Quietest PC Case for the Best Silent PC Builds

Quietest PC Case

This is the era of technology and it is time that you should already upgrade to a silent PC case especially if you are a gamer or an editor. A silent PC case will not only enable you to game better by dampening out all the unnecessary sounds that the cooling solutions such as liquid coolers and fans make inside your PC but also enable you to focus on any work that you perform on your PC by distracting you less with the noise from the moving hardware components.

Unfortunately, it is not always an easy task to choose a PC case that is perfect for you, and for that reason, I will be mentioning some in this list of the best quietest PC cases.

My Choices for Quietest PC case

Fractal Design Define S Review – Quietest Overall PC Case

Fractal Design Define S Review - Quietest Overall PC Case

Fractal Design PC cases are widely known for their Define series of PC cases product lineup that offers amazing low noise performance integrated with sound dampening technology. Supporting a wide variety of different components and hardware, the Define S is a great option if you are looking for a quiet computer case.

Featuring excellent cooling support and airflow capabilities, the case is engineered specifically for a silent computing experience. The case also supports water cooling and comes with a specially designed internal layout for enhanced airflow.

The internal design is great and keeps the optical drive bays out of the way for allowing a straight path for airflow and allocating space for extensive water cooling support. With dense sound-absorbing materials placed along with all the panels of the cabinet, the case is bound to give you the silent performance that you desire. The case also features the signature ModuVent fan vent covers and their Dynamic series fans.

The case can house radiators of the size of up to 360 mm in the front panel and of sizes up to 420 mm in the top panel thereby giving you a PC that operates under optimal temperature levels. Installing fans has never been easier thanks to the smart reservoir brackets and mounts, allowing you to go toolless all the way.

The fan comes with two pre-installed  Dynamic GP14 140mm fans manufactured by Fractal Design themselves. Equipped with multiple dust filters covering the front and bottom areas prevent your PC from getting all untidy too.

Key Features:

  • A trio of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive mounts and 2 dedicated 2.5-inch SSD mounts.
  • I/O panel features two USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5 mm Audio Connector.
  • Features a total of 9 fan mounts.
  • Comes with multiple dust filters and pre-installed Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 fans.

Be quiet! Silent 800 Review – Quietest High-End PC Case

Be quiet! Silent 800 Review - Quietest High-End PC Case

The name says it all. The PC cases from Be quiet! are meant to just perform great at silent computing. If you are looking for the, then look no further since the Silent 800 has got you all covered.

The Silent Base 800 is available in two colors, black, and orange, the latter is completely black with a few accents of orange. Combining convenience with support for high-end components, the PC case is a perfect balance between performance and usability.

The Silent 800 features a unique airflow design which also features tons of sound insulation features for a quiet operation. Installing fans and components in this baby is super easy because of the complete tool-less design and thanks to the air intake filters and support for air cooling for keeping your PC cool as well as clean at the same time.

The ATX case offers ample space for the installation of a full-size graphics card and an AIO liquid cooler. Keeping your system from overheating are the three pre-installed Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 Airflow fans with specially designed blades that operate with minimum vibration.

The dedicated silicone rubber grommets, extra space, and pass-throughs keep your PC neat by making cable management a piece of cake. The drive trays and cages also feature anti-vibration silicone rails to prevent unnecessary vibrations and noise from all the moving parts.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 3 pre-installed Pure Wings 2 Airflow fans.
  • Integrated with dedicated spaces and grommets for easier cable management.
  • Multiple tool-less drives mounts and 4 2.5-inch SSD trays.
  • Supports water cooling systems and features easy to remove dust filters.

NZXT S340 Elite Review – Quietest Clear PC Case

NZXT S340 Elite Review - Quietest Clear PC Case

NZXT is responsible for manufacturing some of the stylish and best performing PC cases on the market today and the S340 Elite is proof of that. The PC case is available in multiple colors including white, matte black, blue and black, and red and black.

