Best Gaming Keyboard for Xbox One – Controller Vs Keyboard

Best gaming keyboard for Xbox one

Xbox One comes with support for keyboard and mice with many popular game titles. Adding these will give you more precision, and a smoother transition for PC gamers. We picked and reveiwed the best gaming keyboard for Xbox One. You can pick any one from the list and pair it with your Xbox One X or One S.

You may have some doubts on why you should be changing a controller with a keyboard. Well for starters nothing compares with the freedom of a keyboard and mouse while playing any FPS game. A controller only gives you so much freedom to move and even limits your reaction times. We explained this question in a bit more detail below.

Why a gaming keyboard is good for Xbox one?

Xbox one

You may ask why would you ever need a keyboard for console gaming since all consoles come with a bundled controller for you to play games with. The thing is, some PC gamers tend to shift from PC gaming to console gaming. Getting a console is sometimes a cheaper option than building a powerful gaming PC which requires you to spend a lot. These gamers are accustomed to playing games with a keyboard instead of a controller and hence a keyboard helps such gamers to enjoy console gaming without the hassle of using a controller.

In another case, some gamers just prefer a keyboard and mouse setup for gaming instead of a controller since it feels more natural and gives you more control over your games, and hence in this case too, using a gaming keyboard is a great option for playing games on your Xbox One. Also it is very easy to connect your keyboard with Xbox one.

In this article, we discuss some keyboards that are perfect to pair up with your Xbox One so that you can enjoy gaming on your console with a desktop gaming feel and thereby help you choose the best keyboard for Xbox one.

Best Overall gaming keyboard for Xbox One: Razer Turret

Best gaming keyboard for Xbox one

The first entry into our list of some of the best Xbox compatible keyboards is the Razer Turret which is specifically built for the purpose. When it comes to Razer, you can always expect quality gaming accessories and peripherals. While the Razer Turret might not be the best possible option to go with if you are short on the cash, it is definitely the best allrounder on our list.

The Razer Turret is actually a mouse and keyboard combo specifically designed for Xbox gamers. Since this article is about the best keyboard for Xbox one, we will mostly be talking about the keyboard itself instead of the included mouse.

Right out of the box, the first thing that you notice about the keyboard is the fact that how heavy it feels. Weighing in a about 4.1 pounds with the included mousepad, the keyboard is made entirely from solid metal making the Razer Turret a durable and sturdy beast even when handled roughly. Under the spacebar, there is surprisingly a large amount of space that acts as a great wrist pad especially if you plan to use this thing while sitting on the couch.

To prevent the keyboard from slipping away, the underside of the keyboard is equipped with a non-slip material but the only downside is that this thing collects dirt pretty easily. Nonetheless, it is pretty easy to clean with a dry or a wet piece of cloth. The keycaps follow a raised design making it easier for the user to clean them. Overall speaking, the Razer Turret has a pretty solid build quality for the price while sporting a premium look.

Just like all the other Razer gaming products, the Razer Turret is also equipped with RGB lights. It seems like Razer knows what the gamers look for judging by the features that the keyboard has. Since the keyboard is built to work with Xbox instead of PC, the lighting options are a bit limited since you do not have the option of using Razer’s Synapse software to program and customize the lights yourself.

Instead, the Xbox store has the Razer Turret app which lets you change the colors and switch between different preset effects of the RGB backlighting on your keyboard. The backlighting is quite bright and the user should have no trouble while gaming in a dark environment. The keyboard also has a dedicated magnetic mousepad that you can pull out.


  • Dedicated Xbox key for easier access to console options.
  • Razer Chroma RGB LED backlighting.
  • Dedicated retractable magnetic mousepad.
  • Built-in wrist pad for comfortable gaming and typing experience.
  • Uses Razer’s Green mechanical switches.
  • 2-years warranty.

Best Wireless: Logitech G613

Best Xbox one gaming keyboard

Logitech is primarily not known for its gaming products nonetheless it has always delivered some of the best computer peripherals out on the market. Even when it comes to gaming some of Logitech’s lineups of gaming mice and keyboard beats some of the top-notch flagship products from high-end manufacturers.

Introducing the Logitech G613, a mechanical gaming keyboard which is may not be specifically designed for the Xbox One like the Razer Turret but works just as good if not better for a cheaper price.

