Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse for Gaming AND Comfort

Best palm grip gaming mouse

Let’s be honest. Every Gamer needs a Gaming Mice. When playing for long hours you need a mouse that works for gaming but also doesn’t hurts your wrist. Here comes the Palm grip gaming mice.

The best Palm grip gaming mouse not only gives your hands the comfort in long gaming sessions but also a killer gaming experience.

After researching through many different gaming mice out there. I can say there’s only two ways to go.

Either get a Claw grip mouse that gives you a high precision and control when gaming, OR get comfortable but reliable palm grip mouse. Remember that for most of these you can use the same mouse for both the grip.

Why Do You Need The Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse?

The thing is with every generic mouse is the fact that all of them are made the same. They just look like a cheap block of plastic that you only use to point your cursor on things while using it with a computer. On the other hand gaming mice are different, they perform the same job but are far superior compared to traditional mice in terms of almost everything including build quality, design, durability, and overall performance.

Everyone has a different sized palm and game equipment manufacturers understand that and therefore not all gaming mice have the same design. Every good quality gaming mouse is built specifically to fit the hands of a specific type of user who uses a particular grip style. For those of you who are palm grip users on a mouse, this article is solely geared towards you.

We will guide you on your way to getting the best palm grip mouse for you. The best palm grip mouse for you will not only enable you to use your skills much better in gameplay but also provide you a level of comfort that you have never experienced on a typical mouse. A good mouse always aids the gamer by offering increased responsiveness. In this article, we help you find the best palm grip gaming mouse for you.

Palm grip V/S Claw grip

The type of mouse grip that you use certainly determines your gameplay style but it is not always about that. There are many pro gamers who use hybrid grip styles but combining two or more styles into one. In the end, everything boils down to one thing that is, you should always pick a grip style that you’re most comfortable with. In gaming, both the claw grip and the palm grip are pretty famous. Let us have a look into them.

Palm Grip

This type of grip is the ideal choice for every computer user. The palm grip is the most used grip style even outside of gaming and that is because the way your hand is placed on the mouse just feels natural. The entire hand covers the top of the mouse while the base of your palm rests on the rear end of the mouse and this gives gamers superior control over their mouse movement.

This grip style is not the ideal choice for FPS gamers where speed is of the essence. Nonetheless, the palm grip offers superior control and accurate mouse movements in exchange for agility. A gaming mouse that is built specifically for palm grip users is generally large and flat to accommodate more space for users to rest their palms.


  • More control.
  • Accurate movement.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Low precision.
  • Slow movement speed.

Claw Grip

No matter if some people degree but the claw grip is definitely a hybrid of the tip and palm grip styles. The bottom part of the palm rests on the back end of the mouse while the fingers arch over the left and right mouse buttons in the shape of a claw. If you are looking for better wrist movement then the claw grip is easily a better choice over the palm grip.

As far as movement speed goes, the claw grip performs close to tip grip but with much better control. Claw grip mice are mostly ambidextrous in design and have a high profile with a round back.


  • More stability and precision.
  • Better wrist movement.


  • Slower movement speed than the tip grip.
  • Can cause finger strain.

My Recommendation for Best Palm grip Gaming Mice

My Favourite – Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite

If we do not include a Razer product on this list then it is nothing but sin. Razer has always been one of the most reliable gaming products manufacturing companies and if you manage to invest in a gaming mouse manufactured by them then we guarantee you that you are in the right direction toward building your perfect gaming setup.

We have reviewed Razer products before and Razer gaming mice have been in the market for quite a long time. Back in 2016, Razer launched the DeathAdder Elite which is still in use by most of the gaming professionals. The mouse is revered as one of the best palm grip mice for eSports and it definitely is.

The DeathAdder Elite uses an optical sensor that is specifically built for esports gaming and offers a sensitivity of up to 16k DPI and a resolution accuracy of 99.4% thereby giving you the competitive advantage in most FPS gaming titles like VALORANT and CSGO.

If gaming keyboards can have mechanical switches then why not mouse switches?

Razer thought of the fact and introduces the new Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches which is integrated into the DeathAdder Elite. These mechanical mouse switches are co-manufactured with Omron and are highly durable thanks to the 50 million clicks rating.

Lading those headshots have never been easier with these mechanical mouse switches since they offer much faster response times compared to typical mouse switches. The rubber side grips offer tremendous grip in the hands of any player and offer you unmatched comfort.

Equipped with 7 hyper response buttons, you can assign different in-game functions and actions to the different buttons since they are fully programmable via Razer’s software. The mouse also has Razer Chroma RGB lighting and you can select multiple lighting effects via the software. For added durability, the DeathAdder Elite also features a braided cable that is about seven feet in length with a gold-plated USB connector.

Key Features:

  • 7 fully programmable hyper response buttons.
  • Features Razer Chroma RGB LED lighting.
  • Utilizes Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches.
  • Braided cable with gold-plated USB connector.

Best in Wireless – Logitech G Pro Wireless

Best Gaming mouse for palm grip

Whether it be gaming peripherals or just the typical ones that you need for your home desktop, Logitech has always got you covered with their superior quality products. Logitech has got an amazing lineup of gaming mice when not only perform great but also offer you a comfortable gaming experience.

