Build you own digital camera

What Would You Need to Build Your Own Digital Camera?

A lot of people today have more or less written off digital cameras. This is because the phones in their pockets boast impressive photo capabilities, and the companies selling those phones spend a great deal of time advertising those capabilities. At the same time, however, there is a certain need for quality photos in the age of social media, and phones don’t always get the job done. This, in fact, is why we bothered to take a look at the best cameras for Instagram. Because be honest: Are you really capturing iPhone or Galaxy photos as good as the ones

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Best Camera for Instagram: How to level up your Insta game?

Instagram is the new thing now no doubt about that. Everyone has an Instagram now, from your dog to your cousin. Everyone wants to stand out in the game. Look their best and show the world the best version of themselves. But it’s all about pictures. What better way to do this than using the Best Camera for Instagram. Here we have reviewed some of the best cameras in the Instagram game. Do check these cameras out, you will find something great for yourself.

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Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen (2018 Updated)

Vlogging is the up and coming trend that corporates video with a blog. Some creators choose to do their vlog by sitting in front of a camera and talking about specific issues, whereas other people just incorporate video into their blogs. It is very important that you have the right equipment to help you create vlogs in the first place. This will help you pick the Best Vlogging camera with flip screen. So what do you need to make a good vlog? The question can be seen as quite wide-ranging but essentially one of the more important aspects of the

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