The S340 is simply an example of what a durable quiet PC case looks like. Featuring a full-size tempered glass panel to showcase and flaunt all the sweet internal hardware that you have got inside your system, any other PC will never look this aesthetic with the S340 Elite.

A great thing about the input and output panel of this PC case is the fact that it comes with an HDMI port for VR support. If you are all ready to step into the world of VR reality and VR gaming, then consider choosing the S340 Elite as your next gaming PC case. The I/O panel also features the mandatory USB ports that include a pair of USB 2.0 ports and another pair of USB 3.0 ports and the as usual headphones and microphone jacks. Check these other clear pc cases if you’re interested.

Integrated with a magnetic puck, cable management has never been this fun with the S340 Elite. You can easily house VR and audio headsets with this baby.

As far as the build quality of the thing goes, the chassis is completely made from steel which not only looks strong but actually is strong. The case also comes with an integrated PSU shroud and can accommodate liquid coolers with a size of up to 280 mm.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a total of 7 drive mounts for your 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch HDDs and SSDs.
  • Features a pair of pre-installed FN V2 fans.
  • Tempered glass and steel construction for added durability.
  • Comes with 2-years of warranty.

Deep Silence 6 Review

Deep Silence 6 Review

If you are in the market for PC cases for heavy-duty builds, then the Deep Silence 6 should be your number one choice. Built with thick metal frames, the PC case is built to withstand harsh conditions and offer the durability that you expect from a high-end PC case.

Silent operation and top-notch build quality is the topmost priority for content creators, gamers, and editors and with the Deep Silence 6 from Nanoxia, you came to the right place. With thick steel constructions, decoupled SSD and hard drive mounts, and excellent soundproofing and dampening materials, this is no doubt the most quiet case in my opinion.

Featuring a total of 6 cages for mounting your solid-state drives and 10 sleds for hard disk drives, the Deep Silence 6 has got you covered for the storage mounting part. The case even comes with support for up to two 140 mm fans behind the drive cages for improved airflow and ventilation and makes sure that your PC never runs too hot even during those long hours of gaming and rendering.

Easy to clean dust filters and complete tool-less fan mounting brackets make this thing super-easy to set up and maintain without even opening the case.

The case features a dedicated switch to shut off the active air chimney fans placed on the top panel of the PC case making it easier for you to control the entire operation of the cooling fans. The case also includes an 8 x 3-pin fan controller.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 5 included rifle-bearing fans.
  • Capable of supporting up to 18 storage drives via additional drive cages.
  • Super tower form factor to house even the largest of motherboards.
  • Features 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports along with headphone and microphone jacks

Fractal Design Define Nano S Review – Best Silent PC Case

Fractal Design Define Nano S Review - Best Silent PC Case

Here comes our second Fractal Design PC case entry into our list of Silent PC cases. The Define Nano S brings together all the state-of-the-art features all together in a compact ITX sized unit.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the case does not have that much to offer but when it comes to pure silent performance, this thing is the best, and that too in an ITX form factor. If you are trying to get your hands on a compact yet powerful PC case for your mini-ITX build then look no further than the Define Nano S.

Integrating a simple yet elegant and stylish PC case with superior sound-absorbing and dampening, the Fractal Design Define Nano S features ModuVent technology and is built for silent computing. The case offers you enough room for installing full-size components inside this user-friendly ATX-like design.

The case also features superior cable management features and functions for a clean and tidy-looking setup and gives you the ability to house up to four drives on this baby. You can also find another variant of the Nano S which is the Nano S Window that features a windowed glass panel on the right side which enables you to show off the RGB lit components inside your system.

The case is built to support water cooling solutions and provides you with 6 fan mounts to install those RGB cooling fans aside from the two included Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 and GP-12 fans in the rear and front panel. The build is entirely from sound dampening steel so that you can maximize your experience of silent computing.

Key Features:

  • ITX form factor with an ATX-like interior layout.
  • Made from sound dampening steel and features ModuVent technology.
  • Available in a windowed glass panel variant.
  • Comes included with 2 signature Dynamic GP series fans.

Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low-Noise Case Review – Quietest Budget PC Case

Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low-Noise Case Review - Quietest Budget PC Case 

Looking for high-end quality stuff? 

Corsair presents to you their Series 678C Low-Noise PC Case, featuring a mid-tower design in an ATX form factor, the case brings together whisper-quiet operation and mind-boggling aesthetics into a single entity.

The inside of the Series 678C chassis looks highly sophisticated and features a plethora of options for the installation of water cooling and storage solutions. The inside of the PC case is equipped with high-density EVA foam on all the panels to dampen unnecessary noise from all the hardware components inside the system. You also get the option to switch the foam panels for the included dust filters for the roof panel if the airflow is more of a priority.

This PC case has got you all covered in the cooling department as you can install up to a 420 mm radiator and switch it out for installing up to nine 120 mm cooling fans or eight 140 mm cooling fans. The hinged tempered glass side panel and front panel really comes in handy if you frequently need to open up your case for modifications.

As far as the installation of a storage solution goes, the PC case has enough space to accommodate up to six 3.5 inch drives, a single 5.25-inch drive, and three 2.5-inch drives. The I/O panel houses two high-speed USB 3.0 ports and a 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port.

Key Features:

  • Features a Gen2 3.1 USB Type-C port in the I/O panel.
  • Comes included with three Sp140 PWM fans for superior airflow performance.
  • Mid-Tower form factor with sound dampening EVA foam integrated panels.
  • Hinged side and front panels and includes a dust filter for the top panel.
  • Available in black and white colors.

Fractal Design Define Mini C – Quietest Micro ATX PC Case

Fractal Design Define Mini C - Quietest Micro ATX PC Case

If the PC building enthusiast inside you demands a flexible PC case then go for the Fractal Design Define Mini C all the way. The Define Mini C is another product from the Define series and it brings a lot to the table while maintaining a perfect balance between efficiency and support.

A micro ATX form factor is the best possible solution for every gaming build and the Define C mini is designed in such a way that enables you to to use up all the interior space provided by this thing.

Featuring the same ModuVent technology as the other Define Series cabinets, this quiet computer case is great for those who are looking for a complete silent computing experience and that too with optimal cooling performance.

The front panel and the side panels are equipped with industrial-grade materials for dampening unnecessary noise and sounds made by the internal hardware components. The simple yet exquisite design is great for workstation builds and the open-air design of the Fractal Design Define Mini C offers unrestricted airflow across your hardware.

The case is capable of supporting a full-size AIO water cooler and makes sure even the most powerful systems can work at an optimal temperature while making absolutely no noise. If you want a larger similar case then you can also look for the Define C which is the bigger brother of the Mini version.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-installed with two Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans.
  • Features an open-air design for superior airflow and cooling.
  • The top panel features a dust filter while the side ones are lined with sound dampening materials.
  • Comes with a dedicated backplate for installing SSD.

Cooler Master Silencio 352 Review

Cooler Master Silencio 352 Review - Silent PC Case with good airflow

The Cooler Master Silencio 352 features noise-canceling foam that lines the front panel and the side panel and is among one of the first cases to do so. The front panel of the case looks absolutely gorgeous and has a matte finish to it.

Equipped with two pre-installed XtraFlo fans in the front panel and the rear panel for enhanced and unrestricted airflow, the Silencio 352 is a top-notch performer even among other airflow PC cases. The case is large enough to accommodate a 240mm radiator and a 120 mm radiator in the front and rear panel respectively.

The front I/O panel of the PC case sports a single USB 2.0 port, two super-speed USB 3.0 ports, and also an SD card reader for the utmost convenience of the content creators. As far as storage options go, the Silencio 352 can support up to 4 SSDs and up to 3 HDDs thanks to the multiple drive trays.

