Best Mouse Bungee and why you should get one today

Imagine you are in the middle of a game. The enemy player comes right in front of you. You try to aim, but your mouse cord gets in the way.


I know that’s frustrating. Well, here comes your friend, Best Mouse Bungee. These will take your gaming experience to the next level. Making your mouse work drag-free and makes sure the cable never gets in your way.

Today we will review some of the best Mouse support in the market. Now there are some differing opinions out there on bungees as some people think they’re obnoxious and a waste of money. Some people swear by their precision. The consistency they provide and the overall reduction of hassle is just great. We’ll be looking at seven mouse bungees today and giving a comparison for where best to spend your money. But first, let’s go over what a mouse bungee is.

What is a Mouse Bungee?

It’s a pretty simple concept. The main goal is to keep your mouse cord from getting caught on your desk, which keeps the movement consistent. Usually, this is done by having the cord thread through a rubber guiding arm, keeping it in place.

Now, why would you want this? Well, if you’re using a wireless gaming mouse, then you wouldn’t need it. Well, until your battery lasts. But for the rest of us, if you want to reduce the wear and tear on your cord, a mouse bungee can help.

If you’re wanting to minimize the fraying and kind of damage from scraping it back and forth well, a mouse bungee can help. If your cord gets tangled and gets in the way, a bungee can help. And if you’re someone who moves around frequently, especially for gaming tournaments, then keeping your setup consistent is essential, and once again, a mouse bungee can help.

With that, you also sometimes get extra benefits like USB ports, lighting, and some other niche features which might be compelling. All of this probably sounds great, but there are some downsides too. Its price is one of them.

Considering small luxuries, you’d expect a low cost. However, unfortunately, some of the more expensive Mouse bungees can range up to $50, although most of them settle around the $20 mark.

The other thing to consider for many people is the aesthetics. It might not fit with your setup, and that can be an issue for some people. When you’re using the Bungee, make sure to set it up correctly to allow the cable to reach fully to the edges of the mouse pad. You’ll notice that bungees with flexible arms will move with you at the corners. This makes sure the Bungee is relatively aligned so that the movement is even. Now that you know what a bungee is and how to use it let’s jump into the roundup.

The 7 Best Mouse Bungee in the market

We’ll be comparing seven options for mouse cable management as well as a little DIY solution of my own. Now there are also some links to purchase or check up-to-date pricing below.

Here are the seven competitors:

  2. Razer Bungee
  3. Cougar Bunker
  4. DAS Gaming Bungee
  5. Generic Bungee
  6. Gamdias Aeigs
  7. Xtrfy B1

What do we need to look at when comparing bungees? Well, there are four criteria.

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Appearance
  • Features

So the appearance and feature set will be more subject to each individual’s needs. However, we can find the best options for specific use cases, so let’s do an overview of each Bungee.

The Cheap Solution –  Generic Bungee

Best mouse bungee

Starting with the cheapest of the lot. The design of the cheap Bungee is very basic. It has a plastic base. This weird reflective ball and the flexible coil for guiding the cable as well as clips to route it behind the desk.

It’s not the prettiest of the bunch, but it’s relatively modest. And the price is obviously a selling point for many. However, the effectiveness and feature set of this Bungee is lacking. There’s no way to adhere it to your desk, and because it’s quite light, it’s prone to movement, which is a big no-no for bungees.

The arms are truly flexible with very little resistance, which means it will lean with just the weight of the cable. It doesn’t keep the cable off the desk effectively and doesn’t guide it well when you compare the coils with those on the Razer bungee. Its poor performance is apparent. Not much good, and in this case, you do get what you pay for.

Best in Lightweight and Affordable – Razer Bungee

best gaming mouse bungee

So let’s move on to the Razer bungee, which goes for around 20 bucks it’s similar in design to its cheaper counterpart, but the execution is far superior. Its jet black finish is far nicer on the eye, and the more angular approach appeals to my tastes more.

The most significant difference is in the performance, though. To make up for its lightweight razer has anti-slip feet and a weighted base, which means that it does stay upright unless you’re doing massive movements with your mouse.

The metallic coil stands are also far better than the no-name brand Amazon bungee. Not only has much more resistance and rebound but also being more malleable to compensate the cable direction.

It looks good and is simple and practical, which is hard to beat. But of course, the razer isn’t the only option.

Editors choice – Cougar Bunker

mouse bungee best buy

Cougar provides its solution with the Bunker, which takes a very different design approach. Aesthetically the Bunker looks industrial with its visible screws and a slightly military designed to fit with the name. Cougar has opted for a rubber arm, which doesn’t allow for as much drag-free mouse control when reaching the end of the cable. But gives good control when it’s in the ideal range.

Cougar also has the most secure mounting method with a vacuum suction pad and a locking method. Even though the Bungee is very light at under 100 grams once you lock it down, you will not be able to remove it.

It’s insanely strong, and you could probably lift light desks before you could remove this. The orange Cougar logo is my favorite and also its design philosophy, all of this at around 17 dollars. Cougar has brought a pretty solid offering.

DAS Gaming Bungee

DAS is up next with their gaming gear bungee. It takes an interesting approach kind of merging the razer bungee and the Cougar one into a little bit of an amalgamation. However, it doesn’t succeed in impressing. Visually some may like it, but I find the unnecessary angles and protruding parts cluttering the design.

