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best small sized keyboards

Wouldn’t you love it if your computer desk was more organized and tidy? Although we cannot change the messy you but can certainly recommend space-friendly things for your desk. Just as in a previous post we looked at some smallest atx cases, here we bring to you the best mini mechanical keyboard for all your needs. Whether you’re a minimalistic person or someone who likes it small, you’ll certainly fall in love with these small-sized keyboards.

These compact sized keyboards closely resemble a laptop keyboard. You’ll find them to be less mushy and comfortable to use. The mechanical switches do work as good as in any normal mechanical keyboard. Next, we review some small-sized mechanical keyboards which are great for everyone from gamers to hardcore typists.

My recommendations for the best mini mechanical keyboard

Ducky One 2 SF Review – Best Overall Mini Mechanical keyboard

Ducky One 2 SF Review - Best Overall Mini Mechanical keyboard

The One 2 SF mechanical keyboard from Ducky is simply one of the best mini mechanical gaming keyboards out there in the market right now. Featuring a compact low-profile structure with a 65% keyboard layout, the One 2 SF is the definition of portable and is also available in a full-size and Tenkeyless variant.  To make this keyboard convenient to use, the product also comes with dedicated Page Up and Down, Delete and arrow keys. If you like this one you should check my complete review of the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard has a sturdy build quality along with double-shot PBT keycaps which not only feels excellent while typing but also allows the RGB backlighting underneath to shine through. The keys are a bit wobbly and so is the SpaceBar but definitely does not feel cheap. The One 2 SF also has three different incline settings to elevate the keyboard for better typing but unfortunately, it does not come with a wrist rest for extra comfort. From a design standpoint, the form factor of this keyboard is its greatest aspect and is perfect for travelers who want to carry their laptops from one place to another.

The Ducky One 2 SF utilizes Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches and therefore you can expect a quality typing experience. Although the keyboard feels great to type on, some might get fatigued since the blue switches require a bit higher actuation force when compared to other mechanical switches.

Finally, the backlighting on this thing is purely beautiful. With individually lit keys on should not find any trouble using the keyboard in dark environments.

Key Features:

  • Compact 60% keyboard size with bezel design.
  • Individually lit keys with RGB backlighting
  • Utilizes MX Cherry Blue mechanical switches.
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys with n-key and 6-key rollover options.

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Qisan Magicforce Review – Best White Mini Mechanical keyboard

Qisan Magicforce Review - Best White Mini Mechanical keyboard 

The Magicforce 68 mini keyboard from Qisan is a very affordable mechanical keyboard that is out there in the market for purchase right now. Packed with all the features that you would expect from a good quality mechanical keyboard along with the compact design easily makes this product right here one of the best mechanical keyboards.

The best thing about the Magicforce is the fact that you can choose which color switch you want from the plethora of switch options. The keyboard despite its compact size and 60% design, retains all the important keys such as the function keys and the arrow keys and is a great alternative option if you are tight on your budget.

From a quality standpoint, we can say that it is decent for the price as the Magicforce uses cheap ABS plastic for the keycaps but the good thing is that the keycaps are not wobbly which is surprising given that the price is super affordable. The keyboard is unfortunately available in only one color that is with a silver frame and white keys.

The keyboard is available in many different switch options including Red, Brown, and Blue mechanical switches from Cherry MX, Outemu, and Gateron. Connect the keyboard is super easy as it connects to the computer via a removable USB cable. If you are looking for some extra comfort during typing we definitely recommend getting a wrist pad since the keyboard does not come with one.

Overall speaking, the Qisan Magicforce is a great buy if you move around from place to place and you require a great typing experience for a very affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Available in many different switch options from Outemu, Cherry MX, and Gateron.
  • Connects via a removable USB cable.
  • Solid build quality with 60% floating key design.
  • White LED backlighting.

Drop Alt Review – Best budget Small Mechanical Keyboard

Drop Alt Review - Best budget Small Mechanical Keyboard

Nothing beats a great mechanical keyboard when it comes to long strenuous hours of typing or productivity and the Drop Alt mini-sized mechanical keyboard offers you just that. The keyboard with its distinct design, mechanical switches and RGB LED backlighting is not only suitable for day to day tasks but is also a great fit for gamers who want to elevate their gaming skills for not more than 200 Dollars.

As Drop claims, the keyboard is built for pure efficiency since they completely removed the unnecessary keys and sized down the keyboard to make it as light and portable as possible for the wanderers who are always on the go. Even with the small build, the keyboard does not fall short when it comes to features and performance. Also, if you need a cheaper alternative you can check my guide for the best mechanical keyboard for under 100 dollars.

Featuring what Drop calls their STREAMLINED ALUMINUM BUILD, the keyboard looks and feels quite durable just by touch and should easily be able to handle rough handling and hard typing thanks to it. The solid aluminum frame not only looks good but takes the keyboard to a whole another level with the lasting build quality.

Apart from performance, all a gamer wants is RGB lighting on their hardware, and the Drop Alt mini mechanical keyboard comes with colorful RGB backlighting giving you the desired gaming look for your setup. The Doubleshot PBT keycaps let the lighting from the customizable RGBs shine through and helps you type and game better during the night or in low light conditions.

Removable magnetic feet, custom keycap options, and tons of mechanical switch types to choose from make this keyboard not only one of the best mini mechanical gaming keyboards but also one that is full of features.

Key Features:

  • Customizable RGB backlighting.
  • Multiple variants with tons of different switch options to choose from.
  • 60% streamline design with removable USB Type-C cable.
  • Features removable magnetic feet.
  • 1-year warranty.

