Homtom S8 Review – A Cheaper Alternative to Galaxy S8

What if I tell you that could get all the features of a Galaxy S8 in around 150$? And no I am not talking about those fake phones where there is no quality control or Guarantee of the phone. Sounds interesting? Read this detailed Homtom S8 Review to know more about this amazing Mid-range Budget Smartphone.

Design-Homtom S8 Review

The HomTom S8 is made by a Chinese company and its design is very similar to the more well-known product which is the Samsung S8.  The HomTom comes in three colors which are Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and Arctic Silver.


The phone comes with a 5.7-inch display which is very much similar to any of the other more popular brand of smartphone and is testament to the smartphone market in the sense that the consumer has somehow now got used to the fact that phones are getting bigger and with that comes a larger screen that is no longer uncomfortable to hold in one hand. Another bonus of the design is that the phone has an 18:9 aspect ratio which gives you a slimmer and longer display.


The HomTom has an HD+ (1440 x 720) display resolution which in all honesty isn’t the best on the market but it still provides the user with good colors and sharp text. This part of the design is slightly disappointing especially as HomTom could have included their Full HD display on this model which would have given added bonus points with potential customers.


The overall design of the HomTom is impressive though and the HomTom is more durable than the Samsung S8 thanks to the plastic rear of the phone. The frame of the HomTom is metal and the appearance is quite stylish especially for a budget smartphone. The only drawback is the weight of the phone, it is slightly on the heavy side coming in at 179 grams which is slightly heavier than other smartphones on the market.


Performance-Homtom S8 Review

Performance on the HomTom isn’t an issue especially as the S8 is powered by the MediaTek MT6750T processor. This type of processor is actually quite common on the mid-range category of smartphones. The S8 also has a clock speed of 1.5GHz and comes with eight processing cores which means that the S8 can handle day to day use without any delay or lag.


In this day and age, one thing that consumers use their smartphones for is gaming. The HomTom S8 is still a good enough smartphone for gaming which will please consumers. Due to the lower resolution display on the S8, there are a lot fewer pixels to push around so gaming on the HomTom is just as good as any other smartphone in this department.

The only issue that consumers may find with the performance of the S8 is that it comes with the graphics processing unit Mali-T860 MP2 and not the more highly rated Mali-T880. Overall, it doesn’t make a lot of difference as the phone can still handle the most graphically intensive games stutter free with no freezing.

Storage & Specification-Homtom S8 Review

With performance not being an issue on the HomTom S8, how do the storage and general spec fair on this mid-range smartphone?

Well, to start with the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a 1.5GHz Octa-core MediaTek MT6750T and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is an ARM Mali-T860 MP2 which isn’t too bad at all in comparison to similar smartphones. The S8 also comes with 4GB of RAM with is respectable and enables the phone user to navigate the S8 fairly easily through the day to day tasks and general usage of the phone.

The actual storage for the phone is quite impressive too, the phone comes with 64GB storage capacity which can be increased by 128GB via a micro SD card. The Micro SD card is situated on the top of the phone which is quite a good design technique as this means that the phone is slim in depth. This also means that it doesn’t get in the way of any other internal components which could cause issues with the phone.

Features-Homtom S8 Review

The HomTom S8 has many features that put it in the running order for the best mid-range smartphone. As mentioned above, the phone is more durable than the Samsung S8 due to the HomTom being made from a mixture of metal and plastic rather than glass. This makes the HomTom more appealing to consumers as it will be more difficult to smash the screen than the Samsung.


The HomTom also includes a nifty fingerprint sensor which is now commonplace with Samsung and Apple smartphones but this fingerprint sensor on the HomTom is on the rear of the phone, making it well-placed so you can avoid getting fingerprints on your camera lens.

That brings me onto the camera itself. The HomTom comes with a dual camera set up which consists of a 16-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary camera. The primary camera at 16-megapixels is a really good addition to the phone and it works well on its own when being called upon in outdoor or conditions of low light. The downsides to the cameras on this phone are that the secondary camera really does seem like a feature you could do without. There seems to be a higher percentage of misses when you use the secondary camera to shoot portrait photos. There is also an option to have background blur added to the image, but it isn’t perfect so thankfully you can turn that on and off as you please.

Conclusion-Homtom S8 Review

The only features that you could say should have been improved are the micro USB port and unfortunately, the battery capacity as this would have given the HomTom bonus points over the rival phones in this competitive market. The S8 doesn’t have a LED flash for the front-facing camera and the battery capacity doesn’t appear to be large enough for this kind of mid-range smartphone

Overall, In our Homtom S8 review it is one of the best mid-range smartphones on the market and benefits from features such as a dual rear camera, fast charging and has notification LED. As with any product, there are weaknesses and limitations and the S8 does have a couple. But all things considered, this phone is quite a catch when you consider the price and what features do come with it.

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