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Are you one of those people who are a bit rough in handling their phones? Don’t you just hate when you accidentally drop your phone and now you have to deal with a damaged screen or pay for replacing display and stuff? Well, what you need is a stronger phone. A phone that can take some damage and also provide for all your smartphones needs.

After releasing the Oukitel k6000 pro, Oukitel released a phone which quite suits this requirement very well. Actually, this is a beast when it comes it to durability and strength. This is the Oukitel c5 pro, A stylish looking phone within your budget that can deal with all your adventures. This can be your next buy. I recently bought the phone and here is my detailed review of it.

Oukitel c5 pro Review – First Look


Oukitel c5 pro comes with a pretty cool build quality at such a low price. It comes with a metal frame with chamfered edges which gives it a quite decorative look, and a thin plastic battery cover that you can remove for swapping out the battery as well as inserting the microSD cards and the SIM card. There are visible antenna lines on the top and bottom of the device, with a mic on the bottom, and the charging port as well as the audio port both on top. OUKITEL has chosen to place both the volume rocker and the power button on the same side, and you’ll find that both sets of buttons are on the right side of the phone while the left side is free of any buttons or compartments.


Oukitel c5 pro Review – What’s in the box?

Minimalistic packaging as always done by Oukitel in all its products, easy to open. Inside the box apart from the handset of the Oukitel c5 pro, you will find a charging adapter, one USB cable, one detachable battery, a nice looking transparent back cover and a user manual with Warranty card. Keep reading to know more about this phone.

Oukitel c5 pro Review – Display

The c5 pro comes with a 5 inch HD display with a 1280 x 720. The screen is 2.5D arc display. The screen is not something that would please a high-end phone user but in my opinion, at such a low price the display quality is just fine.

The responsiveness of the display was actually quite good for the price point of this phone, and for something that comes in under $100 you would think there would be at least some issues with the digitizer. On the contrary, though, the digitizer is just fine, and the display had no problems responding to presses fairly quickly. Overall the display on the C5 Pro is just ok, but it’s nothing that should turn away anyone who just wants a cheap smartphone that will function as it’s supposed to.

Oukitel c5 pro Review – Camera

The camera quality is quite poor on this phone so if your phone usage requires a good camera then I would suggest not going for it. The front camera is 5 MP and the rear one is of 8 MP. There are a lot of other phones in this price range with a far off better camera than this one. But the other features of this phone makes it still a worthy buy.

The camera includes touch focus and autofocus feature with a flashlight in the back. If your camera usage is minimal then this won’t be that big a problem for you and you can go for this.

Oukitel c5 pro Review – Battery


As expected in such a price Oukitel c5 pro has a fairly average sized battery of 2000mAh. This may not seem much but with the lower-powered processor as well as the lower resolution HD display compared to a Full HD or Quad HD screen, 2000mAh didn’t do too bad. If you’re looking for a phone with an unbeatable battery then you should go check out the Oukitel k6000 pro.

I was able to get about 4 or so hours of screen on time with the phone and an average time of around 7 or 8 hours of use throughout the day. When putting the phone on the PC Mark battery life test, the screen time was 4 hours and 50 minutes, which is just a little while longer than what I got personally. Mileage will vary of course depending on how you use it, so those who don’t use their phones as heavily would get a little more than the 4 hours I had personally.

Oukitel c5 pro Review – Performance

Oukitel c5 pro is powered by the classic MTK6737 CPU giving you the lag-free feel that you desire. At its core, it has a Quad core processor with a processing speed of 1.3 GHz. This will give you the freedom of playing most of the games available on the play store without any lag or heating issues.

c5 pro gives you 16GB of free space to store your all your personal photos, videos, documents or any other stuff with a RAM of 2 GB. Even if that doesn’t fulfill your needs then you can also add an external memory card of up to 32 GB.


So, is this phone value for your money? Well, I say “YES”, under such price there aren’t many phones available with this many features and not to mention it’s unparalleled strength.  A high performing processor which gives no heating issues on long calls or gaming. A nice display quality along with other things makes it an amazing candidate to be your next smartphone. Also don’t forget to check our other reviews.

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