Packed with great features, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is our next pick for the best palm grip mouse.

Logitech claims that the mouse is designed to be the ultimate esports gaming mouse for the professionals out there. Logitech went all out with this mouse and even took the advice of multiple esports pros while designing the G Pro Wireless and what you finally get is the perfect balance of performance, shape, weight, and comfort.

Next up is the performance of the mouse itself. Offering an unrivaled performance if the Logitech G Pro Wireless thanks to the Hero 25K gaming sensor. For all the lovers of those awesome flick shots, landing them has never been easier since the sensor offers stable blazing-fast tracking speeds of over 400 IPS.

As far as sensitivity goes, all the gaming mice bite the dust when placed next to this one since the latter offers a sensitivity of up to 25600 DPI. The sensor is also much more power efficient since it reduces power consumption by 10 times.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with the HERO 25K sensor.
  • Ambidextrous design with 4 to 8 programmable buttons.
  • Super lightweight weighing in at 80g.
  • Features LIGHTSPEED technology for super-fast response times.

Best in Wired – BenQ Zowie EC2-B

best gaming mice

Next up is the fairly less known BenQ Zowie EC2-B but do not let the simple looks of this beast fool you.

Available in Medium and Large sizes the mouse is a great performer for a very low price tag. The mouse works just fine and supports Plug & Play so you do not need to install any additional drivers.

Housing the 3360 sensor, the BenQ Zowie EC2-B offers USB polling rates of 1000 Hz which is the sweet spot when it comes to gaming. The optical sensor also has a sensitivity range from 400 to 3200 DPI which is not much but enough to get by with most games. This model is specifically built for right-handed users but BenQ also has the Zowie EC1-B in case you are left-handed.

Weighing in at 94g with the cable, the mouse is fairly lightweight and comes with a total of 7 buttons out of which you get 2 side buttons and 2 buttons under the mouse to change the DPI and polling rate settings. All things aside, the mouse is very comfortable to use and has a curved back which is great for palm grip users.

Key Features;

  • Fast response times with low latency.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Fairly lightweight.
  • Comes with programmable side buttons.

For Bigger Palms – G-Wolves Skoll

Lightest palm grip mouse

Right out of the bat, the first thing that you will notice about the G-Wolves Skoll mice is the fact that it is available in a ton of colors including full black, red & black, green & black, and many others. Weighing in at 65 grams, the mouse is extremely lightweight, and combined with the RGB lights, the G-Wolves Skoll gives you the complete gaming experience for just about 50 bucks.

Featuring the Pixart 3360 gaming mouse sensor, the mouse performs great and offers a sensitivity of up to 12K DPI and a maximum acceleration of 50 G, and tracking speeds of 250 IPS. The PTFE mouse skates offer smooth mouse movement during intense gameplay where you need quick mouse clicks. The mouse also uses a super light paracord cable that reduces drag.

The RGB light shines out of the honeycomb holes all over the body of the mouse. These holes offer the users a far superior grip compared to other ergonomic mouses. Featuring 5 onboard memory profiles, you can mix and match different RGB lighting profiles and button configurations.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with the Pixart 3360 gaming sensor.
  • Honeycomb holes design.
  • Comes with 5 onboard memory profiles.
  • Features RGB lighting.

Best in Light Weight – XTRFY M4

Xtrfy M4

XTRFY brings in the M4 RGB gaming mouse which for its price is a ridiculous performer among all the other gaming mice on this list. A lightweight gaming mouse is an ideal choice for most esports and FPS gamers since a lighter mouse allows for faster flick speeds and wrist movement. The XTRFY M4 was built to be lightweight and packing excellent inner components, it not only feels durable but it actually is.

Designed for right-handed users, the mouse sports an ergonomic shape and is very comfortable to use which is a good thing for those all-night gaming sessions. The mouse was constructed but multiple feedbacks from casual as well as professional esports gamers so you can easily rely on the XTFRY M4 whenever you need it.

The Pixart sensors are not the best ones in the market but they work fairly good and this mouse houses the Pixart 3389 sensor that claims to be the highest performing gaming sensor. Offering a sensitivity range from 400 DPI to 1600 DPI and a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz, the mouse is pure perfection in terms of performance. Another thing that is great about the XTFRY is the fact that the mouse has a self-adjusting FPS.

Coming to the design, the mouse has a matte UV coating and comes with holes on the surface which allow for a better grip over the already ergonomic body of the mouse. Another added advantage is that your hand does not get sticky thanks to the airflow from the holes.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic body with holes.
  • Equipped with the Pixart 3389 sensor.
  • Dust and Splash resistant.
  • Uses Omron switches and is very lightweight (64g).

Final Verdict

Choosing a gaming mouse that fits your gaming style and your grip style is fairly an easy task if you know what you are doing. For the ones who are struggling, we hope that this guide on the best palm grip mice

will help you out. If you are a palm grip use we can guarantee that each and every mouse on this list will be a perfect fit for you. If you want something in the lower price range then we recommend the BenQ Zowie EC2-B or the G-Wolves Skoll since they are the best palm grip mice for low budget users. For the ones who have got enough money to spend the Razer DeathAdder Elite easily takes the cake for the best palm grip gaming mouse.

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