The Logitech G Pro Wireless Review – An 80 gram Gaming Mouse

Are you on edge about switching your old mouse? It may be because of poor battery life in your previous experience or something wrong with the signal or maybe the weight was too heavy the G pro Wireless basically solves all of those issues. In the Logitech G Pro Wireless Review, we will see how this can be the best choice as your new mouse.

Now what’s interesting about this mouse is that it was designed in collaboration, meaning Logitech has worked with more than 50 E-Sports professionals over two years over twelve shape designs, and later, we have the G Pro Wireless.


When we talk about shape, Logitech has just mirrored the left side of the g4 three. The G Pro Wireless is truly ambidextrous with two buttons on each side. Not only is it pretty comfortable for right-hand use, but it accommodates left-hand users as well.

One catch, though, is that everything inside this mouse is new. It is also visible in the price tag of 149 dollars. Let’s see if this whole wireless premium thing is for you.

Now before we begin, I must say this is the best wireless gaming mouse on the market right now. That’s because Logitech knows how the whole Wireless Arena has paid off to deliver something like the G Pro Wireless that is perfect.

The Design and Built – Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

This mouse is only 80 grams making it one of the lightest Gaming mouse ever. It’s fantastic to have such a light Mouse that has no wire and no wire drag even though I’m using the G Pro with bungee, and it’s been like my go-to setup for CS: GO for those flicks and stuff.

The G Pro Wireless has been a breath of fresh air as i don’t need a wire and still get the experience that I’m expecting from Logitech sensors. It is slightly larger than the G pro, but the height and the curvature of the back are pretty much identical. So switching to the G Pro Wireless has not been an issue.


It’s a super comfortable Mouse and accommodates my hybrid grip very well, but it would also accommodate claw grip because it has a slightly wider base covering palm grip as well for smaller hands. It has a genuinely ambidextrous design.


We have two browser buttons on each side, and we also have additional flat covers. If you don’t want to use them, they are magnetic and pops out. You can disable them in the software, so you don’t necessarily have those as registered clicks. The side buttons are in a fantastic location, so they’re easy to reach and have satisfying clickiness and that softness at the end, so they don’t impact your grip.

The primary buttons have that classic feel, which is super satisfying. The scroll wheel is thinned out to reduce weight. It has a nice, and almost light middle-click so you can use that in-game without accidentally scrolling. Overall the buttons have fantastic; usability is 100%.

The DPI shift button is at the bottom. It is programmable to anything else you want, but to avoid any accidental DPI shifts during the game, this has been the feedback from the pros. I don’t mind this change at all, and we do have the three LEDs on top to let you know which dpi you’re using.

There’s also the power button with color coordination, and we have a lower cover that reveals our spot for the USB receiver, which keeps it always with the mouse. The cover is fantastic for when you travel.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this cover is magnetic, so if you are using the mouse on a metal surface, you’ll feel that little magnetic action is going on.

Now to achieve that 80-gram body, they had to thin down on the walls internally, but without making it feel cheap while it’s super lightweight and plastic, the coating on here is quite satisfying to touch.

Battery life – The Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

The size of the battery is reduced, but actually, the charge is double versus what we saw on the g703 and 903 mice, which is fantastic. The battery life is rated for 60 hours of continuous usage without any lighting and 48 hours with some form of RGB which is awesome. You’re not super cutting down on the battery life if you prefer to have a little bit of lighting on all the time, but of course, reducing the brightness gives you extra battery life.

You can also notice at the bottom they’ve added an extra Teflon layer. At the very back, because again, this has been something that the pros have complained. That this portion of the mouse is wearing out in time, it also gives extra durability to the G Pro Wireless. The G305 also had a Teflon foot. But it was round and small. Now they’ve expanded that due to feedback.

Accessories – The Logitech G Pro Wireless Review


As part of accessories, we get the charging cable and the addition of flat portions for the magnetic buttons alongside the receiver and a little brick to hold the receiver. Now the good thing about the cable is that it is no longer braided and has this satisfying rubber texture. This means that it doesn’t kink and is also lighter.

The covers are easy to attach because the buttons are magnetic. My only point of feedback here is for the USB receiver to actually have some indication written like G Pro wireless mouse and not just “Pro” because that could be confusing if you have additional G Pro accessories.

Sensors – Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Now let’s discuss the sensor. The fun part is the new hero 16 K gaming sensor with the 16,000 dpi, which is way too overkill. I game at 400 dpi, but that’s not the point. It is that it’s a new one throughout the entire range. There is no filtering, no smoothing, no interaction with the DPI range whatsoever, so you get that true one to one raw performance throughout the entire range, which is fantastic.

The sensor now has new architecture, firmware, and new lenses. They’re claiming it’s their best sensor ever, but they claim that on every single wireless product they release, so maybe in six months when new hero 18k comes out or something, it’ll be the best one yet. It’s all about the specs. You, as a human, cannot detect such differences between this and maybe something they launched a year ago. But the machines can, and the technicality says that this is the best one they designed and released so far. This is great but again it doesn’t matter. They release it because they can, not because we need it.

Performance – Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

In our Logitech G Pro Wireless review we found that it’s performance is incredible. With flawless tracking and this whole combination of the super lightweight body at 80 grams that have been balanced weight-wise perfectly is fantastic. It gives you complete freedom of movement on your entire mouse without cable drag, which is just pure joy. The liftoff distance is super low, so there’s no tracking interaction when the mouse is down.

I play at 400 dpi and  move my mouse quite a lot and reposition it and lift it off often. This haven’t caused any disadvantage throughout my game time. The very first competitive match in CS: GO I play with this I won. I was even the first one on the leaderboard. I got one ace in that round, and I was playing against some outstanding players. So good stuff.

I also jumped in too quick champions and just my experience again throughout the entire time with aim correction doing flicks, doing 180 degree turns, and just tracking your enemies flawless as long as you’re comfortable with the body.

Conclusion – Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

It was quite unusual for me not to feel the wire. You have to readjust on how you hold the mouse, its weight and how much pulling you’re doing. But yeah, it’s been just an overall extremely satisfying experience.

The battery life has been incredible. I do like the standby time on this. It goes to sleep when it’s not in use. When left overnight, I’ve only lost one percent of the battery. The battery life is incredible, something that doesn’t usually happen with other gaming mice.

It’s only using the sensor when it needs to use it. Otherwise, it shuts down immediately. You can even check out the full battery percentage in the software, which is excellent. It recharges super-fast. I plugged it in for like one shot, and we juiced up like 10% and under five minutes which is excellent.

Now the problem here is the price at 149 that’s expensive. But do understand that this is the best wireless mouse right now. Still, they also don’t want to be competing with themselves because the G 703 power-play Mouse is also 149. If this thing were any lower than the G 703, it wouldn’t be relevant anymore.

There’s the g305 at $69, making it super affordable for under $100. It has similar sensors with the hero 12k. But performance is identical. Great buttons, battery life, fantastic shape, so if you are not necessarily going for an ambidextrous design. Like the latest and the greatest like the G pro wire, then the G 305 would be my next recommendation.

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