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What can 100 dollars get you in a Keyboard? A high-quality Mechanical keyboard that registers all your key presses. Uses the best mechanical switches with a clicky feeling when typing, Strong Built quality, RGB, and a lot more. Also if you’re someone building a gaming PC or even a console player, you don’t want to hinder your gaming experience just because you cheaped out when getting a keyboard.

There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to mechanical keyboards. It’s important to know what is required and what you can skip. Here in this, I try to answer this very question. What is the Best Mechanical keyboard for under 100 dollars? and How you can choose one. Let’s first get into the reviews of the 100 dollar mechanical keyboards and then explore what one needs to consider before buying one.

My Choices for Best Mechanical Keyboard under 100 dollars

PreviewSwitchNameCheck Price
Cherry MX Red SwitchCORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2
Outemu Red SwitchRedragon K552
Romer-G Mechanical SwitchesLogitech G410 Atlas Spectrum
Cherry MX Red RGB SwitchesCorsair CH-9000040-UK Vengeance K65
Razer Green switchRazer BlackWidow
CHERRY MX Red SwitchesCM Storm QuickFire Rapid
Tt Type II Plunger SwitchesThermaltake Tt eSPORTS
Cherry MX Brown SwitchesLogitech G710+
CHERRY MX Brown SwitchesCM Storm QuickFire XT
Cherry MX Blue SwitchesRosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR STRAFE Review – Best Overall keyboard under 100

CORSAIR STRAFE Review - Best mechanical keyboard under 100

The mechanical keyboard, CORSAIR STRAFE is 100% provided with Cherry MX key switches. The keyboard comes with two years of warranty. The backlighting option enhances the experience of lighting adjustability. For extreme gaming purposes, it is susceptible to a PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports. The volume can be adjusted efficiently. The FPS/MOBA sets enable maximum grip. The anti-ghosting factor with 104 key ensures rollover on USB no matter how fast you play.

If you want to add to that faster gameplay be sure to have a look at our review of the Lightest Gaming mouse. The newly developed mechanical keyboard has good reviews in the eyes of gamers. It is induced to proper marketing, and the additional features make it unique from other keyboards for gaming purposes.

REDRAGON k552 Review

REDRAGON k552 Review - Best Gaming Mechanical keyboard under 100

Experience the new horizon of playing the game with the mechanical keyboard REDRAGON K552. The backlit version is not typical. It is over-engineered to take a beat. The space-saving design provides a fluid gaming experience. The solid-AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminium and ABS construction, double-shot injection molded keycaps, plate mounted keys, ultra last springs, RED LED backlighting just makes it extraordinaryIf you’re interested in more such small size keyboards then check out these best mini mechanical keyboards.

The K552 from Redragon is recommended for gaming and general-purpose as well. This is an appropriate asset for the home and workspace. With a complete NUMPAD, the keyboard is designed to stand overall engineering. Twelve multimedia controls and twelve function keys activate the Function or FN key down.

LOGITECH G410 Review

LOGITECH G410 Review - Best Typing mechanical keyboard under 100

The speculations of Logitech G410 rests in Romer-G Switches, Tenkeyless Design, 16.8 M Color RGB Lighting, Function-based media keys, Logitech Gaming software, Arx Control Dock, 2-year warranty and typing, gaming, and media keys are fixed in the mechanical gaming keyboard.

The concave-shaped keycaps on the G410 are called an OEM profile. The Romer-G switches are similar to that of Cherry MX Brown or Kailh Brown switches. The low actuation force, high durability, and tactility help the players to edge while gaming. The keycaps have the advantage of reducing wobble and allow better light distribution. Logitech Gaming Software works with noticeable bugs and is quite intuitive.


CORSAIR VENGEANCE K65 Review - Mechanical keyboard Non RGB under 100

The CORSAIR VENGEANCE K65 is a simple appearing tenkeyless keyboard as the mechanical keyboards should be. The top of the keyboard is tensed with a plastic base with a brushed aluminum keyboard deck with floating keys above it. The Cherry MX Red RGB Switches are special versions present in the keyboard.

The RGB LED lights are placed beneath the switches. A semi-transparent tray, with a braided USB cable that passes through the port, consists of an adjacent switch that can be said as 1,2,4,8 or BIOS. The lighting button present in the keyboard makes room for physical buttons. You will have to download and install the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) to get the unified control software.


