Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard Reviewed!

best one handed gaming keyboard

If you have found this article, chances are you already know what a one-handed gaming keybaord is and how it can transform your gaming experience.  These are very famous for games such as the League of legends, World of warcrafts and other similar titles.

Now if you are unfamilar with how these keypads are different from a regular keyboard, we discuss that in the end of the article. But first let’s discuss what you really came for, The Best One Handed gaming keybaords! Below I have reviewed the best gaming keypad in my opinion. These range from high-end keyboards like Razer to also a few budget options as well.

My Recommendation for Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Best one handed gaming keyboard

One can expect nothing but quality from the products and gaming accessories manufactured by Razer. Razer has always been famous for its top-notch build quality and features that a gamer could ask for such as a compact design, RGB lighting, and probably is one of the best compact gaming keyboards.

The Orbweaver Chroma Single hand keyboard from Razer is another example of how good Razer can be. Measuring 2.2 x 6.1 x 8.0, the Orbweaver is quite compact when compared to the form factor of other single-hand use keyboards, and it also comes with a 6 foot long braided USB cable. The braided cable not only provides extra protection to the wire but also prevents it from getting tangled. The device does not take up much space on your desk and is very narrow and perhaps the smallest gaming keyboard on this list.

Featuring a high-rise palm rest, the single-handed keyboard provides maximum comfort even during intense matches. Great news for all the people out there who do not wish to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. The one thing the Razer Orbweaver is lacking is a built-in digital display like the one on the Logitech G13 Advanced.

The device stays put thanks to the rubber feet under the base, which prevent it from slipping even on a glass surface. Everything on the Orbweaver Chroma starting from the 2-piece wrist pad, the keypad with all the buttons, and the thumb module are adjustable for maximum convenience of the gamer.

With 20 fully programmable mechanical keys under the palm of your hands, the Razer Orbwear provides a great gameplay experience giving you easy access to tons of in-game actions through hotkeys and macros right under the tip of your fingers. Other than a keypad, the keyboard comes with a multidirectional 8-way keypad for easier movement which can also be used as modifier keys.

Keys with mechanical switches have always been the way of the gamers since they offer much better response and speed. Therefore the Razer Orbweaver Chroma utilizes Razer’s trademark mechanical switches for providing the ultimate tactile feedback that a gamer craves for.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with an 8-way multidirectional thumbpad.
  • 20 fully programmable keys utilizing the Razer Mechanical Switches.
  • Adjustable buttons, keypad, and Palm-rest Modules.
  • Individually lit Chroma RGB LED backlighting with customizable via Razer Synapse.
  • Braided USB fiber cable.

ACGAM RGB Mechanical Keyboard

best gaming keypad

The ACGAM RGB Mechanical Keyboard might not be the best buy if you are looking for some high-end features. This keyboard is a bit budget-oriented and is a great alternative to go for if you are tight on your budget. The price of the keyboard is the main enticing factor here. With a price just around the 60 Dollar mark, the ACGAM RGB is a great buy for a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches and is one of the most compact gaming keyboards.

The best thing about the keyboard is the fact that it utilizes mechanical switches instead of membrane ones but be aware that these are not Cherry MX switches. Still, they almost offer the same performance and tactile feel as you would experience from the latter.

Great mechanical switch keyboards are the fascination of every gamer, and with full key rollover and anti-ghosting keys, gaming on this thing is a blast whether you plan to bust out some FPS games or any other genre.

The typing experience with this keyboard was also kind of pleasant, the keys felt responsive, and the actuation was on point. During gameplay, all the keypresses registered accurately thanks to the 2.7 mm actuation which does not require you to push the keys to the bottom. Inside the box, you are also provided with a key removing tool to help you take them off whenever you wish to clean your keyboard thoroughly.

As far as the quality of the keyboard goes, the build is pretty solid, and the frame does not flex much even under pressure. The chassis looks durable enough, and you should be able to use the keyboard for at least a few years. Moving on to the top edge of the keyboard, near the main plate you can find a chrome effect which adds a nice touch to the overall look of the keyboard. The absence of a top shroud allows the RGB LED backlighting to pierce and shine all the way through.

The ACGAM RGB mechanical keyboard offers complete hardware and software customization. It gives you the ability to adjust the RGB backlighting, save multiple different presets for different profiles, manage macro recording, and do many other things via the ACGAM software suite bundled with the keyboard.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes Outemu Blue mechanical switches for clicky and tactile feedback.
  • Fully programmable anti-ghosting keys with full key rollover.
  • Adjustable RGB LED backlighting.
  • Solid build quality with brushed anodized aluminum plate.
  • Available in 5 different layouts.

AULA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You might ask what can you expect from a 60 Dollar one-handed gaming keyboard, the answer would be ‘A LOT’. The AULA Excalibur Master One-hand Gaming Keyboard brings a lot to the table even for the very cheap price tag.

Without further ado let us cut to the chase. The AULA Excaliber Master offers a plethora of different features that a gamer can get the most out of. The design is very compact and will easily fit into any gaming desk without any hassle.