Logitech claims the G613 to be the wireless keyboard of the next generation that is particularly designed for the gamers who not only want the tactile feedback and feel of a mechanical keyboard but also the wireless gaming capability. Logitech employed something known as the LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS technology which allows the user to connect the keyboard to you Xbox One wirelessly while eliminating connectivity issues, minimizing latency, and providing much better stability just like a wired gaming keyboard.

Gamers always prefer mechanical switch keyboard over other ones and hence the Logitech G613 is equipped with the Romer-G Tactile switches which come with a 70 million keystroke rating and promises to deliver accurate and precise performance with the best in class tactile experience. With actuation of 1.5 mm, each keystroke of the G613 registers much faster when compared to standard mechanical gaming keyboards on the market making it the perfect choice for some of the best professional gamers.

On the left of the full-size keyboard, you can find a column of 6 keys that are fully programmable. The 6 dedicated G-keys allow you to quickly execute certain in-game actions with just the press of the key after you assign them to the specific key. For the utmost convenience, you can save different profiles for each game and customize them according to your needs using Logitech’s G HUB software.

Perhaps the best thing about the G613 is its battery life. The keyboard can be used up to 18 months with just the use of 2 AA batteries and it also comes with an LED indicator that notifies you when the battery drops to 15% or lower. The only thing you will miss out on the Logitech G613 is RGB backlighting.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes Romer-G switches with 70 million keystroke rating.
  • Up to 18 months of battery life.
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth connectivity or Lightspeed Wireless.
  • 6 dedicated G-keys that are fully programmable.

Best Budget: Razer Blackwidow Lite

Best TKL gaming keyboard for Xbox one

Want a premium gaming keyboard for your Xbox One console?

The Blackwidow Lite gaming keyboard from Razer has got you covered. With a price under the $100 mark, you cannot find a better deal than this while looking for the best Xbox one gaming keyboard.

The Razer Blackwidow Lite is the younger brother of the original Blackwidow keyboard with a smaller frame and a tenkeyless design which means you do not get a dedicated Numpad. The design is pretty straightforward since Razer kept the same rectangular standard design just like most of their other keyboard. The Blackwidow Lite is available in two colors, the Classic Black and the Mercury White.

This keyboard is not limited to gamers but also serves as a great keyboard for productivity tasks or office work. It seems like Razer took their original Blackwidow keyboard and toned it down a bit to make it more suitable for both intermediate gamers and office workers. With a fast response time and comfortable typing experience, you are bound to fall in love with this device. The thing that makes this keyboard so special is the silent performance thanks to the mechanical switches with o-ring sound dampeners that not only deliver an excellent typing experience but also a quiet performance allowing you to stay focused on whether it is at work or gaming.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite comes with Razer’s own Orange Mechanical Switches that offer the quietest performance while retaining the same tactile feedback as you would expect from any premium gaming mechanical keyboard. The switches come with an 80 million click rating and work precisely with each keystroke registering into the console without any hassle.

Working or gaming has never been easier since the Razer BlackWidow Lite comes with true white LED backlighting. The absence of RGB backlighting might be a bummer for a few gamers but the while backlighting allows you to easily use the keyboard at night or in dark rooms and environments. Each of the keys of the keyboard is individually backlit and also you can control the brightness by increasing it and decreasing it or you can completely turn it off during the daytime.

Key Features:

  • True white LED backlighting allows you to work or game at night.
  • Utilizes Razer Orange switches for a quiet performance while retaining tactile feedback.
  • Available in two different colors.
  • Compact tenkeyless design.
  • 2-year warranty.

Best and Cheapest: Logitech MK270

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard

If you are looking for something cheap yet reliable then you have come to the right place since the MK270 Keyboard from Logitech provides you just that. The product comes as a keyboard and mouse combo but since this article is dedicated to the keyboards we will not be talking much about the mouse. This is probably the best gaming keyboard if you are under a budget.

The keyboard is quite large since it is a standard full-size one and measures about 17.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches. Weighing in just below a pound, the keyboard is quite lightweight considering the large frame. The keyboard is pretty solid and durable since we tested it by bending it and it showed little to no flex. Unlike most of the other keyboards on our list, the MK270 does not come with a dedicated palm rest. Turning the keyboard over you can find a pair of retractable feet that keep the keyboard elevated when you need it to.

The keyboard boasts an entire row of keys above the function keys that are dedicated to controlling media functions such as play pause, volume, and many more. Along with that you also have 4 hotkeys that let you easily access E-mail and the calculator, and also lets you return home and turn your PC off.