RAZER BLACKWIDOW Review - Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard under 100

The BLACKWIDOW is a framework of a full-sized keyboard with 110 keys, including a numeric keypad. The keyboard appears compact even if the size is open to 6.5 by 17.7 by 1.6 inches. It reflects strangely dense composure because of the matte blacktop. Built-in cable management will help you in hiding the braided cable off to either side.

It appears considerably handsome. The green switches behave more like Cherry MX Blues. The keyboard is more adaptable for gaming purposes than for typing. The customization feature called Hypershift allows mapping a secondary action to any of the keys pressed with the function key.


CM STORM QUICKFIRE Review - Best Wireless mechanical keyboard below 100 dollars

The mechanical keyboard, CM STORM QUICKFIRE comes near the top when it comes to choosing a mechanical Keyboard for under 100 dollars. It uses individual mechanical switches for each key. It does not use a mushy silicone membrane. The received feature for the switch in this particular keyboard is adapted with Cherry MX Blue. Every key in the keyboard makes a good switch for typing.

It will make you hear as if you are typing 1,000 words per minute. The black and red switches enable good zone for playing games. The cables can be detached from the keyboard, unlike some keyboards which do not allow doing so. The Windows key lock can be activated by pressing the Function Key and F9.


TTESPORTS Review - Best Mechanical Keyboard under 100

If you are a game enthusiast, then you have the Thermal to take the grounds and allow you to win some brownie points. The keyboard is susceptible to enthusiast gear and not office hardware.

It probably looks more of a gaming mouse and has the gaming configuration software to use other Tt eSports and switches. The black-colored keyboard has an interface for USB that is mechanically blue. The anti-ghosting keys are of 6-8(USB). Weighing 995 grams with a 1.8M braided makes it more consistent for gaming purposes. You can learn the gaming experience at new levels of its success.

LOGITECH G710+ Review

LOGITECH G710+ Review

The Logitech keyboards are believed with blindfolds that it will suit every purpose. The system requirements that suit the keyboard are Windows 8, Windows 7, or windows vista. There is two available high-speed USB (2.0) port with 70 MB of available hard disk space. The internet connection is secured for optional software download purposes.

The hardware warranty is for 1- year. The lower half of the keyboard has a steel plate containing the switches screwed directly. A hybrid set of switches are found in the keyboard. The Logitech keyboards have good armrest features that are often included in the package deals. If you want something comfortable for gaming, you can choose this mechanical keyboard.



The CM STORM QUICKFIRE XT has varied witch type that makes it more appropriate for gaming purpose. The Cherry MX Blue, Brown, red, and green switches are available according to regions. The interface is a built-in USB 2.0. The key roll-over makes use of 6-key over USB with N-key with a PS2 connection. The polling rate of the keyboard is 1000 Hz/1ms.

The keycaps are grip coated and are of ABS. with function key for media control and repeat rate control; this is the Best budget mechanical keyboard that you can get under 100 dollars. The two years warranty is just like the cherry on the top. The gaming experience is much more solicited with quickfire, and the packaging of the keyboard is really unique.



One of the best Gaming mechanical Keyboard as the template suggest for the gaming experience is the Rosewill. With the mechanical bliss of Cherry MX switches and the straightforward approach, the RK-9000 is a favorite of so many. The cable present in the keyboard branches out from a mini USB port with lateral loads.

The graphics have been set from white to a subtler black graphic that matches the low-key vibe. The feel of the keypad is defined with Cherry MX switches. The gamers have an advantage with FN+F12 toggles the window key. The blue LED behind the F12 key lights glow from all angles. The best-priced keyboard is slightly different from the RK-9000I.

How to choose the Best 100 dollars mechanical keyboard

Best mechanical keyboard for under 100 dollars

While buying a keyboard is quite straightforward and easy, choosing the perfect one for yourself is not always a piece of cake. There is a multitude of factors that you need to take into consideration before you walk into your nearest tech store and pick up the best mechanical keyboard under 100 Dollars.

Important factors for choosing your keyboard?

In this modern era of technology, a keyboard is not just an input device you use to type words. Over the years, manufacturers have built and developed various types of keyboards that serve different purposes. Each type of keyboard focuses on certain features to aid the user for a specific purpose. 

In case you are an intense gamer, you need a good gaming mechanical keyboard, and there are tons of them available on the market. All you need to do is choose the right one depending upon the types of games you play.

If you are into MMORPG games or first-person shooters, you should definitely go for a keyboard with lighter keys and medium travel distance. At the same time, casual gamers can go for cheaper options with medium quality keys with decent travel distance. 