The top-bottom and front panels also feature dust filters to keep your PC as tidy and clean as ever. The dust filters are removable too. The full polymer and steel build also makes the Silencio 352 one of the most durable PC cases that you will find in the market.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with multiple removable dust filters.
  • Side panels feature sound-dampening foam mats for silent operation.
  • Supports up to 4 SSDs and 3 HDDs.
  • Comes with a dedicated card reader in the front I/O panel.

Things to look for in your Silent PC Case

There are certainly a lot of factors that you need to look into before you can fixate on a single product and get yourself the best quiet gaming pc case that money can buy. Therefore, to make it easier for you, I have listed all the important things that you should probably go over before you get your PC case. Since this list is about the best silent pc case for you, let us start with the most important thing that really makes a quiet PC case a quiet one.

Dampeners And Design – The Road To A Quiet PC

Each and every PC case that you get will definitely dampen the sound of the moving internal hardware components to some extent but practically speaking that is not the ideal thing for work environments or if you are trying to build a quiet PC. For such cases, you should look for a PC case that is specifically designed and engineered to dampen the vibrations and noise from the internal parts such as hard disk drives and cooling fans.

Such quiet PC cases are built with high-quality materials and are fitted with vibration absorbing materials such as foam. These layers of foam on the panels of such PC cases is what enables them to operate at such low noise levels. These cases often offer special plates that cover up the unused fan mounts which make quite the noise when the PC is turned on. One thing that you do need to keep in mind is the fact that it is not always about making your PC quit, make sure that your PC is also equipped with proper cooling solutions if you want the most out of your PC. A quiet PC without proper cooling is nothing but a heated up sealed box.

As far as the impact of design goes into making a PC case a quiet one, it can have specially engineered PWM cooling fans that operate at a very low noise level. Manufacturers like be quiet! Equip their PC cases with their signature Pure Wings and Silent Wings fans to reduce noise. Moreover, such fans can also be controlled via software or the motherboard BIOS which is much more convenient than controlling them via an included fan controller that comes with some PC cabinets. A PC case can also feature special noise-reducing vents and you can see them in some of the higher-end quiet PC cases.

Form Factor – Size Always Matters

Now that we are done with the main thing let us move on to the next thing that you should definitely check before you continue. Not all motherboards are built the same and neither are the cabinets that hold them so it is always better to know what you are about to purchase. One thing I always do is check the specs and compatibility details of every PC component or accessory that I buy and I recommend that you do the same for each and everything.

Motherboards are available in tons of different sizes and not to state the obvious, PC cases are also found in many different sizes. No matter how big or small your motherboard is, you will always find a cabinet that is just perfect for it. Most commercially available motherboards come in four types of form factors- EATX, standard ATX, micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. The largest of them all being the EATX form factor and the smallest being mini-ITX.

PC cabinets are manufactured for each type of motherboard form factor and by now it should be pretty obvious that a large cabinet can easily house a small motherboard which means a cabinet built for ATX motherboards can also house an mATX or a mini-ITX sized motherboard. Unfortunately, this is quite inconvenient since there is no actual benefit of pairing a large cabinet with a small motherboard, and pairing a large motherboard with a smaller cabinet is out of the question.

On the other hand, if you plan to fit a mini-ITX motherboard inside a PC case that is specifically designed for mini-ITX sized motherboards then you are making a good decision since it will not only reduce the size of your build which means it will occupy less space on your desk but will also make it portable so that you can carry it to places such as LAN parties.

So, I highly recommend that you pair up your motherboard with a cabinet that is built specifically for the stated size of your motherboard. Therefore, get an ITX case for your mini-ITX motherboard or a mid-tower or mini-tower case for your mini-ATX motherboard.

As far as the list of choices goes, most quiet PC cases that you will find in the market are available in four different sizes which include full-tower cases, mini-tower cases, mid-tower cases, and ITX cases.

Full Tower Cases – Built For Large Builds and Workstations

All full tower PC cases can easily house an ATX motherboard or even an EATX motherboard without any problem. These PC cases generally offer the most space for internal hardware components and if you are building a gaming PC or a workstation that will be using multiple hard drives, solid-state drives, and graphics cards then this is the ideal option to go with. The great thing about PC cases of this size is the fact that they can also house other motherboards that are of the smaller form factor.

