X96 Mini Review – An Android TV Box

A TV box can be pretty amazing considering it lets you connect your smart tv to the internet. You can get apps similar to your smartphones and take your TV experience to the next level. Here we will be looking at one such tv box. We will be talking about the X96 mini review.

This product far outstands many in its competition in both price and performance. And we will be seeing how it does that.

A TV Subscription can be pretty costly if you add up all those numbers, that’s the reason TV boxes are getting so popular. They let you stream your favorite channels and movies without the need to buy a TV Subscription.

X96 Mini Review – The Basics

x96 mini review

The X96 Android TV Box is one of the cheapest TV boxes that is available on the market at this very moment but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a nifty product. This small but worthwhile piece of kit is equipped with the 7.12 android software package which is a very beneficial addition to this kind of product.

The design of the X96 means that although looking quite trendy and stylish, it is actually quite light in comparison to other competitors, weighing just 116 grams which is very handy.  The price of this product is also very handy as it is currently on the market for under $25.

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That’s the basics out the way, now for the main bits!

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What’s the performance like?

You may not think that performance for a TV box is very important, and yes it is, as this determines what you use the box for. For a TV box that is on the market for under $25, the X96 is certainly worth the price.

When it comes to performance, the X96 shines through as one of the market leaders as it comes with a 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor, an ARM Cortex A53 CPU, and a Mali-450MP GPU. All in all, the performance of the X96 will be great whether you use it for watching tv and film or if you use it for gaming.


X96 Mini Review – Storage and Specification

Let’s start with the connectivity. The X96 Mini supports a Wi-Fi configuration of 802.11 b/g/n but unfortunately doesn’t come with the functions of either Bluetooth or 3G.

There are also two version of the X96 on the market, one that comes with a storage capacity of 8GB and one that comes with the storage capacity of 16GB. The 8GB comes with 1GB of RAM and the 16GB version comes with 2GB of RAM. The storage of both versions can be extended to 64 GB using a MicroSD card.

X96 Mini Review – Applications, Accessories, and Features included

x96 mini review

The X96 Mini comes with all of the mainstream applications that you would expect a TV box to come up with such as YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, and Hulu. It also comes with the ability to make calls through applications such as Skype and Facebook. Any other applications can be downloaded onto the X96 by downloading them from the android store onto the device.

As well as being able to connect the X96 to your TV to browse photos, listen to music and watch videos, you can also use the X96 Mini to play video games. To do this, you can download games from the android store.

The benefits of doing all of this through one box are enormous and it means that you can sit down with your family and enjoy the quality time together whether it is looking through the latest holiday photos or competing against each other by playing one of many video games on offer. You no longer have to crowd around a small laptop screen to view pictures or Video Games.

The only real drawbacks in terms of features are that it doesn’t support DVDs and any external subtitles which could present a problem for users who have hearing issues. Not supporting DVDs isn’t the end of the world, especially as most people stream their films onto portable devices these days which is another way of using the X96.

The X96 comes with several accessories including a power adapter, wireless keyboard and mouse, HDMI cable and a user manual. It is worth reading the user manual to make sure that you get the most out of the TV box especially as there are so many ways to use it!

The unique thing about the X96 is that the TV box comes with various circuits so that it protects itself from a bad charging connection. The X96 can also be used in many countries as it is easily adaptable to use different plugs.

X96 Mini Review – What’s the Verdict?

Overall, the X96 is a pretty decent product and anybody looking for a new TV box should definitely consider the X96 before purchasing anything else. Like all products out there, there are advantages and disadvantages and the X96 is no different. It all boils down to what you want to use the TV box for.

The advantages of this product are that it is neatly designed and built in a way that saves on space. This means that it isn’t bulky, and it doesn’t weigh too much which is beneficial when moving it around the house. The overall performance of the product is good as well offering quality overall viewing and great video performance too.

The X96 also comes with an IR extension cable and comes equipped with wall mounting capability which is very handy if you don’t have room on an already packed TV stand. The price of the X96 is also a huge advantage as mentioned before, it is only on the market for under $25.

This is a huge bonus because the TV box market is now very competitive with other competitors, finding new and innovative ways of packing more and more features into these boxes for as low a price as possible.

The disadvantages of this product are that it only uses single-band Wi-Fi which can be an issue for some people depending on what you use the box for. The X96 also has had some reviews where there is limited gamepad support which could potentially cause issues.

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The X96 also doesn’t seem to have a reset or power button which seems very odd for a technology product. The other disadvantage is that it only comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports which again may not be an issue, but it can be quite limiting.

In conclusion of the X96 Mini Review, the X96 is a really good piece of kit and if you can get over the issues with the limit on USB ports and the single-band Wi-Fi, then this product will definitely be worth the very reasonable price that it is on the market for.

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