KingWear KW88 Review

KingWear KW88

A greatly appreciated product in the smartwatch industry by KingWear company. KingWear have also launched other smartwatches in the past but this industry is still barely even touched. Other competitors such as Motorola also came up with various products but most didn’t worked out that well.

KingWear KW88 Review: Performance

KingWear KW88 Review

KingWear KW88 house a powerful quad-core processor making it extremely powerful. It’s MKT6850 1.39ghz CPU is a not a usual choice for Smartphones as it is mostly found in budget phones. But don’t think that this will result in high power usage as the CPU has very low power draw, making it actually a great choice for this purpose. This unusual processor actually provides room for future apps that would require higher specs though currently, KingWear is just overdoing it. Most watches go for a weaker processor but that just results in problems such as screen lags. Smartwatches aren’t used for the same kind of operations as smartphones, 4gb of ROM and 512 Mb of ram memory are just perfect.


KingsWear KW88 Review: Display

KingWear KW88 Review

The KingWear KW88 features a standard 1.39” AMOLED touchscreen. This display provides excellent viewing angles and brightness. As we usually don’t look at watches at the optimum viewing angle so this feature is simply a need. Many other smartphones come with a beveled display which has a problem of not having any display in the bottom so it actually makes it quite difficult view from certain angles. It was great KingWear went for the Fullscreen when many other watches of the same price range are going for the beveled display.


KingWear KW88 Review: Design

KingWear KW88

KingWear KW88 uses Android wear OS which is the arguably the best operating system for smartwatches. It runs on Android 5.1 which provides the best feature set and ease in use. Android wear OS requires quite powerful hardware which is the key reason for most other watch companies going for their own custom-made operating system allowing them to use cheaper chipsets. The problem with that is once the product is discontinued you won’t be receiving any updates as there isn’t a large enough user base for them to continue with it. But with Android Wear, you will receive updates reserved for the users of premium devices.


KingWear KW88 Review: Camera

KingWear KW88

It comes with a camera having a very compact 2.0-megapixel sensor by Sony. The camera is advertised as 5.0 megapixel but in reality, it’s more of a 2.0 megapixel. As you may already have guessed by it that pictures won’t be really Instagram friendly. It has some great aspects too, such as the high light sensitivity which lets it take great pictures even in very minimal lighting conditions. So it is actually pretty good for taking quick snaps in any light conditions.

KingWear KW88 Review: Verdict

Overall a great smartwatch by an established brand. The KingWear KW88 is giving serious competition to other budget smartwatches. Some serious upgrades would be needed if watches even want to compete with this. Providing all these great features at an incredibly affordable price, you should really check it out below.

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