Mid Tower Cases – The Ideal Choice For Gaming PC Builds

Gaming has changed the world in terms of technology and how everyone uses computers and mid-tower computer cases are the best options for any type of gaming PC build. Such CPU cases can comfortably hold an entire ATX size motherboard inside them. If you want to step down a bit then you can also pair up an mATX sized motherboard with a mid-tower case.

These PC cases are the most popular out of all the other ones and provide you with enough overhead space and internal volume to accommodate all the parts that a gamer will want in their PC. Although a full tower case is recommended for an EATX motherboard, some mid-tower cases also support them, so be sure to check the compatibility info on the manufacturer’s page.

Mini Tower Cases – A Smaller Option For Smaller Builds

When you opt for a mini-tower case, you obviously lose some internal space to fit in your hardware but you also gain the added advantage of better portability. Due to the smaller form factor, your final build turns out to be more compact and reasonably portable than a stand one which is a good thing for most cases.

The downside to mini-tower cases is the fact that it can not hold a motherboard that is larger than an mATX motherboard.

Mini-ITX Cases – Perfect For A Powerful Mini Build

One of the most popular types of PC cabinets among gamers and actually everyone who wants a super-portable but powerful build. Without a doubt, one thing is obvious that you will face tons of limitations while housing different parts inside an ITX cabinet but the good thing is that you can take an ITX PC pretty much anywhere you want. These cabinets are great choices for a mini-gaming PC or a mini-workstation. If you’re interested in Mini-ITX Cases then check out my post on the Smallest mini-itx cases.

Features – To Get The Most Out Of Your System

When you spend money on something you always expect good things in return and hence it is necessary to check for the features that a PC cabinet offers you to maximize the efficiency of your gaming PC or workstation and unlock its full potential. Always remember that buying a good quality quiet computer case is just as important as buying the other components such as the processors or graphics card. If you going to invest in a PC case then you should consider some of the following features:

Good Cooling – A Cooler PC Gets The Job Done Faster

No matter if your PC has the latest processor or the newest gen graphics card if it overheats it is never a good sign. A computer that runs hot never gets the job done and more importantly, it reduces the lifespan of each and every other component that resides within the PC.

Yeah, you heard that right! Even the sweet RTX you bought is at risk of getting damaged if your PC is prone to overheating. If your PC is well maintained and equipped with good cooling facilities then you are good to go and can use your PC for a long time.

PC cases offer multiple features and options to fit in cooling solutions like AIO liquid cooler and fans for an overall enhanced airflow and cooling performance. If you do plan to equip your system with an AIO cooler or a custom liquid cooling system for your CPU and graphics card then make sure that the case you opt for has the required opening and mounts to make the installation cleaner and easier.

Another thing to note is the fact that all liquid cooler radiators do not fit inside every quiet PC case that supports liquid cooling so again make sure you go through the spec of the PC cabinet first. Liquid cooling radiators are available in many different sizes including 120/140/240/360/420 mm, therefore it is necessary to know whether your cabinet has the necessary space to accommodate one.

CPU air coolers are quite bulky and beefy and I recommend checking out the amount of clearance and overhead space they offer once installed so that it is easier for you to accommodate and install your RAM. A good thing to do is checking out the specifications page of the air cooler for more details.

Airflow – Gives Oxygen To Your Components

It is never a good idea to suffocate your internal components by putting them inside a case that does not have good airflow. Some cases look good from the outside but they are not always the right ones to house powerful hardware.

Poor airflow performance of a PC case can, in turn, lead to overheating issues resulting in thermal throttling which will ultimately harm your PC. Good airflow is crucial to any PC and for gaming PCs, it is a must since gamers like to push their hardware to the limits by overclocking them.

