Cubot R9 Review – Not just a Cheaper Samsung Alternative

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Are you looking for a phone which provides with features of the likes of Samsung, Apple but comes in a lower price range? The Cubot R9 is not only a very sleek looking smartphone but also comes with some really great features you wouldn’t expect at such a price.

In this Cubot R9 review we’ll see that the Cubot R9 is designed and manufactured by the Chinese company Cubot who are competing in this mobile phone market with the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu. Although Xiaomi, Huawei, and Meizu are more widely known and popular companies, Cubot continues to produce mobile phones that are actively competing with these companies in the marketplace. Despite the huge competition that Cubot has, they still produce impeccably designed mobile phones and the R9 is no different.

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What does it look like?- Cubot R9 Review

The Cubot R9 comes in a range of colors featuring Black, Gold and Starry Blue and is currently retailing on the market below $100. For this kind of price, you would expect a relatively cheap design. But fear not, the Cubot R9 is made from a high-quality polycarbonate as the base surrounded by metal edging with rounded corners which gives the R9 a nice smooth look to it. The R9, like most products produced by Chinese companies, is designed to look very similar to more popular mobile phones like Samsung and Nokia.

The design of the main camera’s eyelet is also very stylish, and the five-inch screen is also impressive with the screen for the R9 being covered with curved glass which has an oleophobic coating. The IPS display is very bright and with high definition resolution, the picture quality and overall performance of the display is not to be sniffed at.

The design of the Cubot R9 is very impressive especially given the price of this phone. One added benefit of this model is that it actually is quite light in comparison to other models, weighing in at just 130 grams. Based on design alone, there are already good reasons for people to want to buy this product.

How does it Perform?- Cubot R9 Review

Cubot R9

In doing the Cubot R9 Review we noticed that the performance of the Cubot R9 is slightly disappointing in all fairness. The R9 uses a MediaTek MT6580 CPU which some consumers will notice is quite old and the phone would be better with a more up to date processing unit. With this type of processor, the Cubot R9 is only really able to cope with low resource applications but if you are looking for a phone that handles everyday tasks without any issue, then this is the phone for you.

Performance wise, sadly there are phones on the market at around the same sort of price as the Cubot R9 which perform better. But don’t let this minor issue put you off as the phone does have more to offer.

What are the storage and general specification like?

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With performance being a slight issue with the Cubot R9, the storage and general specification need to have some pulling power to lure customers in to buy it. So how does it do?

Well, let’s start with the operating system that it runs on. The Cubot R9 runs on the highly regarded Android 7.0 which is a very good advantage as some of the R9’s competitors haven’t got operating systems this advanced.

Another important part of the phone is how much RAM and ROM do the phone have? Starting with RAM, the Cubot R9 is packed with 2GB of RAM. Whilst 2GB of RAM is respectable, some other phones that are on the market do come with slightly more. In terms of ROM, the R9 comes with 16GB which is a decent size for this type of mobile phone.

If the 16GB of ROM that the Cubot R9 comes with, just isn’t enough for you, then fear not, the Cubot R9 has the capacity to insert an external MicroSD up to 32GB. This will definitely help, especially if you love taking millions of photos with your phone!

The final thing to look at in this section is the phone’s battery. It comes with a respectable 2600mAh battery which gives you around about 6 hours of active screen time or 25 hours of talk time. The only drawback for this battery is that it hasn’t got the ability to fast charge.

What are the features like?- Cubot R9 Review

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Another important aspect I would like to cover in this Cubot R9 review and it’s also  the best feature that comes with the Cubot R9 is definitely the camera. The camera comes with a combination of a 13 Mega-Pixel and a 5 Mega-Pixel photo module which are equipped with LED flashes. This means that the clarity and saturation of your photos will be really good and even your selfies will be of good quality.

A rather surprising addition to the Cubot R9 is a feature you’d expect from more popular mobile phone companies such as Apple and Samsung, the fingerprint scanner. Having a fingerprint scanner on your list of features is a real boost because in this day and age, this security feature is one of the things that consumers do look at when buying a new mobile phone and in this particular case, this feature really does make the Cubot R9 stand out in the marketplace as not many of its competitors can boast about having such an innovative feature such as this.

Along with a great camera and a fingerprint scanner, the Cubot R9 also has the features you’d expect that come with up to date mobile phones such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, Speakers, Headphone Jack, and a microphone. The Cubot R9 also comes with GPS and A-GPS navigation which again is normal for mobile phones to have in this marketplace today.

Overall, What you can take from this Cubot R9 review is that the Cubot R9 is a nice-looking phone and does come with some smart features that the everyday smartphone user will enjoy including a 13MP camera which is more than good enough to take decent selfies and photos. One of the benefits of this product is the price, it is relatively cheap and that will be a major plus for potential buyers. However, my one piece of advice before buying this product would be, to check the competition. This is a good phone but I can’t help but feel that for a little bit more money, you could get a phone which performs much better and has more features.

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