Cloud Storage

5 Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for Home Users

Cloud computing and storage has revolutionized the way major industries work. According to an article on CIO Applications, this technology is being embraced everywhere — from finance and manufacturing to healthcare and education. On top of this, the availability of information online means that practically anyone can become a cloud expert. There’s no shortage of resources for understanding and using online storage, as evident by the variety of cloud computing courses on virtual academy Udemy. With over 500,000 students currently taking courses on everything from how to get started with cloud computing to introductions into cloud services from leading tutors

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tp-link ac750 review

TP-Link AC750 Review: A detailed Technical Guide

Firmware: TP-Link AC750 Review In the TP-Link AC750 Review we found that, In terms of firmware, TP-Link is pretty incredible. The User Interface is excellent; it can be claimed as one of the cleanest user interfaces witnessed. The best part is that the not-so-technical users can also find it equally good for them. A thoroughly tested and proven product in terms of speed The device does equally well when tested for file transferring efficiency at 2.4 GHz, as well as 5 GHz. The purpose of testing it at 2.4 GHz, as well as 5 GHz is because the device is

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tp link ac1750 review

TP-Link ac1750 review – High Performance at Low Cost | TheTechDJ

TP-Link AC1750 review is one of the smart Wi-Fi routers with high-performance ability. Being offered at a reasonable price, it shows overall good performance. The availability of the USB ports that allow the connection of peripherals is another specialty of TP-Link Archer C7. Another feature that attracts most customers is that the router offers parental control for restricted use.

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Best Camera for Instagram: How to level up your Insta game?

Instagram is the new thing now no doubt about that. Everyone has an Instagram now, from your dog to your cousin. Everyone wants to stand out in the game. Look their best and show the world the best version of themselves. But it’s all about pictures. What better way to do this than using the Best Camera for Instagram. Here we have reviewed some of the best cameras in the Instagram game. Do check these cameras out, you will find something great for yourself.

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Best COX Modem – Streaming reimagined!

COX is a very popular Internet Service Provider company that has various plans according to your need. Though the plans are good people really need their own modems for this purpose. Not all modems are good for COX. Here we have Reviewed some of the Best COX modem in the market right now. Please have a look before making a purchase. Best COX Modem Zoom Telephonics 5341J This modem is designed to save you that extra bucks bit just in Internet fees but other factors which I will explain further in this review. The Zoom Telephonics 5341J supplies a whopping

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Kindle PaperWhite

Best tablet for reading: A Comfortable and relaxing experience

There is no replacement for reading a real book. The feel of pages going through your fingers or the fragrance of a new book. Having said that, there are times when getting a printed copy of a book can be difficult. Being an avid novel lover, I know this pain. I have a huge collection of novels for myself. The trouble begins when I am out traveling, or some new crime thriller gets published and I can’t seem to get my hands on it. In such cases, I turn to the Best tablets for Reading. You can’t go through an 800-page

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Best Motherboard for i7 8700k

Best Motherboard for the i7 8700k – The Complete Z370 Guide

As with all technology, upgrades seem to come out every year if not more regular and this is also true for the Intel CPUs. The latest upgrade is called Coffee Lake and this means that most consumers will now be looking to upgrade their motherboards to the newer Z370 motherboards and chipsets due to the new upgrade. Many people are finding that the new i7 8700k can be installed into older motherboards, but it doesn’t actually work due to the older models not being able to cope properly with the new CPU. After the latest i9 9900k, the i7 8700K is

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Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen (2018 Updated)

Vlogging is the up and coming trend that corporates video with a blog. Some creators choose to do their vlog by sitting in front of a camera and talking about specific issues, whereas other people just incorporate video into their blogs. It is very important that you have the right equipment to help you create vlogs in the first place. This will help you pick the Best Vlogging camera with flip screen. So what do you need to make a good vlog? The question can be seen as quite wide-ranging but essentially one of the more important aspects of the

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X96 Mini Review – An Android TV Box

A TV box can be pretty amazing considering it lets you connect your smart tv to the internet. You can get apps similar to your smartphones and take your TV experience to the next level. Here we will be looking at one such tv box. We will be talking about the X96 mini review. This product far outstands many in it’s competition in both price and performance. And we will be seeing how it does that. A TV Subscription can be pretty costly if you add up all those numbers, that’s the reason TV boxes are getting so popular. They

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