Make sure that your quiet PC cabinet has got the required space for hooking up additional airflow fans since it is always better to have some future upgrade options.

As far as the need of installing fans go, most gaming PC cases come with a read included fan for good airflow and also offer multiple fan mounts for you to install more cooling fans if you would like to. The PC cabinets that I mostly work with house 3 cooling fans in the front panel and 2 on the top while the rear exhaust fan takes care of the rest.

Cable Management – A Tidy Pc Is A Better Performer

As technology is improving, cable management options on PC cabinets are becoming more of a standard feature. No one wants to deal with a cluster of wires and cables and hence it is better to invest in a good quality PC case that offers cable management features such as rubber grommets and cable routing options for a cleaner-looking PC.

The perks of having a tidy PC are many which include your PC looking more beautiful and gorgeous, it collecting less dust and other particles, it is less of a hassle to deal with whenever you need to install or modify something. Some PC cabinets offer dedicated sections for you to hide all the cables and sometimes even a removable plate on the back panel.

Front-panel Connectivity

This section is probably the most important for content creators and editors. Let us be real here, some of us really need a lot of inputs and other peripherals that we need to connect to our computer to get all our jobs done. Starting from pen drives, headphones, and multiple devices that you need to connect, a CPU cabinet equipped with a plethora of connectivity options will help you out a lot.

Not to speak of the fact that micro-USB is slowly but surely being replaced by Type-C ports is a major factor that plays out while selecting a PC case. If you need specific audio ports and USB connectivity options on your computer be sure to check out the specifications for the input and output panel of the PC case that you are planning on buying.

I recommend opting for a PC case that at least offers two to three USB 2.0 ports and at least one USB 3.0 port in the front I/O panel. Their USB ports really come in handy when you are editing or connecting several peripherals.

As far as the need for audio solutions goes, every CPU case comes with a 3.5 mm headphone port and a 3.5 mm microphone port to connect your mic and earphones which means you have got enough options to look among. I personally prefer hooking up a USB hub with my system which really comes in handy for most parts of the job.

Aesthetics – Looks Are Everything

Here comes the most fun part for the gamers out there. Being a gamer myself, I like a well-lit PC case with tons of RGB in it as it really brings out the best in a gaming setup. Only investing in good internal components does not always cut it for everyone, some might want their PC to look good from the outside as well.

Look around on the internet and you will find plenty of options on gaming PC cabinets. The one defining factor of an awesome looking gaming PC is RGB lighting. Most gaming PC cases come with RGB lit fans and panels for that added flair.

An aesthetic-looking PC gaming case will not only elevate the overall looks of your setup but also makes using it more fun with all those flashy features. Even on mid-range gaming PC cases, you will find glass panels on the side which are built for you to flaunt all those powerful hardware inside your cabinet including your RAM, graphics card, and others.

From a practical standpoint, having RGB and other aesthetic features on your PC cabinet does not necessarily improve the performance of your system but is more of a subjective topic since some people want their gaming setup to look good as well.

Glass panels can be acrylic ones or even tempered ones, it is up to you but if you do want it then go ahead. You have two options, either going for an aesthetic looking PC case or saving that extra cash for something else.

Some PC cases even come with panels and parts that can be replaced by 3D printed ones. This is especially a good thing for the PC modders and PC building enthusiasts enabling you to personalize your PC case in any way you like.

Final Verdict – Silent PC Case

Building a new PC is always a fun task to do but one must be careful about choosing the right parts and components. After you have done the hard task and gathered all the internal components that you want in your new gaming PC all that is left is putting them together. That is where a good quality PC case is a must.

Investing in a good quality PC case is always the ideal choice and I do recommend it. A high-end PC case will give you the flexibility of upgrading your PC anytime in the future without much hassle. There are many factors that define a good PC case, low noise, good cooling, expandability being only some of them.

In this article about the quietest PC cases, I tried to list all the best PC cases that are available on the market right now that will offer you the silent computing experience that you desire but for the most part, the Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low-Noise Case takes the cake.

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