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Lightest Gaming Mouse

Gaming sessions can last for several hours. In cases like this if you have a bulky mouse it can easily get tiring. You may lose the speed and quick responses that give the edge. Not only you need a lightweight gaming mouse but also one which doesn’t sacrifice speed for weight. In this article, we have reviewed some of the lightest gaming mice in the industry which gives you mobility while keeping the performance to par for your gaming needs. 

My Choices for the Lightest gaming mouse

  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless
  2. RazerAbyssus V2
  3. BenQZowie FK2
  4. Dream Machines DM1 Pro S
  5. Logitech G203 Prodigy
  6. FinalMouse Air58 Ninja
  7. G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360
  8. CORSAIR Harpoon

Logitech G Pro Wireless – Lightest Wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless - Lightest Wireless gaming mouse

Amongst all the lightweight wireless gaming mice category, Logitech’s G Pro has a very special place. This lightest wireless gaming mouse comes with just 80 g weight but packed with a load of features. It has a high DPI of 16,000 for improved sensitivity. And two buttons on both sides.  It has a diameter of 125mm/63.5mm/40mm. It comes with RGB lighting technology. More than 50 professional eSport players have reviewed the mouse for its quality, durability, and gaming standards. For a wireless mouse, 80 grams is exceptionally lightweight to give a fantastic gaming experience. It gives you a battery life of 49 hours with a full charge, and you can play up to 63 hours with full charge if you keep the lights off. It is the best gaming mice for PC gaming tournaments.

RazerAbyssus V2 – Best Lightweight Wired gaming mouse

RazerAbyssus V2 - Best Lightweight Wired gaming mouse

RazerAbyssus V2 is another lightweight mouse for gaming that comes in a new design and shape and also implements a new sensor. It comes with 5000 DPI for better sensitivity but has no side buttons. It uses a new optical sensor for enhanced gaming performance. The dimensions of this mouse are 117mm/64mm/38mm. The weight of this gaming mouse is about 83 grams which makes it eligible for the list of lightweight mice. The mouse has four programmable buttons that you can assign for different actions for different games. You will do all the customizations in the Razer Synapse Software. It is one of the best mice suitable for lift-off gameplay. You can adjust the DPI settings varying from 100 DPI to 5000 DPI.

BenQZowie FK2 – MUST HAVE!

BenQZowie FK2 - Lightweight Gaming Mouse

When someone asks the question as what is the best gaming mouse? then the Zowie BenQ is an upcoming name. Zowie is extremely popular for average graphic games such as Overwatch and CSGO. If a mouse is fit for these games, then the specifications can be overlooked. The BenQ Zowie comes in a new designer shape implemented with a high-quality sensor. being extremely lightweight and comfortable it’s great for gaming.

This is most suitable for high FPS gameplay. It comes with a DPI of 3200 and has two side buttons on either side. You get optical sensors but no light settings. The dimensions of this mouse are 124mm/64mm/36mm. The weight of BenQZowie FK2 is 84 grams which is exceptionally lightweight for FPS-oriented games. It comes with four DPI settings with 400,800, 1600 and 3200 DPI settings. Go through the manual for the button settings using which you can toggle the DPI settings.

Dream Machines DM1 Pro S

Dream Machines DM1 Pro S is a high-tech lightweight mouse with just 84 grams of weight. It is packed with loads of features for high-end gaming. It comes with 12,000 DPI which provides terrific sensitivity and responsiveness in the game. DM1 has two side buttons on both sides and a logo lighting setting. The dimension of DM1 is 126mm/68mm/39mm.

It comes with six pre-sets of DPI that are 400 DPI, 800 DPI, 1600 DPI, 4800 DPI, and 12,000 DPI. You can set your desired DPI according to the game requirements. Using the official software that comes with DM1 mouse, you can customize the macros, polling rate, and the lighting. It is widely popular for FPS gaming, and the DPI button is located below in these mice to avoid accidental clicks.