The keypad offers you the general spacebar, function, control, alt, escape, shift, enter and backspace keys along with 17 alphabetical keys, 6 numeric keys. You also have a separate num pad on the right and tons of media control hotkeys on the top arranged in the shape of an arc. With just a single press of the function key, you can activate up to 8 independent MAcro keys and 10 different hotkeys.

With a total of 30 fully programmable keys for utmost convenience, you can be sure of getting through any hard situations during gameplay by triggering in-game commands and actions with just the press of a button right under your fingertips.

The RGB LED backlighting not only helps you to have a better gameplay experience at night or when you are in a dark environment but also adds flair to your overall gaming setup by elevating the aesthetics. The RGB lighting is controllable and fully customizable via software that comes with the keyboard, which allows you to save up to 5 different customized lighting profiles. Other than that the AULA Excalibur Master One-hand Gaming Keyboard also has 5 preset lighting effects.

The build of the keyboard seems robust, and the double-shot injection molding keycaps adds to the overall durability of the product. With 100% anti-ghosting keys and full key rollover, you can be sure to unlock your maximum gaming potential. Under each keycap resides blue mechanical switches that offer great tactile feedback and a clicky feel for a gaming experience that you have never witnessed before.

The switches have a 50 million click rating, and the keyboard allows you to save power thanks to the idle mode that turns the keyboard off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Finally, to offer a comfortable gaming experience, the AULA One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also comes with a palm rest.

Key Features:

  • Blue Mechanical Switches for tactile and clicky feedback.
  • Customizable RGB LED backlighting with 5 presets and the capability to save up to 5 different customized lighting profiles.
  • Dedicated palm rest for a comfortable experience
  • Idle mode saves power by turning the keyboard off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Full key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting keys.

Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

The second Razer entry into our list is the Razer Tartarus V2 gaming keypad. This one-handed keyboard literally offers you everything under the palm of your hands along with an eye-catching design and beautiful RGB lighting effects.

The Razer Tartarus V2 is the definition of what you would call an ergonomic keyboard which is specifically designed to be used with a single hand. The form factor of the keyboard is quite small considering the number of keys it holds and fits pretty well even into snug spaces, and therefore you do not need to worry about placing the Tartarus V2.

It has a keypad with a total of 4 rows with 5 keys each except the bottom row which has only four keys and a scroll wheel. The entire keypad is placed above a wrist which provides decent support to your wrist and hands while gaming thereby preventing your hand from getting tired or developing injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moving on to the side, you can find a multidirectional 8-way D-pad and a small circular button which acts as the Alt key by default. You also can find the thumb button all the way to the right side, which serves as the space bar by default. The entire thing has a total of 32 fully programmable keys and buttons, and that is far more than what you will find on a standard mechanical gaming keyboard for the same or even sometimes greater price.

Even with all these features, the adjustable options on the Tartarus V2 are pretty limited, because Razer does not compromise on comfort. The keyboard only provides you with the option to set the wrist rest into two different positions. The adjustment capabilities of the device are pretty okay unless you have some truly big hands.

The button in the middle that maps to the S key has a little bump or ridge that helps you identify the movement keys by touch, but the notch is a bit hard to feel since it is very subtle.

Just like always, Razer uses it’s Chroma RGB LED backlighting for this keyboard as well which makes customization very simple and lets you come up with tons of different RGB effects and lighting profiles using the Synapse software.

The keys switch, on the other hand, is the specialty on the Tartarus V2. The new mecha-membrane switches from Razer lets you enjoy the best of both worlds as it combines both the features of a membrane switch and a mechanical one. The key retains the tactile feel and clicky feedback of the mechanical switches and offers you the soft cushioned keypress experience of a membrane rubber dome keyboard.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes special Mecha-membrane switches from Razer.
  • Chroma RGB LED backlighting, customizable via Razer Synapse.
  • Features 32 fully programmable keys
  • Equipped with an 8-way D-pad and scroll wheel.
  • Built-in wrist rest.

Redragon K585 DITI One Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Who in their right minds would ever want to miss out on something so cheap yet loaded with all the features that you need? The Redragon K585 DITI One Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the solution to gaming needs if you ever need a single-handed gaming keyboard. With the cheap price tag combined with the plethora of customization options, the Redragon K585 stands out as the best option for gamers under a budget.

Mechanical keyboards have always been the staple for gamers whenever it comes to intense gaming. The Redragon K585 is equipped with Outemu Blue switches that not only performs vastly better than any keyboard with membrane rubber dome switches but also gives you the same tactile and clicky feedback of a Cherry MX switch if not better. Each key press feels pretty accurate and responsive, and the low actuation point allows the user to register each keypress without putting much effort into pressing the buttons.

Along the left side of the Redragon K585, you can find 7 macro keys that record any action that you want to perform with just the press of the button. The built-in detachable wrist rest takes care of the comfort which you require for long hours of gameplay. The device uses magnets to attach or remove the wrist pad. The quality of the wrist pad is not that good, but it gets the job done. The keycaps also have translucent text allowing the RGB backlight to shine through them.