Gaming aside, the main job of a keyboard is to enable the user to type into a computer, and if you need one for a work environment, make sure that the keyboard you choose has a wide palm rest with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort so that you do not hurt your fingers and hands even after prolonged periods of typing.

If working is your main focus, we recommend getting a full-size mechanical keyboard with spacious keys and a dedicated Numpad to work around with numbers easily. Believe us or not, you never want to spend excess money on your keyboard unless you know what you are doing. But if you want to try out a smaller alternative like the best one-handed gaming keyboard then you’ll be impressed by how good it is for many games out there.

Type of Switches

Keyboards can be categorized in many different ways, and one of them is according to their switch type. Keystrokes are the absolute first thing that you should go and check when you are looking for a keyboard for your computer, or you might end up with a keyboard that feels more like an old-school typewriter with hard-to-press keys.

It is the best idea to visit a store and test the keyboards out yourself and check if you are comfortable with the keys or not. While there are keyboards that feel soft and sensitive to type on, there are also the ones that have harder keys.

The keyboard uses switches to receive input from the user and is responsible for responding to the touch. Out of all the different types of keyboards with carious switching technology, generally, the following 3 are mostly used that are commercially available:

  • Membrane Keyboards

Keyboards that use membrane switches generally come with a rubber dome. Membrane keyboards are available separately, but most keyboards in the market use a combination of rubber domes switches and membranes. They have somewhat to zero audible feedback, and the keys do not feel responsive and hence are really not the best option for gamers out there. The best thing about these types of keyboards is their very low price tag.

  • Scissor-Switch Keyboards

Another variation of the rubber dome switch keyboards is the scissor-switch keyboards. Keyboards found in laptops mostly use this type of switching technology because these switches result in a very short travel distance, and hence your keypress is registered with even the slightest press of the keycap. The scissor-switch keyboards generally have a smaller frame and a reduced weight. Most of Apple’s MacBooks use this type of keyboard switching technology.

  • Mechanical Switch Keyboards

Gamers prefer keyboards with mechanical switches because of their incredible feedback, response time, and travel distance. With a dedicated community back these keyboards up, they themselves come in even more varieties. Hence, there is a lot to cover about mechanical keyboards and one article is just not enough, I’d recommend you to also check out my guide on choosing the Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard. The tons of different mechanical switches offer their user different levels of sensitivity, comfort, and noise.


Keyboards can connect to the computer system in two ways, and that is either with a wire or wirelessly with a Bluetooth or wireless adapter. Some prefer a physically tethered keyboard to the computer while some do not, and the mode of connectivity you choose is completely a personal choice and has nothing to do with the performance. Nonetheless, there are a few advantages and disadvantages for both types of keyboards-Wireless and Wired.

  • Wired

Wired keyboards are connected with a wire with a jack on the end that needs to be inserted into the port of the computer or laptop. Modern keyboards generally come with a USB jack that plugs into the USB port of any device. The earlier generations of keyboards plugged into the computers and laptops via a PS/2 port, but such legacy devices are now obsolete. Advantages include a cheaper cost, less interference, no need for batteries. The downside is the obstruction due to the cord and the length of the wire.

  • Wireless

 These keyboards come with a wireless adapter that plugs into the USB port of the computer, and the keyboard remains untethered to it. The wireless connection is either established via Bluetooth or some other wireless technology form like the Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard that connects via a Unifying Receiver. Even though they are a bit costlier, wireless keyboards have the edge over wired ones in terms of portability, range from where it can be used, and the absence of cable keeps your setup nice and tidy. The disadvantage is that you need to replace the battery once every few months.


The design and the ergonomics are the biggest players when it comes to typing or gaming experience. Every keyboard has a different layout according to the purpose the user intends to use it for. Depending upon the type of use and the design and architecture, a keyboard can be categorized into the following 3 types:

  • Standard keyboards

As the name sounds, these keyboards are the standard and traditional choice for most people and pretty common among office computers, home, and personal computers. These are budget-oriented and come with the most basic features that one might require. Each standard keyboard is equipped with 104 keys and a few extra keys with dedicated multimedia shortcuts.

  • Gaming keyboards

Specifically designed for games, these keyboards generally have faster response time and better feedback to aid the gamer and the gaming experience during intense gaming sessions. Gaming keyboards come with tons of features, including remappable multimedia keys and other dedicated special keys that perform specific games. 

