Best mouse for Carpal tunnel

The Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel – Full Guide with detailed Review

If your job involves working from a laptop or PC all day, you should be aware of ergonomics’ importance. Using an uncomfortable mouse for long hours can cause numbness, sharp pain, and a tingling sensation in your hand. These are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel disease. If you already experience some or all of these symptoms, then it’s high time you switch to an ergonomic mouse. These best mouse for carpal tunnel will put less pressure on your hand, and you can easily work all day on your PC.

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The Abyssus v2 Review – A light weight gaming mouse in your budget

I previously used to have Abyssus 2014, which felt like a great mouse, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody. But then, previously, all I care about was aiming (noob!), and it was great at that! But it had a problem, its sensor keep on spinning on me. Sometimes it detects your movements, and other times, it won’t. Even changing the mouse pads and other settings had no effect. But now they have a brand new Abyssus v2. It solves most of the problems with the previous generation mouse, which I will discuss in this Abyssus v2 review.

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Lightest Gaming Mouse of 2020 (Updated) | The Gaming Guide

Gaming sessions can last for several hours. In cases like this if you have a bulky mouse it can easily get tiring. You may lose the speed and quick responses that give the edge. Not only you need a lightweight gaming mouse but also one which doesn’t sacrifice speed for weight. In this article, we have reviewed some of the lightest gaming mouse in the industry which gives you mobility while keeping the performance to par for your gaming needs.  List of Lightest gaming mouse in 2020 Logitech G Pro Wireless RazerAbyssus V2 BenQZowie FK2 Dream Machines DM1 Pro S

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