Best PSU for RTX 3070

Best PSU FOR RTX 3070

You have your eyes fixed on the new GeForce RTX 3070 that gives the ultimate play for the most demanding games. But hold on, you are not done there. With great graphics comes greater power supply needs. Combine your power-hungry GPU with your already power-hungry CPU you have your dilemma, is your PSU enough? But do not worry, I will help you choose the best PSU for RTX 3070.

Choosing a PSU is just not about the raw power, but when it comes to using a rank-holding GPU, you will want to ensure high-quality components, stable and quiet power supply. Given the power consumption of 220W by NVidia for the RTX 3070 alone and the remaining for your CPU and the other components, a 650W powered PSU fits perfectly. Of course, budget is a critical requirement, but overpricing due to the pandemic is going to make that wait too long. To balance all these aspects, I give you.

My choices for the Best PSU for RTX 3070

XPG Core Reactor 650W – Best Overall PSU for RTX 3070

XPG Core Reactor 650W - Best Overall PSU for RTX 3070

The Core Reactor line, which uses a high-end CWT platform, was XPG’s first foray into the PSU industry. CWT (Channel Well Technologies) is well known for its built quality and is used amongst the best electronic component manufacturers.

The 80 plus gold power supply gives a 90% efficiency and that is impressive, given to one of the most compact-sized PSU in the category. You can also check out my take on the best PSU for Ryzen 9 3900x a great CPU to pair with RTX 3070.

The completely modular cables are a bonus, and the two EPS connectors ensure that this PSU fits with all high-end CPUs and its mainboards. However, I would suggest against using one cable for two EPS connectors. Even though they made it more durable by using thicker cables than the standard gauges, a pair of EPS connectors will draw more than 500W of power, causing the 8-pin connector on the PSU’s side to fail.  Again, a rare scenario, but possible.

For the compact size, it has a relatively silent but efficient fan system. It has just a 120mm fan width given to the compact size but does the work well. All thanks to it’s  Intelligent Fan-Curve, which keeps things quiet even when the load is heavy.


  • It provides a full power output  at 47c
  • Provides a high performance
  • Very efficient
  • Silent operations
  • High-quality build
  • Alternative sleep mode is supported.
  • Completely modular

Corsair RM650x

Corsair RM650x - Best PSU for RTX 3070

This is amongst the most popular PSU brands, especially for enthusiasts who like to get a lot of work done. Being extremely efficient, one cannot go wrong with this. Corsair operates closely with the CWT platform with their own in-house engineers to help bring better changes and design.

The RM 650x produces constant maximum power up to 50c, which is a great achievement. PSU stability is quite sensitive to thermal variations and having heat-tolerant components is extremely helpful. Corsair very well supplies that and with the medium speed rifle bearing and Over-temperature protection, it is all covered for this PSU.

It is an 80 plus gold efficiency PSU with over 90% efficiency, very tight voltage control and low noise, almost near-silent operation. It is among the most compact class of PSUs with fully modular cables, though I think they could update their chassis design for something better looking for being the high-end version PSU. Many enthusiasts have tested it out on their overclocked test benches, and the results have been very positive in terms of performance and reliability. Quality is no question when it comes to the high-end Japanese components used by Corsair and their 20 plus year performance delivery.

The best news about this PSU is that it increased its warranty from 7 years to 10 years recently and that is some confidence the company shows about its product performance.


  • Full power at 49C
  • Suppressed ripples
  • Decent amount of load regulation
  • Good Performance with transient loads
  • Operates silently.
  • Compact dimensions
  • Completely modular
  • Has a 10-year warranty

Silverstone SX650

Silverstone SX650 - Best Power Supply for RTX 3070

The SX650-G is a compact form factor power supply that can handle a lot of power and blend well with its tiny chassis. I am including this model specifically for enthusiasts looking for SFX-based PSUs. They were limited to 400W tops earlier and have now launched the 650W series. The bigger components in the 650W series are placed in dense layouts that limit the airflow and efficient design becomes a challenge.

SilverStone has a lot of experience making small, efficient power supplies. This particular model has four PCIe connectors that can accommodate two high-end graphics cards. Though it is a good added feature, it does take away the noise advantage during high load. But at the same time, it caters to hardware-oriented enthusiasts.

SX650 has short cables. I think it is fair since this PSU is designed to be ultra-compact. In a full-tower chassis, an SFX-based PSU is useless, and in smaller enclosures, the short cables allow for simpler routing.

Its three-year warranty is quite low compared to its competitors which offer 7 to 10 years warranty.

SilverStone’s SX650-G is suitable if you need an SFX-based PSU with four PCIe connectors and enough power output to accommodate a couple of high-end graphics cards. It does not produce ground-breaking results, but it gets the job done quietly and effectively.