The cost to value ratio is phenomenal. For under 40 dollars you get the best of what a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard offers.

The RGB backlighting on this keyboard displays 16.8 million colors and allows you to switch between 5 different lighting modes to give a new look to your gaming setup anytime you want.

The keyboard also features a USB pass-through port that is specifically positioned to offer your uninterrupted gameplay.

Key Features:

  • RGB LED backlighting with 5 different lighting modes.
  • Features 7 fully programmable macro keys
  • Utilizes dust-proof Outemu Blue mechanical switches
  • Comes with a detachable wrist rest
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys.

Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad

The Razer Tartarus Pro or simply the Razer Tartarus is the bigger sibling of the Tartarus V2. The Tartarus has a significant edge over the Tartarus V2 because of its extended features and many other things.

Let us talk about the design of the Tartarus pro first. The model is available in two different colors, Classic black, and White Mercury. The overall design is very similar to the Tartarus V2 and has almost the same key layout. With 4 rows of 19 buttons, a profile switching button, a scroll wheel, an analog stick, a thumb module, and a wrist and palm rest, this device was specially crafted and designed with one handed players in mind.

With the Tartarus Pro, Razer took customization and control to another level. The keyboard comes with a total of 32 fully programmable keys. This is probably the best thing that an MMO gamer could ever ask for.

The use of the Razer Analog Optical Switches instead of the regular mechanical ones from Razer is what sets this beast apart from all the other single-handed mechanical gaming keyboards on the market.

Unlike regular mechanical switches, these switches can register different levels of input depending on how hard and how far you press the keys and thereby increasing the overall control over your game and improving your skills. These key switches almost act like the analog sticks of a gaming controller and is probably the best gaming keypad.

The Analog Optical switches also let you customize and adjust your actuation. Depending on whether you prefer light taps or hard key presses, you can set the actuation to your liking via software. You can also now bind two functions to each and every key, the first command triggers with a partial keypress and the second one with a full keystroke, again thanks to the Analog Optical switches which registers scaled inputs.

For the aesthetics you have the Chroma RGB LED backlighting under your keyboard lighting it up with 16.8 million colors. The lighting can be customized via the Razer Synapse software, which lets you save multiple lighting profiles and create new lighting patterns.

The Tartarus Pro also lets you game more efficiently with the 8 quick toggle profiles. The keyboard lets you switch between different setups and key binding which you might require for different gameplay and different missions. Adding the cherry on top is the 2-year warranty.

Key Feature:

  • Features Razer Analog Optical switches.
  • 32 fully programmable keys.
  • Dual function keys with adjustable actuation.
  • A quick toggle button lets you switch between 8 macro profiles.
  • 2-years warranty.

Things To Consider Before Buying A One handed Gaming Keyboard

Single hand use keyboards in most cases are a better choice than a standard gaming keyboard as they offer a more focused gameplay experience. Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind before you purchase one for yourself.

Form factor

The main reason behind buying a single-handed gaming keyboard over a traditional keyboard is to have a more compact gaming setup without any large or bulky equipment. Hence it is very necessary to check the size and form factor of your single-handed keyboard. Make sure the one you buy isn’t any larger than what it needs to be.

Programmable Buttons

The increase in programmable buttons gives you more control and flexibility over your game. Make sure that your single-handed keyboard has at least 10 programmable keys for more flexibility.

Types of Switch

The type of switch that the keyboard uses is very important when it comes to gaming. Although mechanical switches are the standard option, Razer also incorporates different switches like mechanical switches and Analog Optical switches. It is all about personal preference, so make sure that the one you buy suits your gaming style and feel.


Are one handed keyboards good for gaming?

The simple answer is, Yes, it is good for gaming. There are multiple reasons why a single-handed gaming keyboard is a great option for gamers and the biggest reason being the cost. Since a single-handed keyboard has much fewer keys when compared to a full-size standard keyboard, the number of actual switches and high-quality parts are required in lesser quantity which brings down the manufacturing cost of these keyboards. Thus companies can offer such keyboards with high-quality components for much less price.

What is the best one handed keyboard?

The is no such thing as the best one handed keyboard as it is all about personal preference, but we do have a few options that might be the best for you. If you are looking for a budget option, then the Redragon K585 DITI RGB is the best gaming keypad for you. If you are willing to go all out, opt for the Razer Tartarus Pro.

Do pro gamers use keypads?

Yes, about 95% of the professional gamers prefer a keypad over a standard full-size gaming keyboard since the former perform much faster and efficiently than usual keyboards.

Is a 60% keyboard better for gaming?

It is for some cases. For example, if you want to play FPS games, then a 60% keyboard is a great choice since it retains all the essential keys that you will require packed into a small compact frame that is also portable to some degree. On the other hand, an MMO gamer needs many different keys to play efficiently, and in that case, a 60% keyboard might not be the ideal choice.

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