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tp link ac1750 review

TP-Link AC1750 review is one of the smart Wi-Fi routers with high-performance ability. Being offered at a reasonable price, it shows overall good performance. The availability of the USB ports that allow the connection of peripherals is another specialty of TP-Link Archer C7. Another feature that attracts most customers is that the router offers parental control for restricted use.

Easy web surfing is yet another captivating feature of this router. It has all the essential features required for effective performance. The AC1750 even enables users to interconnect their smart TV, PC, and other devices. Another interesting feature is that it allows the sharing of files through the networked devices and over the FTP server. Keeping in mind the many plus points of the router, the TP-Link ac1750 review has been great among the users.

It is one of the fastest routers that perfectly meets the requirements of the users with a tight budget.

Some of the Best features of the TP-link ac1750 are:

  • The sturdy external antennas
  • The flash memory capacity
  • The gigabit wire-speed routing
  • The high range of 5 GHz
  • Bandwidth control of the guest network
  • The highly affordable price are some of the best features that account for the great reviews of the router.

The Design: TP-link ac1750 review

tp-link AC1750 review

In this TP-Link AC 1750 review, we saw that the router has a very traditional design. The router has a jet black surface. It measures 9.5 × 6 × 1.4 inches. Inside the ultra-gloss black chassis, there is effective networking hardware. The ten operational LEDs at the front can be attractive to the eyes of the users. When the router is connected and working fine, the green LED glows.

The design of the router brings in TP-Link ac1750 review of high quality. The router boosts its sturdy external antennas. On the backside of Archer C7, three screw-on antennas are effective in handling the traffic in the band of 5 GHz. There are Sport RP-SMA connectors to allow the quick changes required for the high-gain antennas.

The antennas can be easily twisted to obtain the strongest signals. To decrease the inter-channel interference, the router does even have a three 2.4 GHz patch antennas. At the backside of TP-Link, AC 1750 are 4 Gigabit LAN port and a Gigabit WAN port too. It also has two USB ports and other buttons for wireless connections, power, and WPS.

The indicator lights on the back of the router help in monitoring the USB connections. Even a dark room can be lightened up due to the many lights of the router. But there does not exist any software or switch to turn off the lights of the device.

The Features: TP-link ac1750 review

The router uses a processor of 720 MHz and a RAM of 128 GB. The antennas of the router are well equipped with the Skyworks amplifier that helps in boosting the outgoing transmission and catching the weak incoming signals easily. The backside of the router has a switch that allows turning off the Wi-Fi transmissions.

This is effective in coveting the device into a wired router that makes it suitable for the vacations. The TP-Link Ac 1750 router possesses a power button the help in making quick addition of clients through the use of the WPS features. The 4 gigabit LAN connections and the USB ports of 2.0 spec allows connecting everything starting from the memory key to the printers.

User Interface

The router uses a legendary green interface. With several useful features, users find it easy to operate the router. The guest network available on the router allows the separation of the guest network from the home network. The feature of parental control is an addition to the user’s convenience. With the parental control feature, users can restrict access to the internet to certain devices.

It even allows the users to block websites having a certain keyword. The USB feature allows the sharing of files on the connected networks. You can even connect your  printers  wirelessly with the router. The offline download feature accounts for a higher TP-Link ac1750 review. This feature seems to captivate the attention of most users. With this feature, the router allows the downloading of files even when the computer of the user is turned off.

The TP-Link Tether app that is supported by the router helps in managing the router with the use of smartphones by the users. The router also allows linking with TP-Link ID on the TP-Link Cloud. With this linking, all the cloud devices will appear on the Tether app when the user gets logged in to the TP-Link ID.


Due to the effective hardware updates, the TP-Link Ac 1750 can show a solid performance. The stability of the router is one of its strong points. The wireless connection of the router allows faster connections and has a bigger coverage area. Though the performance of the router may not be best for today’s users, the stability factors approve its good performance. With the use of beamforming techniques, the router can match the receiver’s transmitted data.

It can handle the data traffic through three lanes. The router can deliver the audio and videos smoothly. The router delivers enough data that can support three devices like internet radio stations, movies, or TV Shows. Overall, the router shows effective and good performance the brings in positive TP-Link ac1750 review.

Despite the many benefits and features of the router, it lacks in certain areas. The primary lacking of the router is the MU-MIMO. The use of MU-MIMO could have enhanced the bandwidth management of the device. The OK throughput of the router is also lacking. The inability to adjust the brightness of the LED lights of the router may be disturbing for some users. The limited wireless settings and media serving are some of the other lacking the router that may affect TP-Link ac1750.

The customers appreciate the effective downstream speed provided by the router. The setting up process of the router is quite simple and easy. With all these points, the router remains a top recommendation for the users on a tight budget. The easy use and good performance make it the choice of most users.

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