Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti is the new addition to the budget graphics cards. The 3060 Ti is quite like RTX 3070 but there is still a lot of difference between both graphics cards. The 3060 Ti requires less power but that doesn’t mean it is compatible with any kind of PSU.

PSUs are the least exciting components while building a gaming PC but it holds equal importance like GPU and CPU. It provides power to the systems while making sure that all components receive it adequately, it also protects the system against accidental damages. That’s why we made this list of best PSU for 3060 Ti but before we dive into the list, we need to know the 3060 TI’s power requirement.

Nvidia has recommended using a 600W power supply for 3060 Ti as the GPU itself requires 200W power. The power supply also depends on the other components such as CPU so if you are planning to overclock your system or use a Treadripper then you should opt for a 750W PSU instead. Nevertheless, you should look for a PSU with modular cabling and with at least Gold-rated efficiency for future proof usage.

My Choices for the Best PSU for RTX 3060 Ti

Author’s Choice Power Supply for RTX 3060 Ti – EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 Review

Author's Choice Power Supply for RTX 3060 Ti - EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 Review


The EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 is one of the best power supplies available in the market. It has all top-notch features to regulate the power of your system. it gives the platinum performance with 92% efficiency under 115VAC and 94% under 220VAC-240VAC which can go even higher in typical loads. SuperNova 650 P2 saves a lot of energy even in heavy loads and that was it has been certified with 80 plus Platinum rating.  It is a 650W power supply which is more than enough for 3060 Ti.

On paper, the SuperNova 650 P2 performs exceptionally well than its competitors. If we talk about the build quality in particular then it is sturdy and durable.  This is also the smallest PSU in EVGA’s P2 line. It has an ATX12V mainstream form factor so it’s fit perfectly with all kinds of cases and motherboards and also supports the soft-off feature so you can control the power supply through software.

Cables and Connectors

When it comes to connectors, the EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 has a bunch of them. It is fully modular so you won’t struggle with tangled cables and have a neat and clean look at your system. The full modular Cabling assure to provide you access to all the other components individually.

EVGA played safe by providing 4 PCIe connectors, half of which is 6+2 connectors and the other half is 6-pin connectors which don’t allow you to use super high-end GPUs. Moreover, it has two EPS connectors, the appropriate number of SATA and 4-pin Molex Connector along with a floppy adaptor. You generally don’t need so many connectors for 3060 Ti but it is essential for other components that why it is our most 3060 recommended PSU.


EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 has great qualities about it without compromising on protection and customer support. EVGA provides a full 10-year warranty on this power supply so you use your PC as you desire without worrying about the damage. EVGA has great customer support in terms of assurance of the product. It has heavy-duty protection that safeguards your system from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuits. If you run your PC on high loads then these services become extremely important.

650 P2 uses a single fan with a double ball bearing, the 140mm fan is quieter than most PSU so you will have a silent experience on your system. The only drawback of this PSU is its pricing which is non-affordable for a low budget.


  • 80 Plus platinum Rating
  • Good efficiency rating
  • The 10-year warranty and customer support
  • Fully modular with the appropriate amount of connectors.


  • Not budget-friendly.

Best PSU for 3060 Ti – Corsair RM650X Review

Best PSU for 3060 Ti - Corsair RM650X Review


Corsair RM 650X is a mid-budget power supply with interesting features compared to its competitor. It has been rated 80 plus gold with 90% efficiency at half load which is quite impressive if we consider the price of this power supply. The efficiency percentage increases if you are in a region that provides 220VAC to 240VAC. It also reduces the amount of heat induction, all thanks to the 90% efficiency.

RM650X features an ATX form factor which provides compatibility with most components and motherboards as well as reliability and better heat management. This is the best RTX 3060 Ti recommended PSU in mid-tier.

Cables and Connectors

RM650X has fully modular cables for easy installation, less clutter, and more space for maximum airflow through your system. Every component gets a reliable and adequate amount of power because of the full modular cabling system. When it comes to connectors, the RM650X has a whole lot of it. It features 1 ATX, 1 EPS, 2 floppy connectors, and 4 peripheral connectors (4-pin). Many users have complained that the distance between the peripheral connectors is too close. It also has 4 PCI connectors and 8 SATA connectors. 

Connectors are often better than fixed cables because they keep your system clean and give professional look to your system. It is one of the best power supplies for RTX 3060 graphics cards in mid-budget.


Corsair RM650X didn’t compromise with the protection. The RM650X has provided a complete 7-year warranty and customer support. You can assure yourself with the warranty and run your PC at a heavy load without any trouble.

The main selling point of this PSU is its quiet operation. The 135mm thermally controlled fluid dynamic bearing fan spins according to the power load of your system. The fan also has ZeroRPM mode for fan-less operation in low loads. This PSU is remarkable for its outstanding noise control. It’s all Japanese capacitors ensure a safe and quality power supply to your system.

This 3060 recommended PSU has protection from all kinds of accidents. It provides maximum safety to all critical components from over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, overpowers, and over temperature.