Performance is ok, but it’s quite light and doesn’t have a suction cup or a weighted base, which once again leads to slipping even if the rubber feet try to prevent it. The arm is alright but doesn’t allow for heaps of drag-free movement when the cable is tighter. So if you’re doing lots of flicks where you’re moving long distances, you might have some trouble. Overall it’ll do the job, but at around twenty dollars, you can probably do better.

Gamdias Aeigs

good mouse bungee

Now let’s move on to a more feature-rich bungee with the Gamdias Aeigs. The Gamdias takes a different approach with a three-in-one feature set. Instead of sitting on your desk, this device mounts right to the side of your monitor. It provides not only a bungee but also four USB ports and a headphone holder. It’s a fresh concept, and it gives great value at around $26.

Aesthetically the maroon red and black looks good. But the protruding pieces paired with the Gamdias branding just make for an in-your-face appearance, which is an issue as its prominent on your monitor and a more subtle design would have benefited it. The Aegis mounts using two adhesive strips, which were nice and strong at first, but after a couple of reapplications, it’s worn down and no longer sticks appropriately. It can’t hold my headphones any longer, which is disappointing.

It would be nice if some spare adhesive strips were included. I’m not a fan of the implementation of the USB ports either because they’re on the rear of the Bungee. It’s hard to access them, which defeats the purpose. The performance of the mouse bungee is even worse as it has no arm or guidance. It only holds the cable.

This creates a weird appearance as the cable has to go up quite high and doesn’t allow for any flexibility. Without a flexible arm, it doesn’t provide anything better than my DIY option, which I’ll come to in a second. Gamdias Aeigs tries to do it all but fails in most categories.

The DIY alternative

Now for the DIY approach, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is grab some tape and tape the cord to the side of the monitor; This may sound stupid, but it does work. It keeps your cord from tangling or fraying and allows you to route it behind your monitor.

This has some critical downsides if you pull too hard. The tape can come out and because it doesn’t have any guiding arm. It might be a bit rigid at the far edges of the mousepad. If you’re doing extreme movements and you hit the edge of the mousepad, it’s also going to have a hard cutoff due to that lack of flexibility.

That being said it’s a pretty decent option considering it’s free, and honestly, I’d probably recommend it over the eight dollar Amazon bungee. I’d also recommend it over the Aeigs. As you can tape it lower on the monitor, whereas the Aeigs have to sit very high. If you’re looking for a very, very cheap solution, try this. If you’ve got the budget and you want a more feature-rich option, then there are some right products.

Zowie Camade

best mouse bungee

One of such options is the Zowie Camade. So Zowie was purchased by BENQ, so now it’s the BENQ Zowie Camade. I’ve been using this as my primary Bungee ever since receiving it with a couple of Zowie mice and seriously cannot go without it. The base is nicely weighted, but still, it can move around if pulled by the cable, so it’s a good idea to have the extra cable length available for flicks and such things. The primary stem can be extended to allow more flexibility.

The rubber tip can hold cables of different thicknesses just fine. Although with really thin wires simply pops out if pulled hard enough. The second point of the cable contact is at the back. It’s meant to lock the cable to the Bungee without affecting the user extension of the spring.

It’s perfect for thicker cables, but as you can see with slim cables even from Zowie mice themselves, this lock point is kind of useless as the cable simply just pops out. At this price, though, it’s a quality product with appropriate cable flexibility and support. It doesn’t look ridiculous but doesn’t work with really thin cables.

Best High-end Bungee – XTRFY B1

Now moving on to the highest price bungee in this roundup is the XTRFY B1. Just like the GAMDIAS bungee, it’s also a USB hub. This one has some great illuminations. The lighting and color scheme follows the yellow branding of the nip. The aluminum base is quite elegant. But you cannot turn off the lighting. The USB ports are at the back to keep the front clean.

They’re connected via a mini USB port. The main cable stem is flexible at the top with this small channel to hold the cable. The cable needs to be routed through the bottom opening, which helps to secure the cable to the Bungee. Functionally the B1 is perfect with excellent flexibility on the rubber, but it is quite large and expensive unless you need a base with extra USB ports.

Conclusion – What is the Best Gaming Bungee?

Now that’s a lot of info to take in, so let’s summarize all the best bungees we saw. If you’re looking to cheap out, then don’t bother. The 8 dollar bungee isn’t going to do much for you, and you’re better off with a DIY solution. In the 20 dollar price range, you’ve got some excellent options.

The standouts being the RAZER bungee for its simplicity and the Cougar bungee for its insanely secure mounting method. Unfortunately, the DAS Gaming option is lackluster, and the Aegis is downright disappointing. The XTRFY b1 is in its class not only because of its high price but also its features.

The USB hub and lighting are nice, and the build is in a class of its own. However, I don’t think most people should be buying a bungee like this. Simply because the features that you’re paying for are mostly unnecessary.

The effectiveness of the RAZER bungee against the B1 is very similar, so you’re paying for looks, build, and features, in the end, it’s your needs which determine the right Bungee for you. But you can’t go wrong with either the offerings from RAZER or Cougar or if you can spend a tad more then go with Zowie’s Camade.

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