  • Regular SFX type factor support.
  • 92mm fan that runs quietly at a maximum of 18 dBA.
  • All capacitors are manufactured in Japan. With an 80 PLUS Gold certification, you can expect high quality.
  • Single +12V rail is the best in class.
  • Low ripple and noise, with a 3% voltage control. 100% modular cables. All cables are made with flexible flat arrays
  • Circuit Shield Security – Includes Over Current Protection (OCP), Over and Under Voltage Protection (OVP and UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), No Load Operation (NLO), Brown-Out Protection (BOP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), and Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP).

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W

This would be a decent performing PSU with an amazing warranty of 7 years and good for your budget. Compared to its competitors, performance might not be as testy but then the price drop surely makes it equally competent. If you do not have a problem with the three native cables, then it is a solid choice (I think this is where they saved their money by not providing a full modularity).

Antec has been a good player thanks to its cooperation with Delta electronics. The Earthwatts Gold Pro line is built on the Seasonic Focus platform, which combines low cost and high performance. It features 80 PLUS Gold efficiency with around 91% efficiency and extremely low noise.

It is of a semi-modular design and has 2 EPS connectors which is great for those power-hungry enthusiasts wanting to use the high-end intel motherboards. It is also compact for its being and can easily go snug into most PCs. The native cables could be a task for those who do not use them, but it keeps the cost low.


  • 650W Continuous Power- Both hardware components are guaranteed to receive 650 watts of continuous power.
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified- It is 80 PLUS Gold certified, which means it will save you up to 92 percent on your electricity bill.
  • Silent Fan- Thermal Manager has configured the default 120mm silent fan for optimum heat and noise control. High Performance – Engineered with high-quality Japanese capacitors with 99% +12V for DC to DC stability and maximum CPU & GPU support.
  • The Circuit Shield Protection includes Industry-level protection with Over Current Protection (OCP), Over and Under Voltage Protection (OVP & UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), No Load Operation (NLO), Brown-Out Protection (BOP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP).
  • 7 Years Guarantee – You will get unrestricted access to Antec’s incomparable technological assistance and customer service thanks to the Antec Quality 7-year warranty.
  • 4x PCI-E connectors for multiple GPUs, semi-modular cable control, and ATX12V 2.4 support are among the technical features.
  • MM deep is compatible with all ATX platforms.

EVGA SuperNova 650W G3 – Best Budget PSU for RTX 3070

Owing to its low price and outstanding performance in almost every feature, the SuperNOVA 650W G3 receives an excellent value rating. The Super Flower platform that it is made on is amongst the best if not the best there is.

Additional to the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, the SuperNOVA 650 G3 also gets a Cybernetics ETA-A classification as well as a LAMBDA-A- noise certification. This PSU is not the quietest on the market, but it is definitely not the most disruptive.

The specific focus point would be the 3 PCIe connectors. Normally it is either 2 or 4. I guess this would be for the high-end motherboards which need the extra power for add-in cards but cannot say for sure. Also, the number of usable connectors seems a bit less and quite bulky cables than normal.

This 650 G3 demonstrates awesome performance in every discipline that I want. The hold-up time is below ATX specifications, and the power-good signal is precise. Aside from the decreased cable/connector count, the only drawback I see is a fan profile that is not quite right. At working temperatures above 35C, the fan starts at unnecessarily high rotational speeds and quickly ramps up to a high rpm. With a lower minimum fan speed, the total noise output of this PSU may be greatly decreased.


  • 80 plus Gold certified, with at least 90% efficiency or higher.
  • Completely modular to improve airflow as well as reduce clutter since it takes up less space.
  • The capacitors are 100% Japanese. They are an LLC resonant circuit design and DC-DC converter design to improve 3.3V/ 5V Stability.
  • EVGA eco mode and double ball-bearing fan for excellent durability and quiet service.
  • EVGA Customer Support is unrivaled, with a 10-year extended warranty.

Final verdict

From the above list, I would not debate much about the pricing but about the requirement of performance and design feasibility. Pricing since the pandemic has disturbed a lot in the manufacturing line, mostly being from China.  The above PSUs could be still availed from the reliable suppliers and can live up to their warranties.

The RTX 3070 would work great on any of the above PSUs without causing a power load deficiency for the other components. You could try using your older 450 or 550W PSU with precise off loading, but why not upgrade to a better PSU to cater to the present requirement with a margin for the future.

Personally, I would go for the CORSAIR RM650x as the best psu for rtx 3070, mostly for the company profile, making the performance criteria stand out most important. Along with CWT as their platform and their own in-house customization design, it has proven to be amongst the best brands.

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