Cooler Master SK621 Review – Best RGB Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master SK621 Review - Best RGB Mini Mechanical Keyboard

The main objective of buying a new mechanical keyboard is to escape the dreaded and horrible typing experience of typing on a laptop keyboard and the design of the Cooler Master SK621 might make you question what is the point of having it if it has the same chiclet-style of your keyboard laptop. We are here to clear you out and let you know that the SK621 is much more than you see.

With the SK521, Cooler Master really put in the effort to make the keyboard the smallest and the most portable one on the market since this product uses a completely new type of switch from Cherry MX. The Cherry MX Low Profile switches claim to retain the same tactile feedback, clicky feel and overall quality of typing experience just like the standard MX Cherry Mechanical switches but with a much reduced and smaller size. With a reduced travel distance and a lower actuation point, the keys with super-flat Doubleshot keycaps are now much more sensitive to the touch making it easier for the user to type on.

Not to mention, the 60% format of the keyboard with a very low-profile design makes the keyboard so portable that you can fit the Cooler Master SK621 into any backpack. The keyboard features a chiclet-style layout with contoured floating keys and features a top plate made from brushed aluminum that not only compliments the look of the device but also makes it sturdy and more durable than any other keyboard that you can find on the market.

The entire keyboard might seem like a normal laptop keyboard but in all honesty, the typing experience is something we have never witnessed before. A great buy if you are used to your laptop keys and want the same design but with a much-improved typing experience and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable RGB LED backlighting.
  • 60% format with the chiclet-style layout.
  • Utilizes MX Cherry low profile mechanical switches.
  • Supports wired and wireless(via Bluetooth 4.0) connectivity.

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 Review

Razer BlackWidow TE

You can always expect quality from Razer products or so what the world says and the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 definitely lives up to its expectations with its excellent capabilities and top of the line performance.

This keyboard from Razer easily leaves all the other keyboards in this list into dust when it comes to pure gaming performance. Razer has really amped up the quality of their products in the last few years and you can expect no less from the Blackwidow too which is already one of the best small-sized mechanical keyboards for gaming.

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 is specifically designed for professional gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level whether it comes to small gaming showdowns or even big eSport tournaments. Razer claims this version of their Blackwidow keyboard to be the fattest one that they have ever produced. The keyboard utilizes Mechanical switches manufactured by Razer themselves and is available in many different variants with different mechanical switch types including the Green, Yellow, and Orange Razer mechanical switches which promise to deliver the same tactile response and clicky feel like traditional switches but with much faster responsiveness and tweaked actuation.

Compared to all the other keyboard on the list, the Blackwidow is a bit larger, featuring a Tenkeyless design which offers the user all the essential keys required for gaming while maintaining a portable enough size that will allow you to take this thing anywhere you like in a backpack. The detachable USB cable also is a great addition.

The keyboard uses features Razer’s Instant Trigger Technology to provide blazing fast responsiveness while gaming giving you the competitive edge that you always need to win big tournaments.

Completing the Razer Black Widow is the Razer Chroma RGB backlighting giving it the gaming keyboard touch that every gamer wants. The Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 is no doubt the best keyboard for gaming on his list and with many different switch types to choose from you can be sure to find the one to your liking.

Key Features:

  • Razer Chroma RGB backlighting.
  • Utilizes Razer Mechanical switches.
  • TenKeyLess compact and portable design.

Final Verdict – What is the Best Small-Size Mechanical Keyboard?

In this above article, we have mostly listed all the best small-sized mechanical keyboards on the market right now and we are sure that you will find at least one that is to your liking. If you new to gaming or want to try out a mechanical keyboard for gaming then we recommend the Qisan Magicforce or the Drop Alt mini keyboards. Those are really back for your back and give you the gaming experience that you crave.

For normal productivity-related tasks and typing, the Ducky One 2 SF is a fine choice, and for that low price tag that is a steal deal. Finally, if you are a professional gamer or at least require the top-notch hardware to match with your gaming setup the Razer Black Widow is one of the best small-sized keyboards and is the one you should go for without a shadow of a doubt.


What is the best mini gaming keyboard?

The best mini gaming keyboard really depends on the type and genre of the game that you wish to use it for. For most esports titles we would definitely recommend checking out the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 which we have previously reviewed in this article. Packed with Razer Chroma backlighting, a portable design, and the option to choose custom mechanical switches from Razer, the keyboard performed like a beast while gaming but of course in the right hands.

Are mini keyboards good?

All mini keyboards are definitely not good but from a convenience standpoint, they definitely are. A smaller design and a compact build mean you can easily fit such keyboards into laptop backpacks and carry it around without any hassle and using it on a home PC save a ton of desk space.

Are smaller keyboards better?

Smaller keyboards are definitely better for people who like to travel a lot or for editors who require more desk space than regular desktop users. The smaller size also makes most mini keyboards come with mechanical at a much lesser price than compared to full-size mechanical keyboards. The ones mentioned in this list are definitely some of the best small sized mechanical keyboards available right now.

Do pros use gaming keypads?

Yes, many gamers do use gaming keypads. Not only they provide the competitive edge with high-end features and high-quality switches that a pro gamer definitely needs but such keypads also get rid of the unnecessary keys that you never need for gaming such as the function keys and the Home, Page Down, Page Up keys, etc. They also clear up the desk space giving gamers much room to move their mouse around for getting those awesome flick shots. Check out our list for the best small sized keyboards if you want one.

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