  • Ergonomic keyboards

These types of keyboards are the best ones to go with if you spend hours and hours in front of computers typing in documents or articles and stuff. Ergonomic keyboards are specially designed with a spacious layout, bigger palm rests, and softer keycaps.

You do not tire your hands out and therefore have a comfortable typing experience even after hours and hours of typing. Although these keyboards come with a higher price tag, they are definitely worth the price if you suffer from or want to prevent carpal tunnel. 


Besides improving the aesthetics of a keyboard, backlighting in a keyboard can really help those who work in a darker environment, such as a room with poor lighting or someone who has to work at night. Backlight illumination will not only enable you to game or type better in darker environments but will also make your system setup look much better.

Gaming keyboards come with breathing RGB LED backlighting that offers a multitude of lighting presents and modes. We recommend getting a keyboard with any backlighting since it is always better to be future-ready.

Portability and Size

The last but not the least important factor that you need to consider before you buy a keyboard for your computer system is the keyboard’s form factor. Keyboards are available in a range of different shapes and sizes according to the choice of the user. There are generally 3 types that are used today:

  • Full-Size Keyboards 

Standard-sized or full-size keyboards are the biggest of them all, and they feature all the keys that a keyboard should have in the first place. You have the arrow keys- the up, down, left, and right, a dedicated Numpad for easy access to the numbers.

Most of the time, they also include remappable or reprogrammable multimedia keys for assigning shortcuts and various functions. For those who want a keyboard for their home use, this is a perfect choice, but they are not ideal options for travelers due to their bulky frame.

  • TenKeyLess Keyboards

The name explains it all. Compared to a full-size standard keyboard, this type of keyboard comes with 10 fewer keys. The keyboard has all the keys except a dedicated Numpad. Als known as 80% keyboards, these keyboards are ideal for people who move from place to place and intend to carry their keyboard around in a backpack.

  • Compact Keyboards

THE best keyboard for travelers and explorers who are always on the go. Period. The keyboard’s small frame allows the user to grab it and put it into any backpack or carry pouch. These keyboards, also known as 60% keyboards, do not have a Numpad, arrow keys, or function keys.

Why a mechanical keyboard is Better for Gaming?

This question might be hovering above your head for quite a while now, and we are here to answer your question.

In simple words, YES, a mechanical keyboard is always better not only for gaming but in general as well. Mechanical keyboards are a bit in the high range when it comes to price, but they are worth it. Standard keyboards either use membrane switches or rubber dome switches, a hybrid between the former and mechanical switch keyboards. They do serve as a cheaper alternative but are not suitable for gaming for several factors.


Mechanical keyboards use a combination of high-quality plastic parts in their switches instead of rubber ones found in regular keyboards. This results in mechanical keyboards withstanding up to 55 million key presses before it deteriorates in quality. Gaming is an intense activity, and you must require a durable and sturdy keyboard while executing those quick kills in FPS games and moving around in other games. It will take a lot before your mechanical keyboard starts to feel wobbly.

Response time

Speed is of the essence when it comes to competitive gaming along with reaction time, and if you are such a gamer, then you should definitely consider getting a mechanical keyboard. These keyboards have a shorter travel distance, and hence you will not have to press the keys all the way down to register a keypress, thus improving response time by about 50% as compared to a membrane keyboard.


Maintaining a mechanical keyboard is a piece of cake compared to a standard keyboard as you can remove all the plastic keycaps and switches and because cleaning plastic parts is much easier than cleaning rubber switches and membranes.


If something is built for the games, it is always customizable, no matter what. Most gaming keyboards that you see on the market and the internet with beautiful RGB backlighting use mechanical switches and allow you to choose the type of switch that you prefer over the other. On the other hand, membrane keyboards come with silicon or rubber switches. The different mechanical switches require different actuation forces and may or may not have tactile feedback or bump.

Overall experience

Put up a mechanical keyboard against a membrane one. Every time the mechanical one will be the better performer in all aspects, including comfortability, speed, and, in most cases, the design. A mechanical keyboard’s overall usability is far greater, allowing you to game better and type better while using one. If you are on a budget then do check these 100 dollar mechanical keyboards

These keyboards also support rollover or the act of pressing some keys together. This feature is essential for games during gameplay, and hence a mechanical keyboard is far superior when it comes to gaming. The only thing holding you back is the price, but trust me, a mechanical keyboard is worth every dime.

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