The best feature about the 4 hotkeys is that you can also program 3 of them to perform different operations such as opening a particular application or program or switch between application. All you need to do is assign the action to the key using Logitech’s SetPoint utility. The MK270 keyboard connects to your console via USB 2.4 GHz dongle. All you need to do is plug the dongle into the USB port and the keyboards start working immediately without any driver installation.

Key Features:

  • 4 dedicated hotkeys with 3 of them being fully programmable.
  • 8 shortcut keys for quick multimedia control
  • Full-size design.
  • Long-range wireless connectivity with Logitech Advanced 2.4 wireless technology.

Editor’s choice: Corsair K95

Xbox one gaming keyboard

Talking about gaming equipment and components and not including Corsair into the mix would be an offense since they are one of the leading computer tech manufacturers in the world of gaming.

Without a doubt, when you buy a Corsair product you always expect quality, and the Corsair K95 keyboard delivers. The keyboard combines features like RGB LED backlighting, mechanical switches, and customization to elevate convenience.

The keyboard is full-size and follows the design of a standard keyboard. On the left side of the keyboard, you are provided with a vertical array of 6 keys. You can assign different specific in-game macros to each of the dedicated programmable keys allowing you to perform certain actions easily. The keys also have a special texture and are contoured so that you can find them easily and distinguish them from the other keys just by touch during gameplay.

The thing that makes a keyboard a gaming keyboard is RGB backlight and trust us, the Corsair K95 has enough of it. The keys on the keyboard are RGB LED-backlit to elevate the overall aesthetics of your gaming console setup. The full anodized brushed aluminum construction uses Corsair’s new LightEdge technology to display stunning colors. The RGB lighting can be controlled using Corsair’s iCUE software that lets you change the colors and patterns and save different preset profiles. The keyboard is equipped with 8 MB of onboard storage letting you save multiple lighting profiles (up to 3) for quick access.

The Corsair K95 utilizes gold contact Cherry MX switches for maximum responsiveness with very low actuation enabling you to achieve faster gaming speed. All the keys on the keyboard work individually and hence support 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover.

Key Features:

  • Anodized brushed aluminum frame with a durable build.
  • Utilizes the new gold Cherry MX Speed switches.
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys with full key rollover.
  • 6 dedicated fully programmable macro keys.
  • 8 MB onboard storage to save up to 3 lighting profiles.

Comfortable gaming: Corsair K63 lapboard

best gaming keyboard xbox one

The Corsair K63 is much more than just a regular gaming keyboard. It is a lapboard!

The product has 2 parts, the keyboard, and a detachable lapboard. This keyboard is the best option if you want to enjoy gaming on your console from your couch.

The K63 gives you the experience of a gaming PC with its full wireless capabilities and mechanical performance.

Place the keyboard on the lapboard and you get your own dedicated wrist rest and a full-size cloth mousepad for comfortable gaming. With a compact build and a tenkeyless design, the keyboard is extremely portable and is great for travelers and gamers during LAN parties. Under the keyboard is a memory foam cushion for support.

The best feature about the Corsair K63 is probably the fact that you can switch between 3 connectivity modes. You can connect the keyboard wirelessly to your Xbox or gaming system using the 2.4 GHz game-optimized wireless USB adapter, Bluetooth connectivity or you can also use it as a wired keyboard via a USB cable.

Utilizing Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical switches, the K63 is a beast performer delivering a super-fast response time to register each keystroke and maintaining the same tactile feel of mechanical switches giving you the competitive advantage that you need for Xbox One gaming.

Unfortunately, the keyboard lacks RGB LED backlighting and instead come with individually lit blue backlighting with 7 different lightings presets to choose from by using Corsair’s iCUE software. The brightness of the backlighting can be changed and can also be turned off completely. When connected wirelessly, the keyboard offers up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gameplay on a single charge. Finally, the K63 has 100% anti-ghosting keys with full key rollover to unlock your full gaming potential.

Key Features:

  • Individually lit blue backlighting with up to 7 lighting profiles.
  • 3-way connectivity- Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless, and USB wired.
  • Comes with a lapboard with dedicated wrist rest and mousepad.
  • Has a long-lasting battery life of up to 15 hours on a single charge when connected wirelessly.
  • Utilizes Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical switches for tactile feel and speed.
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys with full key rollover.

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