  • Budget price for good specification.
  • 7-year warranty.
  • Fully modular cables.
  • Zero fan movement in average loads


  • Rifle bearing type fan

Best Budget PSU for RTX 3060 – Corsair SFX600 Review

Best Budget PSU for RTX 3060 - Corsair SFX600 Review


Corsair is one most prestigious brands for PC components, they are known for their sturdy, durable products and great customer services and they are not behind in PSU departments either. The Corsair SF series are 80 plus Gold Certified, which means it wastes less power and gives around 85% to 90% efficiency rate even at heavy loads. While most PSUs waste a big chunk of energy in inducing heat loading, the Corsair SF series performs at best with less power consumption.

Corsair SFX600 is a 600 watt PSU that is sufficient for all your day-to-day needs and it falls under the recommended requirements for RTX 3060 Ti. It is an SFX Power supply that promises the platinum level of efficiency so keep your worries aside with this power supply but it doesn’t come with an SFX to ATX power adapter and that’s a bummer. Remember to check the power supply requirements of your CPU as well before opting for this PSU.

Connectors and Cables

The best thing about the Corsair SF series is that it is fully modular in budget price. The Modular cabling system keeps your system free from wire clutter and allows you to customize the power requirement for each component separately.   It also features 2 PCIe cables to power up even the most demanding GPUs but we recommend you to use a higher variant if you are about to use a GPU higher than 3060 Ti.

Though 3060 Ti only needs one PCIe cable for its 8 pin connector to keep the power going. Many complain that SFX600 doesn’t have a sufficient amount of PCIe cables and SATA connectors so check your requirements before choosing this PSU. This is the best power supply for RTX 3060 Ti with few minimal drawbacks that are almost unnoticeable in everyday tasks.


When buying a PSU, you should look for one that has good quality materials and a brand warranty. THE Corsair SFX600 has them all. It uses the 105 degrees rated Japanese Capacitor which makes sure that all the components are safe.  Along with the 7-year warranty, Corsair rest assures you of its quality, durability, and customer services.

Having a warranty on your power supply is seriously important, especially when a brand offers you long-lasting service; they make you confident about your choices. This is the best PSU for RTX 3060 Ti which offers such protection in budget.

The corsair SFX600 has zero RPM mode so you can have the silent operation on your PC in low loads. However, the fan tends to be quite audible on heavy loads, this might not be an issue for many users.


  • 7 years of warranty.
  • 80 plus gold rating with 85% of efficiency in heavy load.
  • Fully modular cabling system.
  • SFX form factor.


  • The fan is loud in heavy load.
  • Doesn’t come with SFX to ATX Adapter

Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 650W Review

Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 650W Review


Along with the long name, the dark power pro 11 also has a long list of specs and promises. It is a 650W power supply that is sufficient for powering up energy-hungry components. With its 80 plus platinum rating, the power supply is stable and consumes less current than an average PSU. Be quiet has highly emphasized its power efficiency which goes up to 94% at 50% load and around 90% at full load. It is even more efficient in regions that provide 220VAC to 240VAC. Specification wise this is the best RTX 3060 Ti recommended PSU.

It has the ATX form factor which allows your PSU to manage the power more systematically. Even though the ATX form factors are being replaced by ATX12V form factors, it is still the best power supply for the 3060 Ti graphics card.

Cables and Connectors

The Dark Power Pro 11 has large numbers of cables and connectors, despite semi-modular cabling. The hybrid cabling system uses both already fixed cables and customizable connectors for few components, so this might be an issue if you are a newbie in a PC building. But this PSU is not lagging behind any full modular power supplies in terms of connectors.

It has four PCIe-express 6+2 pin connectors, two EPS connectors, along with eight SATA and five Molex connectors.  A healthy number of connectors are required for building a power PC because high-end components are more power demanding thus, use more connectors to draw that power. It is a great RTX 3060 Ti graphics card PSU for heavy users.

The Dark Power Pro 11 has a feature that makes it unique from its competitors. It has an Overclocking key switch between four 12V rails and one massive 12V rail which helps to distribute more power to the components.


Be quiet power supply has the reliable build quality and with 5 years warranty. 5 years warranty is a bit less compared to the other PSUs on our list.

Be quiet advertise it as a super silent operating PSU. They have added 6 pole Fan motor and IC Motor control for the smooth and low-speed operation that reduces noise. The 135mm fan with fluid dynamic ball bearing makes sure to give the user a sense of silence. The Dark Power Pro 11 also contains a 105-degree Japanese capacitor which is remarkable for the safety and durability of your system.


  • Has an Overclocking key switch.
  • 80 plus platinum rating with 94% efficiency.
  • Super silent fan with different modes.
  • 105-degree Japanese capacitor.


  • Expensive, not for everyone.

Cooler Master MasterWatt 650W Bronze Review

Cooler Master MasterWatt 650W Bronze Review


Cooler Master’s MasterWatt 650W is the cheapest PSU on our list. It is an ideal deal if you are short on budget. Despite the price, it has top-notch features just like any other PSU on this list. MasterWatt is a 650W power supply with an 80 plus bronze rating, this PSU might fall behind others in comparison to their ratings but it still manages to offer an 85% efficiency rate in a full load. It induces less heat than its competitors at half the price.  A little change in efficiency has a big effect on power consumption, even though it is compatible with RTX 3060 Ti, you should still check the requirement of your other components before choosing this PSU.

