Comfort The key feature to look for when searching for a headphone for sleeping is Comfort. Sound quality won't be that significant of a factor if their is no comfort in wearing them. The size of your headphones should be such that you can sleep comfortably without causing any harm to your ears. If you always need to keep adjusting your headphones while in bed then their so no point in using them, so good fit is also determines comfort. Also remember that thick cables will cause you trouble as they will just tangle at night disturbing your sleep. So just keep in mind to avoid those! Sound For use in bed you'll most probably listen at lower volumes than usual so even if the headphones offer a bit lower quaity in sound it won't be much of an issue as most differences will be hidden in lower volumes. Though you must take care of noise cancellation as when sleeping you the last thing you want is hearing every outside sound even when your ears are covered. Also the earphones shouldn't leak sound to the outside so you won't disturb people sleeping next to you. Wired or Wireless? The most obvious choice is the Wireless ones as they won't tangle and that is one major issue, but wireless headphones are usually more costlier and some audio devices may not even support them. So, choosing a wired headphones is also an option. It really just depends on your needs and situation. For wired headphones you could just hide most of the wire under the pillow to stop it from causing any disturbance. Price You should really look for the best in your budget when going for the Best headphones for sleeping. It's more like an investment on your health so there shouldn't be any compromise with it. If you go for cheap headphones, you may just end up with uncomfortable, low quality headphones which will just do more harm than good. How to Sleep with Headphones Lying straight to on you back is probably the most suitable way to do it. But most people just get comfortable sleeping to their side, so for them their are several headphones that provide this kind of comfort too. Just keep reading we'll discuss these too. Also look for a pillow that isn't too much soft so your head would just sink in it and neither a pillow so hard that your neck starts to hurt. Just try and see what works for you the best.

Best headphones for sleeping

Do you like listening to music while in bed? Even research has proven that relaxing music in bed can help people get a more restful sleep. But as may already know most headphones are not designed to be used while sleeping. They can get very uncomfortable and sometimes be just impossible to wear. you may even break your headphones while doing so. Now you don’t want that! So, I hear you asking, what kind of headphones will actually be more suitable to wear while in bed? Worry not! here I’ll tell you what are the Best headphones for sleeping. Just

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