for a low-level noise. It features a unique DarkFlash, thermal detection sensor the keeps monitoring the CPU temperature. You can see the temperature level through its software and adjust and fan speed accordingly.

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Hyper 212 EVO

Hyper 212 EVO

Developed by Cooler Master, the Hyper 212 EVO is a great CPU cooler for the i7-9700K. It offers a perfectly balanced performance during high and low-speed operations. Its four heat absorption pipes are designed based on Continuous Direct Contact Technology – CDC. The design forms an optimal surface to absorb the heat and keep the processor cool.

Besides, it has wave-shaped fans that look quite unique and offers a sufficient amount of airflow to the CPU. Want to achieve more enhanced performance with it? Well, you can attach a secondary 120-mm fan with it. Try this CPU cooler, and you will see a noticeable fall in the CPU temperature.

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Best Silent Air Cooler for i7 9700k – Dark Rock 4

Silent CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

This high-end CPU cooler developed by “be quiet!” It features a single tower, double tower, and top-flow cooler structure. With maximum performance, these coolers are very quiet. If you have a system with airflow design, then this can be the best option for you. With 20W TDP, this CPU cooler offers impressive cooling performance and a perfect product for overclocked CPUs.

The Dark Rock 4, the i7 9700k CPU Cooler, comes with Silent Wings fans. The significant features of these fans are they have six-pole motors, fluid-dynamic bearings, and fan blades optimized for better airflow.

Talking more about it, it has seven copper heat pipes, and the size is 6mm. The tubes are well-designed to facilitate maximum heat conductance. Besides, it comes with dual-tower heat sinks made of aluminum and offers excellent RAM compatibility.

To let you enjoy the maximum cooling result, it comes with space to add one more fan. If you are overclocking your CPU, then make sure you have the Dark Rock 4 inside the cabinet.

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Best AIO RGB CPU Cooler for i7 9700k – Triple Riing RGB 360 TT

RGB CPU Cooler for I7 9700k

This is a truly amazing product from Thermaltake. The RGB 360 TT provides your CPU with maximum cooling efficiency. It’s water block keep your CPU copper plate’s temperature at its minimum level. With cooling, it brings you an amazing lighting show. The LED lights generate 16.8 million colors.

With a high-performance static pressure fan, the CPU cooler uses compression blades and hydraulic bearing. These are controlled by RGB software. Using the software, you can monitor the temperature, its fan speed, and customize the lighting effects. Well, this is something that sounds fantastic.

This AIO CPU Cooler for i7 9700k has controllable fan speed. You can choose between performance mode to ger maximum performance and quiet mode to reduce the fan noise.

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Benchmark CPU Cooler for i7 9700k – NH-U14S TR4-SP3


Under its category, you won’t find a better option than Noctua’s NH-U14S TR4-SP3 for the i7 9700k. It has created a new benchmark in the segment of CPU coolers featuring a single tower. It comes with a specific design, and you can use it for the latest Ryzen processors.

Noctua features an automatic speed control system and its 140-mm fans produce an impressive level of cooling performance. Besides, it supports the SecuFirm 2 mounting structure, and so you can fix this CPU cooler toward the edge of the board.

For optimal heat absorption, it has Noctua NT-H1 thermal solution. This Cooler has cornered around 250 awards to date.

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Enermax ETS- T40

Are you not happy with the stock i7 9700K cooler and looking for a perfect alternative? Then you should definitely try the Enermax ETS- T40. This cooler is quite versatile as it doesn’t just work with i7 9700K CPU, but also perfect with both 8th and 9th generation CPUs from Intel.

For effective heat dissipation and better heat conductivity, it comes with 6mm high performance and well-optimized heat pipes. Ultimately you will give a maximum cooling performance during the CPU overclocking process. Your processor will work perfectly on the overclocking stage as it prevents overheating.

The i7 9700k cooler comes with a lot of unique features that help in better heat dissipation. For example, there is the TCC- Thermal Conductive Coating located on the heat sink area. As per the company, TCC creates a perfect thermal transferring velocity and also eliminates the oxidation.

So, when it comes to choosing the Best CPU cooler, you can count on the Enermax.

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Deepcool Gammaxx 400

If you aim to buy a budget CPU cooler that can offer better cooling performance, then the Gammaxx 400 is the best product for you. With its different mounting system, you can use it with your Intel as well as AMD motherboards. For quick and easy installation, it has a bracket installation structure.

Its four heat pipes designed based on direct-contact technology will always offer you a sufficient level of cooling efficiency. With its PWM controller, you will enjoy a perfect combination with airflow and noise. It’s 120-mm high-performance fan is designed to offer required airflow.

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So, these are some of the best i7 9700k air or liquid CPU coolers that you can check out. Play your favorite games and overclock with no worries about overheating. 

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