The 4 Best PCIe 4 SSDs in the PC market

When building a gaming PC, you would definitely want the best for it. In our previous articles, we have already shown you some great hardware including mouse and keyboards. Here we will show you some of the Best PCIe 4 SSDs that are available in the market. You just can’t miss them for your ultimate gaming PC build.

Our Recommendation for The Best PCIe 4 SSDs

Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4.0 M.2 – Best Gen4 PCIe 4 SSDs

Best PCIe 4 SSDs

It is one of the biggest names in the SSD games. This is one of the best SSD which takes the fullest advantage of thhe latest PCIe 4.0. The main stratum debut can be remembered on AMD’s X570. This comes in two sized mostly, and that is 1 TB and 2 TB. This also has the support of power management support for APST/ASPM/L1. The error correction code and the over-provision are also some of the benefits of Sabrent Rocket SSD.

The speed offered by the SSD boosts up the device, thereby giving satisfactory results for the people. The performance of the SSD has been quite an impressive one. They can be found in both 1Tb and 2TB varieties now.

The drive uses 96-layer 3D TLC NAND flash by Toshiba which is also a great feature in itself. This can just multiply the speed of your device to quite an extent. The sequential reads of the device are up to 5000mbps whereas on the other the sequential writes of the drive are 4400 Mbps. This can be found in both the varieties.

The price of the drive is quite feasible to be chosen over any other device. If you are looking for an SSD with expanded possibilities and offering various features, then you can invest your sums on this. You can choose the 1Tb or the 2TB one according to your feasibility. Above all, one can avail complete value for the worth he is paying. Thus, you can experience a faster system by putting this SSD to use.

Gigabyte AorusPCle 4.0 M.2 – Fastest PCIe 4 SSDs

Budget PCIe 4 ssds

This is one of the renowned SSD of the market and has served as quite a predominant choice for people. The features of this SSD is quite nice for people to use. The interface is PCI –express. If we talk of the total capacity of the SSD, then it is around 2000GB. The speed of the sequential read of the SSD is commendable, which 5000 Mbps is whereas the sequential write speed of the device is 4400 Mbps. TRIM and S.M.A.R.T support this. The warranty can also be limited to 5 years. The advanced process of the fabrication is quite, and this is quite an advantage for the people.

Advancement of technology has served as a great way for people to boost the speed of the device. Over-provision technology is one of the best technology for people. The storage performance cannot anyway be ignored. Thus, the final words on this SSD will be that it is quite a feasible product to be used to boost the device and help in boot faster. The long warranty period can even help you claim better services. It has got a warranty period of five years.

This is one PCIe 4 SSDs which has got all the features that can advance your system and help you enhance your experience. You can boost up the speed of your system to quite an extent. The final word for this drive will be that it is worth investing money. This is a one-time investment for people.

Corsair Force Series PCle 4.0 M.2

Fastest PCIe 4 ssds

Corsair is one of the first company to provide the drive with MP600 M.2 NVMe SSD. The specification of this SSD is not fully disclosed. But some of the most significant points are out there. The total capacity of the sequential reads of the SSD is 4950 MBps and 4250 MBps, writers. This can be significant for the customers so that they can get a fast device.

The company announces not all the specification as of now. It is guessed that the product is aligned up to 1920 GB. The MP 600 is one of the best features of the SSD that can help users acquire a new speed range. The main aim of people behind using SSD is having quite a considerable pace. The pricing MP600 is quite feasible, and at the same time, you can also avail the warranty.

The closing words for this SSD is that you can invest your hard-earned sums in this product. One can boost the speed of the device, and at the same time, they can even avail the warranty of it. The drive can be compatible with all the backward and the advanced systems as well. The SASD hit the market in July of the year 2019 and became one of the preferable SSD for the users. You can try out using this SSD and can avail of the complete value for money.

Samsung PM1733

There are two form factors of the arrival of the Samsung PM1733. Four PCIe lanes can be available with a whopping capacity of 30.72 TB. On the other hand, if we talk of the HHL variant, then that needs PCIe 4.0 lanes so that it can perform the fullest of its potential.

Tech giant of South Korea is quite assured about the experience that people are going to avail out of the product. The magnitude of the SSD cannot be ignored at any cost.

The speed of the device is something that can help give the best performance. This is a great value-focused product that the readers can invest in. The sequential read? Write/throughput is quite an impressive one.

The dual-port technology of the Samsung PM1733 u.2 is quite a beneficial one for the customers. They can operate two different systems simultaneously, and this is a great achievement. The users can find it quite an interesting thing to use. The major advanced feature ion this SSD is that it can help and support the operation of two systems at a time. Thus, it can serve a great purpose and is worth investing.

Why does your new PC need an NVMe SSD?

It is 2020 and if you do not own an SSD by now your computer definitely needs an upgrade. SATA SSDs or SATA solid-state drives have been around for longer than you can imagine but with the introduction of NVMe SSDs to the world of technology, it has quickly gained popularity due to its huge number of advantages over traditional SATA-based hard disk drives.

To be honest SATA HDDs are becoming obsolete day by day and are slowly being replaced by SSDs. Chances are that you might not know why an NVMe SSD is a much better choice over your HDD and we are here to clear it out once and for all.


The most obvious thing that comes to mind when you look at an NVMe SSD or compare one with a hard disk is the enormous size difference. A NVMe M.2 SSD is far smaller than a regular hard disk drive and is even smaller than ⅓ rd of a hard disk.

A smaller storage solution means you get more room inside your PC cabinet for cleaner and easier cable management or to install perhaps another graphics card. You can also install a traditional Hard disk along with an NVMe SSD and that way you get tons of space for your work files and faster speeds for your games and boot time.

Transfer Speed

The biggest improvement of NVMe SSDs over SATA SSDs is the fact that the former is much faster. Undoubtedly any type of SSD will leave a hard disk drive in the dust in terms of speed but when compared to a SATA SSD, NVMe SSDs perform up to 6 times faster than that.

Whereas a typical SATA based SSD will offer you around 500 MB/s of read and write speed, an NVMe SSD easily takes the cake with astounding read and write speeds of up to 2000 MB/s which is almost a four-fold increase in speed.

Higher-end SSDs also offer speeds of 4000 MB/s or more but they cost a fortune. Nonetheless, you will always get a better performance out of your system if you upgrade to an NVMe SSD, and needless to say, you will experience faster boot-ups and faster in-game loading speeds.


A hard disk drive is full of magnetic moving parts that make a lot of noise. Even the higher-end hard disks are no exception. An SSD, just like the name suggests, solid-state drive, do not have any moving parts and therefore works silently inside your PC case while delivering you mind-boggling transfer speeds.


Think about it, no moving parts or magnetic platter means that there is always less chance of damage caused by static shocks or even when dropped. Hard disks, on the other hand, are prone to static shocks, and once damaged it is close to impossible to retrieve the data from inside. In terms of durability, and SSD is always better in everyway.


Once again, moving parts mean that a hard disk drive requires external power to run. SSD is the better choice in this case too, since it requires no extra power from outside and hence is much more energy efficient.

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