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Gaming can become quite costly if you set out to build your very own custom PC. But it doesn’t always have to be. Another one in our series of Building your own gaming PC guide. Here we have looked and reviewed some The Best mechanical Keyboard under 100. Read on…

CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Red LED Backlit – USB Passthrough – Linear and Quiet – Cherry MX Red Switch

The mechanical keyboard, CORSAIR STRAFE is 100% provided with Cherry MX key switches. The keyboard comes with two years of warranty. The backlighting option enhances the experience of lighting adjustability. For extreme gaming purposes, it is susceptible to PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports. The volume can be adjusted efficiently. The FPS/MOBA sets enable maximum grip. The anti-ghosting factor with 104 key ensures rollover on USB no matter how fast you play. If you want to add on to that faster gameplay be sure to have a look at our review of the Lightest Gaming mouse. The new developed mechanical keyboard has good reviews in the eyes of gamers. It is induced to proper marketing, and the additional features make it unique from other keyboards for gaming purposes.

REDRAGON k552 – Best mechanical keyboard under 100

Best Mechanical Keyboard under 100

Experience the new horizon of playing the game with the mechanical keyboard REDRAGON K552. The backlit version is not typical. It is over-engineered to take a beat. The space-saving design provides a fluid gaming experience. The solid-AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminium and ABS construction, double-shot injection molded keycaps, plate mounted keys, ultra last springs, RED LED backlighting just makes it extraordinary. The K552 from Redragon is recommended for gaming and general-purpose as well. This is an appropriate asset for home and workspace. With a complete NUMPAD, the keyboard is designed to stand overall engineering. Twelve multimedia controls and twelve function keys activate the Function or FN key down.

LOGITECH G410 – Best mechanical Keyboard under 100

The speculations of Logitech G410 rests in Romer-G Switches, Tenkeyless Design, 16.8 M Color RGB Lighting, Function-based media keys, Logitech Gaming software, Arx Control Dock, 2-year warranty and typing, gaming and media keys are fixed in the mechanical gaming keyboard. The concave-shaped keycaps on the G410 are called an OEM profile. The Romer-G switches are similar to that of Cherry MX Brown or Kailh Brown switches. The low actuation force, high durability, and tactility help the players to edge while gaming. The keycaps have the advantage of reducing wobble and allow better light distribution. Logitech Gaming Software works with noticeable bugs and is quite intuitive.


The CORSAIR VENGEANCE K65 is a simple appearing tenkeyless keyboard as the mechanical keyboards should be. The top of the keyboard is tensed with a plastic base with a brushed aluminum keyboard deck with floating keys above it. The Cherry MX Red RGB Switches are special versions present in the keyboard. The RGB LED lights are placed beneath the switches. A semi-transparent tray, with a braided USB cable that passes through the port, consists of an adjacent switch that can be said as 1,2,4,8 or BIOS. The lighting button present in the keyboard makes room for physical buttons. You will have to download and install the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) to get the unified control software.


The BLACKWINDOW is a framework of a full-sized keyboard with 110 keys, including a numeric keypad. The keyboard appears compact even if the size is open to 6.5 by 17.7 by 1.6 inches. It reflects strangely dense composure because of the matte blacktop. Built-in cable management will help you in hiding the braided cable off to either side. It appears considerably handsome. The green switches behave more like Cherry MX Blues. The keyboard is more adaptable for gaming purpose than for typing. The customization feature called Hypershift allows mapping a secondary action to any of the keys pressed with the function key.


The mechanical keyboard, CM STORM QUICKFIRE comes near the top when it comes to Best mechanical Keyboard under 100. It uses individual mechanical switches for each key. It does not use a mushy silicone membrane. The received feature for the switch in this particular keyboard is adapted with Cherry MX Blue. Every key in the keyboard makes a good switch for typing. It will make you hear as if you are typing 1,000 words per minute. The black and red switches enable good zone for playing games. The cables can be detached from the keyboard, unlike some keyboards which do not allow doing so. The Windows key lock can be activated by pressing the Function Key and F9.

TTESPORTS – Best Mechanical keyboard under 100

Best Mechanical Keyboard under 100

If you are a game enthusiast, then you have the Thermal to take the grounds and allow you to win some brownie points. The keyboard is susceptible to enthusiast gear and not office hardware. You can find an awesome looking PC Case that goes with this awesome looking keyboard in our review of the Best Water Cooling Cases. It probably looks more of a gaming mouse and has the gaming configuration software to use other Tt eSports and switches. The black-colored keyboard has an interface for USB that is mechanically blue. The anti-ghosting keys are of 6-8(USB). Weighing 995 grams with a 1.8M braided makes it more consistent for gaming purpose. You can learn the gaming experience at new levels of its success.


The Logitech keyboards are believed with blindfolds that it will suit every purpose. The system requirements that suit the keyboard are Windows 8, Windows 7, or windows vista. There is two available high-speed USB (2.0) port with 70 MB of available hard disk space. The internet connection is secured for optional software download purpose. The hardware warranty is for 1- year. The lower half of the keyboard has a steel plate containing the switches screwed directly. Hybrid set of switches are found in the keyboard. The Logitech keyboards have good armrest features that are often included in the package deals. If you want something comfortable for gaming, you can choose this mechanical keyboard.


The CM STORM QUICKFIRE XT has varied witch type that makes it more appropriate for gaming purpose. The Cherry MX Blue, Brown, red and green switches are available according to regions. The interface is built-in USB 2.0. The key roll-over makes use of 6-key over USB with N-key with a PS2 connection. The polling rate of the keyboard is 1000 Hz/1ms. The keycaps are grip coated and are of ABS. with Function key for media control and repeat rate control; this is the Best mechanical Keyboard under 100. The two years warranty is just like the cherry on the top. The gaming experience is much more solicited with quickfire, and the packaging of the keyboard is really unique.


One of the best mechanical Keyboard under 100 as the template suggest for gaming experience is the Rosewill. The mechanical bliss of Cherry MX switches and the straightforward approach, the RK-9000 is a favorite of so many. The cable present in the keyboard branches out from a mini USB port with lateral loads. The graphics have been set from white to a subtler black graphic that matches the low-key vibe. The feel of the keypad is defined with Cherry MX switches. The gamers have an advantage with FN+F12 toggles the window key. The blue LED behind the F12 key lights glow from all angles. The best-priced keyboard is slightly different from the RK-9000I.

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