DZ09 smartwatch Review – A Bluetooth Smartwatch with Camera

Since 2013, the smartwatch industry has boomed particularly within the past couple of years especially with companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google leading the way. The industry is growing at such a rapid rate that it is set to reach $32.9 Billion globally by the year 2020. As the industry has grown, it has enabled more and more companies to develop their own products to rival the likes of Apple and one product is the DZ09. In this detailed DZ09 Smartwatch Review you’ll see that this smartwatch enters the market at the cheaper end of the scale but doesn’t shy

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KingWear KW88

KingWear KW88 Review

A greatly appreciated product in the smartwatch industry by KingWear company. KingWear have also launched other smartwatches in the past but this industry is still barely even touched. Other competitors such as Motorola also came up with various products but most didn’t worked out that well. KingWear KW88 Review: Performance KingWear KW88 house a powerful quad-core processor making it extremely powerful. It’s MKT6850 1.39ghz CPU is a not a usual choice for Smartphones as it is mostly found in budget phones. But don’t think that this will result in high power usage as the CPU has very low power draw,

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