best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

5 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard in 2020

The old dome-switch based keyboards are now irrelevant. If you want to dominate in online multiplayer games, then you must have a mechanical keyboard. Even if you are not a gamer but want to type faster and smoother than a mechanical keyboard is a must. Now the Tenkeyless keyboards are the new wave in the esports market. If you are willing to drop the number pad from your keyboard, then it can significantly improve your gaming performance, we will tell you how! And then we are going to review some the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard in the market. I am

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Best Mechanical Switch Keyboards | Take your Gaming to next Level

So, you are hardcore gamer who eats sleeps and dreams gaming. And now you’re looking for something that can take your gaming experience to the next level. You must have heard about mechanical switch keyboard, even if you don’t know everything we will let you know all there is to know about it and show you the right choice for the best mechanical switch in 2020. What is a Mechanical switch Exactly? A mechanical switch is a switch with some kind of activation. Every key of the mechanical-switch keyboard possesses a mechanism under it and consists of a proper mechanism

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