Logitech G203 Prodigy

Logitech G203 Prodigy - Light Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s G203 Prodigy is a low price high-end lightest budget gaming mouse best suitable for FPS gaming. It comes with 8000 DPI and two side buttons on either side. It comes with an optical sensor and RGB lighting technology. The dimension of this mouse is 117mm/62mm/38mm. The weight of this mouse is 85 grams which makes it fall under the category of lightweight mice. If you have large hands, then this mouse is not the right option for you as it has a small shape. You get a DPI scroll to switch from 200 DPI to 8000 DPI in a variation of 50 DPI in each scroll. The two side buttons are small in size but are programmable and do the job.

Air58 Ninja

Air58 Ninja - Lightest gaming mouse with holes

Air58 is known as one of the lightest mice ever designed with a weight of 58 grams. Ninja is a top-rated Fortnite player, and this mouse is his signature gaming mouse. The online presence of this mouse during the stream has made it popular amongst gamers. The Air58 Ninja comes with 3200 DPI and two side buttons on either side. There are no lighting settings. It comes with four DPI settings which are 400 DPI, 800 DPI, 1600 DPI, and 3200 DPI. One of the best features of this mouse is that it comes with matching wires and also comes in two color options, Mystic Blue and Cherry Blossom Red.

G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360

G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360 - Lightest RGB Mice

The G-Wolves Skoll has a unique honeycomb shell design and is another lightweight gaming mouse essential for serious gamers. The ultra-weave cable reduces the strain on the wire during the gameplay. It has DPI settings adjustable up to 16000 DPI. The higher DPI settings on this lightweight mouse help in providing precision, control, and sensitivity during the gameplay.

The dimension of this mouse is 4.6 inches*2.4 inches*1.5 inches. It implements the PixArtPMW 3389 sensor for better performance. The left and right-click buttons are durable to withstand 20 million clicks. It is light in weight with just 53 grams which makes it one of the most light-weight gaming mice. It has seven DPI settings which are 400DPI, 800 DPI, 1200DPI, 1600DPI, 3200DPI, 6400DPI and 16000DPI.


CORSAIR Harpoon - Light Weight Mice for Gaming

For people with small hands, CORSAIR Harpoon is the best gaming mouse for strain-less gaming. You get an amazing grip to comfort the palm during gameplay. The CORSAIR Harpoon comes with 6000DPI and two side buttons on either side. It uses optical sensors with RGB lighting technology. CORSAIR Harpoon has a dimension of 111mm/68mm/40mm.

The weight of the mouse is 83 grams which make sit efficient for lift-off gaming. The DPI settings can be varied from 250 to 6000 for improved sensitivity and responsiveness during the gameplay. You can program the side buttons of the mouse with different assigned actions for different games.

What To Look For In a Lightweight Gaming Mouse?

How to choose the Lightest Gaming Mice

Your gaming experience depends a lot on your control. A good gaming mouse can provide that control. FPS games among all require the most amount of mouse movement and accuracy. Other than that MMO games are pretty intense too and require fast reflexes.

Although you need good reflexes and reaction time to win those tournaments, lightweight mice will always aid you in the process and we are here to help you out and let you decide which mouse is the best for you. Here is a list of things that you need to consider and look for in a gaming mouse before you buy one.

Connectivity – Wired or Wireless?

This is completely a personal choice and it all boils down to your playstyle and your likings. Some gamers like a mouse that is tethered to their PC for maximum control but then there is the risk of getting your mouse wire tangled into stuff sabotaging your gameplay.

On the other hand, there are gamers who prefer a wireless mouse. Most FPS gamers prefer a wireless mouse over a wired one since the former offers a greater range of mouse movement since there is no wire to restrict you.

With great developments in technology, a wireless mouse is now just as good as a wired one in terms of responsiveness. The only significant difference between the two types of mice is their price. Wireless mice cost a bit more than wired ones and require batteries too.

Weight – The lighter the better!

