DZ09 smartwatch Review – A Bluetooth Smartwatch with Camera

Since 2013, the smartwatch industry has boomed particularly within the past couple of years especially with companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google leading the way. The industry is growing at such a rapid rate that it is set to reach $32.9 Billion globally by the year 2020. As the industry has grown, it has enabled more and more companies to develop their own products to rival the likes of Apple and one product is the DZ09.

In this detailed DZ09 Smartwatch Review you’ll see that this smartwatch enters the market at the cheaper end of the scale but doesn’t shy away from most of the functions associated with more expensive models. The price is a huge advantage and is undoubtedly a massive benefit for potential buyers.

The watch itself has a rectangular shaped design which some people think resembles the highly rated Samsung Gear S2. One of the reasons why consumers like the DZ09 so much is because it looks good. For some, this may not be a huge or major issue as some people don’t mind what the product looks like but what they do actually care about is that what the product can do. In the case of the DZ09, you get the best of both. It looks good and it provides suitable functions that people want and need.


Design – DZ09 Smartwatch review

Looking at the appearance of the watch, let’s start with the body first. The body of the DZ09 is plastic with an aluminum case over the top of it. This gives the watch a very stylish and durable look. The DZ09 also has a nice-looking LCD display screen with a 240 x 240-pixel range.

After looking at the body, let’s look at everything else. The DZ09 has a flexible strap which is easily adjusted to fit the wearer and the design and color of the overall product come out as very attractive to the eye.

Looking at the watch itself, it has a nicely sized display and it comes with a home button that is situated just under the display screen. The DZ09 Smartwatch also comes with a camera and a micro USB port which is protected from water and dust by a rubber cap that covers this section of the watch.

Looking at the back of the watch, the back does come apart and this is in order to change the battery when necessary. The micro sim and the memory card slots are also placed at the back. The DZ09 also only weighs 45.4g which isn’t too dissimilar to a normal watch and compared to other rival products, is quite light.


Physical Look – DZ09 Smartwatch Review

The watch has a rectangular shape, it looks and resembles the Samsung Gear S2 when it comes to looking, no wonder why a lot of smartwatch fans who would love to have one is attracted with the DZ09, it has a nice design and of course the price that is very affordable. The watch has proprietary silicon straps, meaning you are stuck with it unless someone develops a third party strap for it which in its case is a far fetch idea.

It has a physical button on the front (home button) just below the display screen and a camera on the top, while a micro USB port on the side with a rubber cap to protect from dust and water. The back is removable, to enable you to remove the battery and change it, if you got an extra one and of course install the micro sim and memory card.

It has a plastic body with an aluminum case on the top, to give it a stylish and durable look, looking at the watch, it has a nice display screen a 1.54” TFT LCD, nothing much action on the outside but under the hood, we might see some interesting features with this wearable.

Under the Hood – DZ09 Smartwatch Review

Despite the small size, DZ09 do have a micro sim as well as a memory card slot, you can call and receive calls as well as messages right on your smartwatch. It also has a 0.3 MP camera to take photos, but don’t expect too much on a 0.3 MP, you can store the images and photos on the SD card, the smartwatch support up to 32 GB of extendable external memory which is impressive. If you are a fitness buff the watch features pedometer and range of fitness features.

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What’s new? – DZ09 Smartwatch Review

Moving onto the important bit of the watch… what does it do? Apart from the usual that you expect with this kind of product like a calculator, stopwatch, and call/messaging capability, you will also find that the watch has a SIM card slot and a slot for a MicroSD card which is a relatively new type of technology to be incorporated into these products. This is a very handy addition to the watch especially given its relatively small size.

Another great feature on the DZ09 is the Pedometer and the Sleep Monitor. This is a great addition to the DZ09 as consumers are increasingly looking to use their smartwatches for monitoring fitness and health. We are all becoming more and more conscious about our lifestyles and in particular how healthy our lifestyles actually are, so this is a great way of keeping on track and to make sure that you are maintaining peak fitness and getting the perfect sleep pattern.


Other amazing features – DZ09 Smartwatch Review

The DZ09 also comes with a two-megapixel camera where the pictures are stored on the micro SD card for easier use. The DZ09 also gives you the added pleasure to listen to music on the go too. Customers who have bought this product have been really keen to empathize the fact that the call making function is one of the best parts of the watch with comments being made that the call making is extremely fast and easy to use. They have also commented on the ability to receive calls and that the volume of the watch is very consistent and has been compared to the volume of a normal mobile phone device.

DZ09 is an affordable smartwatch with a variety of features, it is compatible with Android and iOS, plus a camera makes it irresistible to those who would love to try out a smartwatch. But of course there will be some issue of technical support, its unbranded or shall we say rebranded, you’ll have a hard time getting technical support, especially this type of smartwatches usually do have some technical issues even before you use it, but if 10 to 20 bucks is just ok with you and your curiosity can’t change your mind in buying the watch, then go on. Don’t get me wrong, there are also positive reviews on the watch and they love the feature that comes with it, but we have our own experience of buying an unknown Chinese brand and we just want you to take great caution in buying one.

Conclusion – Dz09 Smartwatch Review

Overall, In this DZ09 Smartwatch Review, we saw that this watch is a uniquely placed product within this ever-growing market and is starting to prove increasingly popular with customers who are looking to buy into the smartwatch market but are not quite prepared to pay the price for the more expensive products. With the ever-changing world that we live in, more and more customers are looking to buy products for their convenience and the DZ09 really shows off this point.

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