The MasterWatt 650W has the ATX form factor which provides enough assurance of its quality and compatibility with different components of your system. If you are looking for the best power supply for RTX 3060 Ti in budget then you should consider this one.

Cables and Connectors

The MasterWatt 650W has a semi-modular cabling system so you can keep the cable clutter down and fit the cables that you need for your components. Because it is semi-modular, it has fixed standard ATX 24 pin, 8 pin EPS, and the appropriate number of PCIe cables along with modular connectors for SATA and other components. Before buying any PSU, examine the connectors and cables of your components and choose a fully modular or Semi-modular PSU, if you don’t want to build a jungle of cables in your system.

The 16 AWG PCIe cables have no problem in supplying ample current to even the most power-consuming GPUs. That’s why MasterWatt holds the position in this list of 3060 recommended PSU.


MasterWatt 650W is a budget PSU but Cooler Master didn’t compromise in providing a product that is future-proof and everlasting. It has 5 years of warranty so you sit back and relax while your PC is rendering those 4K videos or running games on high settings.  Moreover, it covers the full suite of protection. The PSU shuts down itself and other components if the current or the voltage exceeds the required limits. This budget RTX 3060 Ti graphics card PSU offers more features than many of its foes.


  • Budget-friendly power supply.
  • 650W power supply with 85% efficiency.
  • 5 years of warranty
  • ATX form Factor


  • Bronze rating
  • Semi-modular cabling

Things to look for when buying the best PSU for 3060 Ti

When we build a PC, our main focus is generally on GPU, CPU, RAM, and storage so PSUs often get unnoticed. However, a PSU that doesn’t supply reliable and clean power can cause numerous problems. Thus, a good quality power supply is a must for all kinds of PC users.

This buying guide will help you to choose the best power supply for the 3060 Ti graphics card. If you have the RTX 3070 GPU then you should check my guide on the best PSU for RTX 3070.


The performance of the power supply is measured in watts and the efficiency rating measures that how much power is being sent to the system and how much is getting lost to heat.  Higher efficiency is important to run the PC at low temperatures and to keep the electric bill low as well.

It is recommended to buy a PSU with at least an 80 plus bronze certificate to run 3060 Ti hustle free. Remember, the higher the 80 plus rating, the better efficiency it will provide to your system.

Form factor

The power supply must be compatible with your case and especially the motherboard. PSU comes in several form factors such as ATX, ATX12V, EPS12V, SFX12V, and many more. ATX and ATX12V are mostly compatible with all kinds of motherboards and cases yet the ATX12V is the mainstream choice among the modern components.

The SFX12V form factor PSUs are smaller variants (in the term of size) of the standard ATX12V form factor which are mainly made for small cases. A good RTX 3060 Ti graphics card PSU should have ATX or SFX form factor.


A PSU is useless if its connector doesn’t match with the components. It should have all kinds of required connectors.

The main connector that powers the motherboard comes in two types 20-pin and 24-pin connectors. Generally, almost all modern PSUs come with both connectors. The best power supply for 3060 Ti graphics card should have 4-pin or 8-pin connectors and all power supply in our list has them. Last but not least make sure to pick a connector with an adequate amount of 4-pin Molex and SATA connectors for HDD, optical drive, and fans. Before buying check the connector requirement of your system.

Cabling and Fan Noise

There are three types of power supply cabling hard-wired, Modular, and Semi-modular. The cabling determines the cleanliness of your case.

The hard-wired cabled PSUs have their connectors directly connected to the power supply; it is rather simpler than modular cabling and doesn’t add extra resistance. In modular cabling, you can add connectors according to your need. The modular cabled PSU is a bit complex and pricy but it keeps the case clean and uncluttered. The Semi-modular ones have the main power physically connected and other connectors can be added as needed. Choose 3060 recommended PSU according to your preference.

Power supplies tend to heat in heavy load and fans are needed to cool it down and maintain efficiency. If you run your PC in a quiet place, then you should consider a PSU with a big fan which results in a quieter PC. Compare the design of the fan before buying a PSU.


Choose a power supply with build-in protection against wide ranges of electrical damages. The protection adds up to the cost but it worth it. Consider the warranty and long-term customer support along with good quality materials while purchasing an RTX 3060 Ti graphics card PSU.


Power supply holds equal significance as CPU and GPU, it regulates the performance of your system. The RTX 3060 Ti requires at least a 600W power supply so if you are going to overclock your PC you might need a high watt power supply. In this article, we have featured 5 PSUs that we found most suitable for 3060 Ti, ranging from low budget to top-class. According to me, the EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 is the best PSU for 3060 Ti because of its 80 plus platinum rating and 92% efficiency, it is the best PSU out in the market.

Several factors influence the performance of the power supply and you should consider them before spending your money on a PSU. Choose the one that fits your preference and requirements.

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