Believe us or not but a real gamer always knows that the weight of a mouse plays a huge part when it comes to competitive games or actually any game. FPS games require super-fast mouse movements and therefore gamers prefer a lighter mouse with a lightweight design so that they can have a greater range of movement and get those awesome flick shots.

Many gaming mice come with customizable weights that allow the consumer to adjust the weight of their mouse according to their comfort or according to the game genre. The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB is an excellent example of a mouse with customizable weights.

Sensor – Get the highest Precision

Optical sensor or laser sensor? This has been the age-old question but as far as our opinion goes both are good in their respective playfield and it’s subjective. The best sensor for your gaming will again depend ultimately on your personal preference.

Optical mice get the upper edge in most cases since laser mice can tend to lag a bit and no one can afford to lag in intense gaming situations. Now that’s out of the way, a good sensor is any sensor that is responsive and reacts correctly to the user’s input.

In terms of DPI or sensitivity, we recommend getting a mouse that offers at least up to 3200 DPI and anything over that is mostly an overkill in all cases since you do not need that much sensitivity in any game. Most gaming mice come with a switch or button to toggle between different DPI settings so you are good to go with anything.

Buttons – How many?

The best thing about a gaming mouse is that it has more than the 3 traditional mouse buttons – left, right, and middle. The extra buttons confound on most gaming mice are programmable and the user can map different functions to each of them.

This allows the user to have access to in-game abilities and other functions right at the tip of their fingers. In games where time is of the essence, programmable mouse buttons play a huge part. Mice like the Razer Viper Ultimate are the ideal choices for FPS gamers. Equipped with 8 programmable buttons, the mouse has enough to suffice for intense FPS action.

On the flip side, MMO gamers need to take care of a lot more things on the screen at once and require more buttons on their mouse and hence you can find MMO gaming mice with tons of programable buttons. The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse comes with 20 buttons and is a great choice for MMO gamers.

Grip – Should be Comfortable

Perhaps the most important thing to determine before you buy a light gaming mouse is to check out which type of mouse grip you prefer or most likely use. There are three main grip typoes- the claw grip, palm grip, and fingertip or tip grip.

Gaming mice are always designed in a way so that they can fit the gamer’s grip style and it is crucial that you check the design of a mouse before you buy it. Each grip style has its own set of perks and disadvantages.

FPS gamers require super-sharp precision and movement and firing speed which is offered by a mouse that is designed for fingertip grip users. Such a mouse has a smaller build and weighs very little.
The palm grip is for those people who like to have a greater degree of control over their mouse movement by sacrificing speed. Such mice designed for palm grip users are generally wider and longer than a typical mouse.

Finally comes the claw grip which is favored by most gamers. This type of grip is more of a hybrid of both the aforementioned grip styles. A claw grip mouse offers the speed of a tip grip mouse and the control of a palm grip mouse.

RGB – Because Why not?

Alright, let us not kid ourselves. We bet there are close to zero gamers who do not like RGB on their gaming mouse. RGB lighting on a mouse has nothing to do with the actual performance of the mouse but it does enable you to elevate the looks of your entire gaming setup by adding a little bit of color.

The thing to take note of is the fact that some people find lighting on their mouse a bit distracting during gameplay and in that case, you can opt for a plain gaming mouse without RGB and there is no harm in that. For those who love those flashing colorful lights, most mid-range gaming mice come with RGB lighting that is customizable via software that allows you to mix and match colors and give your set up your unique look.

Final Verdict – Which is the Best Lightest Gaming Mice?

Now we have discussed a lot of many mice that can be classified both as light in weight and also suitable for gaming. In my personal opinion if weight is an equally important criterion for you along with performance then the Logitech G Pro should be your mouse of choice. Still, it depends on many factors such as what grip style do you prefer for gaming? and also what kind of games do you play. Maybe you could only have normal usage requirements and not just gaming. Overall it’s your own personal preference to what suits you the best.

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